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"I am everything, and you are nothing. Your ideas of peace are meaningless, for I am the Supreme One, and no one can beat me!"
— Ozai before he duels Iroh
Phoenix King Ozai
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Ozai was the Phoenix King, the ruler of the world, father to Zuko and Azula. He's famous for burning down the Earth Kingdom and destroying the Water Tribes. He died at a mysteriously young age, and was followed by his daughter, Azula.

History Edit

Burning down the Earth Kingdom Edit

Main article: Battle of Ba Sing Se

On the day of Sozin's Comet, Ozai used a giant air ship fleet to burn down the Earth Kingdom. When he arrived at Ba Sing Se, he saw the Order of the White Lotus gaining the upperhand in a fight for the liberation of Ba Sing Se. He landed near the Outer Wall and entered the city with his professional Firebenders, killing all the members of the Order of the White Lotus. Finally, only Iroh was left, and in an amazing Agni Kai Ozai defeated Iroh, and has him imprisoned for the rest of his life. After this, he personally took place on the throne of the Earth Kingdom and renamed the city 'Phoenix City'.

Destroying the Water Tribes Edit

Main article: Destruction of the Water Tribes

After conquering the Earth Kingdom, Ozai marched upon the Northern Water Tribe with a massive Air Fleet and Navy. When he arrived, he defeated the Waterbenders with ease because the best of them travelled to the Southern Tribe. He knew, just like his brother during the previous Siege of the North, that killing the Moon and Ocean spirits will disturb the balance in the world and Spirit World, so he let them alive. He then flew to the Southern Water Tribe, wich he defeated by first destroying the few buildings and then attacking the few soldiers with elite Firebenders. He killed all, people and took no prisoners. Because of the giant firestreams, big parts of the North and South Pole melted, causing the sea level to rise and flooding much little islands, like Whaletail Island. Ozai later returned to his throne in the Fire Nation Capital. A rebellion uprising in the tribe's area was soon destroyed by a mercenary he hired, killing almost all of the Waterbenders.

Death Edit

When Ozai returned to the Fire Nation, he was not surprised to hear that Azula defeated Zuko in an Agni Kai. When he was asked what to do with the body, he said he didn't care. Zuko's body didn't get a funeral, but was thrown into the sea. Azula was then crowned Fire Lord, and Ozai started ruling the Earth as the Phoenix King.

In 112 AG, Azula decided to marry with an old man named Yin Lee. Ozai didn't agree with this, because the man was older than himself, but Azula said it was just because she needed heirs. When she told Ozai the man was also very rich, Ozai agreed and gave the permission for the marriage. Ozai spent the rest of his days conquering some more Earth Kingdom villages and islands, until he became too old to fight. He spent the last years of his life resting, and became weaker and weaker every year. He supposedly died peacefully at the Fire Nation Capital while visiting his family, though some believe that his death was not peaceful, and that Azula had some involvement in it.

At his funeral, Azula was crowned Supreme Fire Lord, to which she made Mai and Ty Lee her head regents. She never praised nor mentioned her father in her speech.

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