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By French Froglegs Part of the Sozin's Blood continuity.
Baby Ozai
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The Twenty-First Day of the Eighth Month

Prince Ozai was the second son of Fire Lord Azulon and Fire Lady Ilah, baby brother to Crown Prince Iroh of the Fire Nation, his eldest by almost sixteen years.


Born in 52 AG to the Fire Lord and Fire Lady of the Fire Nation, Ozai was just a baby. Having not yet learned to talk or walk, he didn't do many things in his early years. Around his second birthday, he was painted on Ember Island while playing on the beach.

For some reason, he would grow up to become a feared and powerful dictator. For more information on his later life, see Ozai.

Personality and traits

As a baby, Ozai didn't have any particular traits. He was just a typical baby, curious, happy, and mischievous. He was noted to be always cheery and quiet, not crying very much, but laughing a lot.

Physical appearance

Ozai had the build of an average baby in his youngest years : a reddish-pink blob, with black hair and golden eyes, golder than Iroh's.


Save from lighting up everyone's mood with laughter, baby Ozai didn't have many abilities.


A good-hearted baby, Ozai was nice to everyone, and so was everyone to him.

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