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Admiral Palartok
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Water Tribe, General Senlin, other Water Tribe rebels, Kimaru


Earth Kingdom, Avatar Rong Yan, Monk Yong Ten, Mayor Zhuyao, Chief Cupun, of the Northern Water Tribe, Chief Unirak, of the Southern Water Tribe

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Leader of General Senlin's Water Tribe rebel squad, Experienced Scout


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Water Tribe rebels

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Book 1: Water Chapter 12: The Festival

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Book 3: Earth Chapter 20: ???

Palartok is one of the main antagonists of Book 1. He is a supporting character for General Senlin in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Admiral Palartok then becomes a main character at the end of Book One as he will make several appearances in Book Two and Book Three. Palartok is an experienced scout and he is a squad leader.


Early Life

Born in the Northern Water Tribe, to a sergeant of the army, and a healer. He was given the name Palartok. Living a peaceful childhood, he had good education as well.

At the age of eight, he discovered he was a Waterbender. His father being a master waterbender of the army, taught his son how to waterbend and how to master northern style of waterbending.

At the age of 12, his father left for the uprising war between the Earth Kingdom. Nothing heard of his father, and the crew of his father, Palartok, was raised by his mother for the most his teenhood. After his father left for the war his mother had enough compensation that her husband left for them to live off for awhile.

Palartok's mother being a woman could not teach Palartok how to waterbend, due to the Northern Water Tribe's customs and rules. She enrolled him into a class of waterbending.

At the age of 18, he had mastered waterbending and was drafted into the war. From then on he had a year a training. At the age of 19, he was shipped off to base northwest of Taku. Months later, there was complications within the military and he was discharged being shipped back home.

For many years, Palartok fought tooth and nail with waterbenders and warriors from the Southern Water Tribe and with his northern brothers. Reducing the numbers of the Earth Kingdom Military.

Water Tribe rebels Upheaval

Many of the Water Tribe rebels began invading villages and/or cities within the Earth Kingdom, with the exception of Omashu and Ba Sing Se. Decimating small villages. The cause of this was the death of Avatar Ku Tei, Earth King Ta Po, and the escape of General Senlin.

The first invasion, was at a hill village, that General Senlin was staying at for three days. Protecting his newfound friends Ling-Ling, Ling-Ling's daughter and the villagers of the village. With the use of Ling-Ling's late husband's war hammers to enhance his earthbending.

The second invasion, being at the city of Taku. At the Thirty Year War festival, Palatok was there atop a rooftop spying on the Avatar. After his departure, rebels had attacked the city, almost completely taking it over. They almost drowned the Avatar, when suddenly the Avatar State had triggered, and he impaled all the invaders with large icicles.

The third invasion, was at the village of Xi Tong, just off the southeastern coast of the Earth Kingdom. South of the Southern Air Temple. The Water Tribe rebels had attacked there as well. The Avatar, his airbending teacher, and a several Xi Tong Village guards had defended the village. Rong Yan and Yong Ten had soon fled, during their stay at the Southern Air Temple, the Avatar gets good news from the village below. They had successfully defended the village from the rebels.

The Newborn Baby

While General Senlin and Admiral Palartok, were invading the village they were attacking, Palartok found a newborn baby crying next to its mother's corpse.

Deciding not to kill the newborn child, Palartok and Senlin decide to not invade the next village and leave the child at a random doorstep. As they move south towards the Southern Air Temple.

The Courier

While at the village that the rebels were invading, the last man standing was a courier. Palartok and Senlin, had requested the courier to run towards the Southern Air Temple, and give Avatar Rong Yan the message.

Ba Sing Se student

The courier that General Senlin and Admiral Palartok found.

If he did so, the courier was spared, and left to live his life in peace. So with that the courier ran towards the Southern Air Temple.

As smart as General Senlin is, when the courier had passed by toward Taku. General Senlin had knew what the Air Nomads had done due to their pacifistic lifestyle. The general had whispered into the ear of an archer, who had shot Xinshi the courier dead.

Invasion of the Southern Air Temple

The fourth invasion, and last recorded invasion that the Earth Kingdom knows about was at the Southern Air Temple. General Senlin, and Palartok, and Palartok's squad invade the Southern Air Temple. With the deaths of four monks, after one monk was struck dead, the airbenders knew they were going to be killed.

Breaking their cultural pacifism, they began to retaliate and defend their temple from the former general, and Water Tribe rebels. After awhile the they had killed one of the Avatar's friends, the result had triggered the Avatar State.

The invaders were in trouble, when instead of seeing the Fire Avatar in the Avatar State. The airbenders bowed to the presence of the Air Avatar that had taken form from the Avatar's body. It was Avatar Kwan Chun, who ended the invasion at the Southern Air Temple, and blew General Senlin and Palartok along with their men off the temple mountain.

