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Painted Cave
Painted Cave
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Eastern South Pole




Ancient Blackshock Travelers

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The South Pole

The Painted Cave is an insignificant location in the South Pole Continent. It is South South East of the Southern Water Tribe by a days journey. It is named after the many cave paintings that line its inner walls.


The cave was found by an ancient Blackshock traveler and his family during the Coming of Blackshock. It was the only sanctuary on their path across the South Pole. They stopped there for a few days to rest before they continued north. While there, the man used crushed animal teeth, bone and flesh mixed with fat to paint the explanation of his origin and travels.

When the family left, the cave was buried in snow and never seen again for millennia. When the Great War happened, all the industrialization and heat from the fight warmed up the planet slightly. The ice caps diminished slightly in size, and the snow covering the cave melted. It was then open again, but no one stumbled across it because the Southern Continent is harsh and difficult to navigate.

However, after the war, Pakku, Hakoda and three children came across it as a shelter. Sokka soon joined them. The cave painting were still prominent, and Sokka and Hakoda pondered over their meaning, but to no avail.

The cave was forgotten.

Cave Paintings


Blackfirebenders Attacking Animal

One painting is described as such:

... of stick figures sticking their hands out, spidery yellow lines thickly outlined in black extending from them, and surrounding the body of a black animal.

It shows several ancient Blackfirebenders shooting Black Fire at some sort of animal. It simply shows who the people were and what they could do.

Exiting the Portal

Another painting is described as such:

... a big swirl at the center, and stick figures running away from it... or out of it.

This picture shows a partial legend of the early Blackshock people. It was said they came out of a portal and appeared on the South Pole. This image shows their exiting of the portal.

The legend is partially true. The Blackfirebenders, like all other people, came out of a portal like this onto the Patola Mountain range around 30 000 BG. They were Energybenders. The Blackfirebenders came out 10 000 years later, onto the South Pole.

These portals were from the Spirit World. The Energybending species called humans were prepared by the Spirits in the Spirit World, then released to a planet. The Blackfirebenders were kept back, as they were corrupt. However, they eventually found their way out of their prison in the Spirit World as well.


There are other drawing on the walls, but they are simpler, describing everyday life, and such.

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