By The Ultimate Waterbender Part of the When Air Nomads Walked the Earth continuity.
"Easy there, Pala!"
— Syra to Pala in Two Separate Lives
Appa in a cave
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Air Nomads; Eastern Air Temple



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White and brown

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Syra, Min, Mother Sky Bison

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Syra's Sky Bison


Air Nomads

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Two Separate Lives

Pala is Syra's Sky Bison and her lifelong companion. He is a beloved pet and a main use of transportation for Syra. He is a character in When Air Nomads Walked the Earth.


Baby sky bison

Pala as a calf.

Pala was born to a Mother Sky Bison as part of a litter of seven calves. The Mother Sky Bison willingly allowed Air Nomad children to choose their Sky Bison from her litter, a ritual among the Air Nomads.

When she turned six years-old, Syra and several other children her age were led by Sister Iio near the Sky Bison stables where they were to choose their own Sky Bison by luring the calves with apples. Syra, at this time, was particularly uninterested with this custom and instead of approaching a bison with her apple, she sat down on a nearby bench and witnessed the others choose their companions.

Pala found his way to where Syra was sitting and upon seeing her apple casually beside her, ate it. This drew Syra's attention who turned and saw Pala, developing an immediate affection for him.

The two quickly bonded and Pala officially became her pet and lifelong friend.

Pala is often utilized by Syra as a method of transportation and is always willing to fly her anywhere she desires. He is loyal to his master and, like most bison, enjoys licking Syra's face and snuggling with her. He is kept at the Sky Bison stables like the other Sky Bison. Moon Peaches and hay are favorites of his.


Pala is a faithful pet, beloved by Syra and extremely loyal to her. He is normally calm and gentle, but can become excited and energetic in Syra's presence often licking her face. He enjoys sleeping and rolling in hay, but is an excellent flyer.

Appa soaring

Pala using Airbending to fly.


Like all Sky Bison, Pala is an Airbender and uses Airbending to fly around. He rarely uses it in combat and has little need to do so. He can use his tail to create powerful air currents which are very forceful.


  • Pala was originally supposed to be a female, but after consideration was given his gender.

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