By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Ozai kneeling
Fire Lord Ozai
Biographical information

Fire Nation

Birth place

Southern Fire Nation


Assassinated by Hougen

Physical description


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Lightning bending


Zuko, Azula (children)


Fire Nation


Team Avatar

Chronological and political information

Fire Lord


Fire Nation



First appearance

Book 3: Fire ~ Boiling Rock Prison - Book 3: Fire ~ False King

Fire Lord Ozai is the leader of the whole Fire Nation.

Book 2: Earth

Ozai didn't officially appear during this arc, but he was described as being severally ill from Azula when Zuko came back for her assistance.

Book 3: Fire

His official appearance is when he called upon a meeting in the Boiling rock prison. He didn't say anything, much of what needed to be said from his loyal messenger and metaphorical Niece, Mai. During the meeting, Bat exposed Toph and he zaps her in the eyes. After that he was about to leave when Bat exposes Aang as well. But oddly he didn't do anything.

Ozai appears later explaining the plan to his soldiers. When he was found by Hougen, he refuses to fight, saying it wouldn't make a difference when the eclipse occurs. While he waited in his palace for the Avatar, he never got the chance to see him face to face because Hougen assassinates him before Aang arrives.

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