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Republic City under attack
Different perspectives on a single occurrence.
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The Legend of Korra

Alternate Paths Converge.

In Republic City, the possibilities are endless.
Parallel is a series of one-shots and chapters, taking coinciding perspectives from a group of individuals, a few with relations, most unacquainted, and intersecting them in a common ending.
In a time of turmoil, the teenagers and young adults of Republic City are faced with ever growing, constant troubles.
Can the youth of this great city outlast the inevitable end? Or will the universe dictate differently?
The path of fate will collide for some, and divide others.
This is their story.



ByBray - Co-creator




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Akira Huang- A 16 year old Firebender born in the Fire Nation and raised in Republic City. Akira has lived her life hidden from the truth, and she was sheltered from the public by her father, a man who disregards his own daughter seeing as she cannot pass on his true lineage. He has been the Fire Nation representative on the reorganized United Republic Council for as long as Akira has been in Republic City. Her mother passed away shortly after giving birth to her. All of the pent up emotion and struggling family turmoil has led Akira to a life of rebellion and for as long as she can remember, Akira has been looking for change. She doesn't need Republic City to grow independent, though—Republic City needs her.
Arsen Feng- After running away from home, 19 year old Arsen has been on his own, getting by and living atop an old abandoned apartment complex, watching the slums of Republic City from above. He is known well throughout the area by a lousy reputation of thievery, and after so long of hearing it affiliated with him, Arsen had begun to believe that a thief was all he was capable of being. He often plotted against others in order to rob them blind, but he tried to keep to himself as much as he could, only stealing from the rich or wicked rather than the poor and downdraught like himself. After the turmoil in Republic City takes off, Arsen will learn that he can become so much more than a common street rat—all he needed were people that believed in him, and a reason worth fighting for others.
Jia Buzu- A 17 year old Earthbender born to two non-bending parents, Jia was shunned in favor of her non-bending older brother. Jia and her brother were born in the Southern Colonies, and her Earthbending caused her to be ostracized from the anti-bending community where she was raised. Only her brother, Xiong, ever gave her the time of day, but one day tragedy separated the siblings and Jia believes her Earthbending was to blame. When her parents found out, they hated her for it, and so Jia ran away to Republic City where she became a common criminal forced to steal to survive. She chooses to forget her Earthbending now, and has not used it since the accident involving her brother. Due to living on the streets, she is very thin and wiry, and her odd tattoos and facial piercings make her stand out in the society more so than just the outcast that she had become.
Shui Chuan- Shui Chuan was born in Republic City to a poor family living in the Dragon Flats borough 18 years ago. The second born in a former family of four children, as well as the only Waterbender, he lost his older sister to illness and later he lost his mother to the Red Monsoon gang. The events left him to pursue and hunt down his beloved mother's murderers and take his vengeance on them; however, he was taken in by the gang instead and forced to accompany them on their "business" in the triads. After a year of doing their bidding, a turf war with the Agni Kai's broke out and Shui was blasted in the face by a fireball which left his right ear and forehead area scared and slightly burned. The accident gave him a window of opportunity to leave the Monsoons for good and Shui later found a job working in the Republic City docks, receiving enough money to aid his father and his younger brother and sister. Despite his tragic past, he is a light-hearted and friendly young man, with a quick temper and a slightly twisted sense of humor.


Introductory Chapters:

Currently under revision. We apologise for any inconvenience.'

Plot Chapters:

"Pounding" By: TBD

Notes from the Authors


"We need stories that matter. Stories that help us and the world evolve." - Mike DiMartino

Well, in the beginning, everything was an idea. A central idea, full of possibilities and emotion. "Death, Life, Love," I would think to myself, pondering over possible stories and plots, dreaming up a multitude of fathomless words, all ending in a pile of ash.

Suddenly, it came to me. A story like no other, Parallel would be a teamwork project, composed of one-shots by a variety of authors, ending in a converging finale. And that's where it all started.

To everyone on the team, I give you the utmost regards, as none of this would be possible without you. Thank you for your support and devotion, and I can't wait to see where this ride takes us.


I've never participated in a Community fanon—until I wrote Colours, I had very little faith or success with my stories. Bray and Wings, coming to me, inviting me to write because they liked my style was a big self-esteem boost. So, really, you guys are awesome. I guess I should thank the other fanfic writer who has encouraged me. Thanks, Pegelia. You and I are living proof that a Kataanger and Taanger can be friends.

I wanna wish everyone good luck with this story, and I wanna thank everyone as a whole for participating, and letting me participate in this amazing story. It will be amazing—with Bray and Wings heading up the project, and help from esteemed writers such as Henry, and Originalavatarnerdling, as well as those people destined to become even greater, like TechFilmer and The lucky mango, there is no way we can fail.


When I first discovered Parallel, it was in the last stages and the idea intrigued me. At the time I didn't really want to be a part of a community fanon, but thoughts of it kept popping into my head. And then when I was on the IRC, I started to talk to Zhao's Fanboy and asked him if there were any spots open. He said he'd talk with the others and soon I was able to join. I would like to thank him for all his help that he gave me. I'm very happy to be a part of the Parallel and can't wait for it to get started. Being included in a group of seven other great writers is something that I am very anxious to try out. I know we will all work great together. It'll be a magnificent fanon and I can't wait to start writing!


When I was asked to join in on this community fanon I was very excited! It sounded like such an interesting idea that I couldn't possibly refuse my invitation and now, I am proud to be working on Parallel with such great authors! I owe this honor to everyone on the wiki who has helped and/or supported me and my nerdliness, and I thank you all and all of my fanon fans and allies for getting me to this point. Also, I cannot wait until this project takes off, I get goose bumps just thinking about it! This will definitely be worth the wait, I can just tell!



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