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Earth Kingdom



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Two Bows stuck parallel to each other


Aknur, Saif, Toph, Kun, Ila, Aditi, Kumaro, Wei, How, Earth Kingdom


The Phoenix Estates

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Chapter VII:The Fire Ruby

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Pallav served in the Earth Kingdom army under the command of Saif along with Aknur. He fought in the Battle at Ba Sing Se, and later hlped retake the Northern Mountins in the Battle for the Northern Mountains. After that battle, he was sent along with Saif, Aknur, Toph, Kun, and Ila to scout ahead near Gaipan. When ther, he fought in the diversion to help the civilians escape the town. He later fought in the Battle for the Seedy Pier. After that battle, he travelled to the Fire Nation to help fight the Phoenix Estates. He fought in the Battle for the Fire Nation, the Landing in the South, and the Battle for Aggni. In the Battle for Aggni, he was killed.

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