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Kyoshi Island, Oyaji, Kyoshi Warriors, Aang, Team Avatar, more...


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Clash of the Warriors Part 2

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Byron McKittrick

Paomo is a resident of Kyoshi Island. Whenever Aang lands on the island, he goes into a screaming fit and starts foaming at the mouth, punctuated by fainting and falling to the ground. When Katara and Sokka return to Kyoshi Island while Aang is being held prisoner on the mainlands, he repeats the crazy performance, only to get up from the ground once he hears Aang is not with them, implying that the entire sequence is an act, or perhaps an involuntary action that comes with being in the Avatar's presence. He wipes the foam from his mouth and walks away with his jacket pulled over his head in embarrassment.

When the Phoenix Warriors attack Kyoshi Island, Paomo retreats along with the residents of the island. After they are repelled, he catches sight of Aang and proceeds to foam, pass out, and be dragged away.

Paomo rarely speaks, and is unable to in the presence of the Avatar. When there, Paomo is reduced to crazed gibberish. Judging from the confused/embarrassed reactions from other Kyoshi Island residents, Foaming Mouth Guy seems to be an outcast.


Though incredibly spastic, Paomo is an able craftsman. After the destruction of Kyoshi at the hands of Zuko, Paomo learns the skills necessary to restore the livability of homes, becoming one of the best construction workers on Kyoshi Island.

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