By Jtwin1 Part of the Avatar: Neo Revolution continuity.
Biographical information

Northern Water Tribe

Birth place

Northern Water Tribe




375 AG

Physical description


Hair color

Light brown

Eye color


Personal information

Galen husband, Althea daughter


Galen, Althea, Sedgley, Dover, Erik, Anurna, Miko

Chronological and political information
First appearance

Chapter 4: The Northern Healers

Pakoa is one of the titular Northern healers of Chapter 4, yet cannot heal or waterbend, and left the Northern Water Tribe with her family to travel the world.


Early Life

It is unknown why or when Pakoa and her family left the Northern Water Tribe, however she expressed that she doesn't want to tell the city's story when she meets the boys, indicating that their leaving may have something to do with the state of the city.

Meeting Team Avatar

In 421 AG, near Gao Lin Falls, Pakoa and her family were almost attacked by Anurna and her friends. When her husband, Galen, revealed they were also waterbenders like Dover and Sedgley, they shared the campsite by the river. After cooking the boys a traditional sea prune stew, she sat around the campfire and told them stories of the great city before. The next day, after witnessing the fight between Erik and Anurna, she helped the others tie down and protect their belongings from the freak blizzard, scurrying to protect her precious wine. When their tents blew away and they were about to freeze to death, Pakoa saved Miko twice from blowing away and welcomed Anurna's return, who helped keep them warm and dry until the blizzard died down. The following day, her new friends left her and her family at Gao Lin Falls to head to Chan Dai.


Pakoa is a bit of grump, and becomes easily agitated after non-stop travel. She is described as unladylike and often gets tipsy on wine, it being her first item to try and protect during the storm. She often feels inferior to her waterbending family and hates it her husband unknowingly condescends her. Nonetheless, she loves her family and her heritage and is knowledgeable in traditional Water Tribe cuisine.



Pakoa is a non-bender, but has been referred to by Althea as a 'stewbender' due to her ability to make delicious stews.


  • 'Pakoa' is an original name
  • A line often surrounds Pakoa; that being, ... too much wine it seemed... This developed Pakoa into the drunkard that she is today (much to the author's delight)
  • Apparently her ears are often waxy and she dyes her hair to get rid of grey hairs

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