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Master Pakku
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"(A:TR) Ep.17: North Pole"

Master Pakku is the current Northern Water Tribe mentor to waterbending. Since his arrival to the North Pole, he has surpassed Chief Arnook as the best waterbender of the North Pole and thus became the new waterbending teacher.


Master Pakku is mainly considered as rude. He doesn't care too much for anyone who gets on his bad side, even if that person happens to be the Avatar. He is also a bit of a sexist, someone who criticizes someone else because of their gender, and it goes so far as to it being forbidden for a woman to learn how to fight, which got Katara really angry at him. Despite his overall behavior, Master Pakku can be sympathetic, if the exact reasons and points were shown to him.



There isn't much known about Pakku's childhood. All that is known is that he was born in the South Pole and travelled to the North Pole during his past. During his stay there, he managed to meet Chief Arnook and proved to Arnook that he was a much better waterbender than him. Upon this act, Master Pakku became the brand new waterbending mentor to the Northern Water Tribe.

Book 1: Water

Master Pakku first appeared when he, and a few of his students, went to the banquet to perform their waterbending skills. During this, they pulled off a good show of skill and, at the end, made a silhouette of Aurora.

The next day, Aang and Katara found him in the middle of personal training, interrupting him. When they asked him if he could teach them, Pakku flat out refused. One reason for this was that a war was going on and he didn't have time to teach Aang and the other reason was because Katara was a girl. Despite their plea, Pakku walked away, not caring much for what either of them had to say. Later on that day, Katara spoke with him again, but this ended up in a makeshift duel between both waterbenders. Master Pakku eventually won, but then he was confronted by Aurora, which shocked him. Thanks to Aurora and Katara's determination, Master Pakku changed his mind and decided to train them both.

As the days went by, Master Pakku became impressed with how fast and successful Aang and Katara were in terms of training. He made a comment to Aang that it was easy for both of them, just before Aang, Katara, and Aurora left. He did appear at the sudden meeting about the Fire Nation threat, but he didn't say anything.

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