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March 9, 2014

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Attack on the Northern Air Temple

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Back to the North, Part 1

Aang flew back to his house in Ba Sing Se. He raced inside. He only found Toph, Suki and Momo.

"You okay?" Suki asked.

"Where is Appa? And where are Katara and Sokka?" Aang demanded.

"They left to visit Master Pakku in the Northern Water Tribe," Suki said.

"My god..." Aang said.

"Something wrong?" Toph asked.

"An Imperial Fleet is at the Northern Air Temple! They'll be captured for sure!" Aang yelled.

Aang flew away from Ba Sing Se on his glider. Toph and Suki were holding on to his glider for dear life. Momo was flying with them.

Although Aang feared that Katara, Sokka and Appa had been captured, they had actually made it safely to the Northern Water Tribe and were eating dinner with Master Pakku and Chief Arnook.

"Have you heard about the attack?" Arnook asked.

"What attack?" Sokka said.

"The Galactic Empire attacked the Northern Air Temple. The temple was destroyed, and only three people made it out alive. They came to us and told us the Avatar had tried to stop them, but ultimately failed," Pakku said.

"My god," Katara said.

"They also say the Avatar killed the Sith Lord Darth Vader," Arnook said.

"WHAT?! Aang would never kill anyone!" Katara said.

"They say it was an accident," Pakku said.

"Yikes," Sokka said.

"I'm just glad we were able to see you, Master Pakku," Katara said.

"Anything you can do to help us fight back?" Sokka said.

"I suggest having the Fire Nation help you. They have a very strong military," Pakku said.

"Great advice! We're actually friends with the Fire Lord," Sokka said.

Suddenly, two warriors ran into the room.

"Is something wrong?" Chief Arnook asked.

"Chief Arnook! The Galactic Empire is attacking the Northern Water Tribe!" One warrior said.

"The man leading the attack wants to see Chief Hakoda's children!" The other warrior said.

"Fine! That man wants us? He's got us!" Sokka stated boldly.

Sokka and Katara raced through the battlefield.

"The warriors told us the man is at the entrance to the village!" Katara said.

Katara and Sokka stopped dead in their tracks when the saw who it was.

"Impossible...Aang took you down. Way down!" Sokka said.

"At last we meet, children of Hakoda," Darth Vader said.

Katara aimed a wave at Vader, but the Dark Lord jumped over it and ignited his lightsaber.

Sokka drew his sword and charged. Vader charged toward Sokka as well. Vader swung his weapon at Sokka, slicing his legs, but not removing them.

Sokka collapsed to the ground.

"SOKKA!" Katara screamed.

"Now it is just the two of us," Vader said.

Enraged by seeing Vader strike down her brother, Katara created a water whip and attacked. Vader dodged, and swung his lightsaber. Katara created a water shield and blocked the attack. Katara then created ice claws, and threw them at the Dark Lord. The Sith Lord sliced through them all. Katara began to shoot ice discs at Vader. She stopped and looked up.

She saw a figure flying toward Vader.

It was Aang.

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