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The Painter Lady
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Earth Kingdom





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Dark green

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Painting, colorful language.

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The Painter Lady has the unfortunate fate of crossing paths with Team Kyoshi on several occasions, usually resulting in the ruination of her painting and/or the specific landscape she is in the midst of painting.


The word on the grapevine is that the Painter Lady hails from a middle-class family in Ba Sing Se. Her exceptional talent in art landed her a scholarship to the Ba Sing Se University where she studied with fervor and eventually graduated, considered by peers and masters alike to be a true artist. However, she was not content. Though she loves to paint, she has not yet found her muse. Is it to be a certain mountain? The panda lily? Determined, she sets off on a journey to paint anything and everything throughout the Earth Kingdom until she discovers her one True Muse.


The Painter Lady is nice enough. She would give a few coppers to a hungry beggar even if her rations were low because, as a starving artist on a quest to discover herself, she's been there before. She is singularly focused and determined. She generally only becomes upset or angered if her painting is interrupted. She tends to treat these interruptions with sudden bursts of colorful insults and often by hefting the ruined would-be-masterpiece at the miscreant's head.

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