The Air Nomads saw it, as Avatar Kwan Chun growing furious as he learned that someone had invaded the home he grew up in. He had taken possession of Rong Yan's body, and defended his home from the invaders.

Falling to their deaths, General Senlin reacted quickly by encasing Palartok and himself in earth to break their falls. Location of the Avatar was unknown to them soon after they had come out of the earth.


General Senlin and Admiral Palartok, had survived the fall, when Senlin had encased both of them into earth. They head off to a town where the bar there maybe they would learn some new information about the Avatar.

Senlin and the Earth Kingdom soldiers

Arriving in a town that they had saved, killing the bandits that had ravaged it. General Senlin, was now trying to hide and no longer invade towns like a mad man. He wants to lay low and make sure the Earth Kingdom will stop searching.

A bounty hunter and a guard captain had arrived at the unknown town and had looked at their target and the wanted poster. Persuading the general to follow him, he was later captured when Senlin's friend had left to enjoy themselves at a bar.

After being arrested, they began to escort him back to the capital of the Earth Kingdom. Along the way he had dropped clues for his comrades to find, they caught up to what was occurring.

By following what their friend had left behind, they had found Senlin surrounded by Earth Kingdom troops and the bounty hunter. The guard captain was going to break Senlin's hands to prevent him from earthbending.

But he was quickly stopped when water had split the large boulder in half, giving Senlin time to break lose from the chains and help his friends Palartok and Kimaru defeat the soldiers.

In the end Shang Jin the bounty hunter was injured, he fled and left Captain Wei to be killed by General Senlin himself.

Eventually, a courier in the next few chapters brings Laobing an old comrade and grandfather a Wei a message from Shang Jin. Claiming that Wei was killed by Senlin. Now, Senlin is being hunted by "Lucky" Laobing the grandfather of Captain Wei. Although, he does not know it.

Xuen the Fencer

After Senlin and his henchmen kill and rob merchants of their caravan, they ride the caravan to a house in the country. The house belongs to an old friend of Senlin's and the man runs a black market shop.

Senlin sells him whatever is in the caravan in exchange for three tickets heading to the Northern Water Tribe. After doing so, Xuen gives his friend three tickets for an immigration ship. And also clothes his friend in the latest Northern style fashion.

Resparking the War

Senlin had planned to have his friend Kimaru go into the dock town just a few miles away. The task was to kill any Earth Kingdom man, and leave a dagger styled like that of the Northern Water Tribe.

Although, what Senlin, Palartok, and Kimaru did not know is that the random citizen that Kimaru slew was in fact cousin of the Earth King. Later, towards the end of Book Two does news reach Earth King Qiang Zhen, that his cousin was murdered by a Northern Water Tribesman.

Furious about this, he explains that there was treaty involved and now that this treaty was broken. The bells of war have tolled, and Qiang Zhen instructs his adviser to create and bring together a meeting where he and the Council of Five must direct further action towards the Northern Water Tribe.

The Northern Water Tribe

In the Northern Water Tribe, he bore witness to the murder of Amak cousin of Tulok and nephew of Cupun after Kimaru poisoned him with quick acting poison that proved to be fatal. The reemergence of war had begun when both nations waged war on each other.

Change of Heart

After three years he has truly grown to realize that Senlin had gone mad and has slowly detached himself from Kimaru and Senlin. Knowing that his destiny would befall him being sent to prison or even executed at the end of the war for the acts of war crimes he had committed along with Senlin and Kimaru in the last few years they had been traveling together.

Celebrating the birthday of his deceased son, did Palartok have a change of heart in remembering his true motivations for war. After a few days or even a week or two he abandons Senlin in the night and tracks down the whereabouts of the Avatar. Being led to Chu-Shi where the Southern Water Tribe and the Northern Water Tribe have gained ground when they captured the city.

Agreeing to be arrested he was then interrogated by Unaraq, and Cupun about everything that Senlin had been planning and he even mentioned what had transpired after the departure of Rong Yan and the gang from Omashu. Calling Senlin, the Commander. Shocked to hear of the insane plan they began to prepare to intercept a small army of eastern troops near Chu-Shi before being decimated by the marching army of the Omashu province that was marching towards Ba Sing Se.


Admiral Palartok, was born a waterbender, in the Northern Water Tribe. Palartok, is known as a master northern style waterbender. Palartok, discovered his abilities when he was seven. His father being a waterbender had taught him how to bend up to a certain level of waterbending.

When he drafted into the army of the Water Tribes, he mastered it in two years. He was taught more advanced moves during his campaign. And he also created his own move. Palartok freezes the water unto his arms in the form of large spikes, and he goes into hand-to-hand combat.


Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei


Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book One: Air

Book Two: Water

Book Three: Earth



  • Palartok in Chinese is "is quiet", hence him being an experienced scout.
  • Palartok's image is Hakoda at the moment, going to change soon, if not I'll keep Hakoda's or change it to Bato or Kuruk.

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