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Fire Lord Ozai was the tyrannical ruler of the Fire Nation and the second born son of Fire Lord Azulon and Fire Lady Ilah, and he was also the brother of Iroh. Later on he was the husband of Ursa and fathered two children: Zuko and Azula. Through Zuko he was grandfather to Honora and Sai Wong.

Early Life

Ozai was born in 50 AG to Fire Lord Azulon and Fire Lady Ilah. When he was young his family stayed on several islands so that Ilah could continue work as a diplomat, and Azulon could continue leading his nation from the front lines of the Phi Hou Strongholds.

In 54 AG, his family stayed at the capital more often so that he can begin teaching Ozai, however, as the years passed he, assigned Ozai multiple teachers so he can continue overseeing Iroh's new career as a young Lieutenant.

Whenever Iroh had time to, he would help Ozai in his firebending and later lightning generation.


Sometime before 83 AG, Azulon hears that a combination of his family and Avatar Roku's could make an increasingly strong bloodline that would lead the Fire Nation for centuries after his death, so he and Ozai personally go to find the Avatar's granddaughter, Ursa.

Upon finding her, Ozai proposes and Ursa happily accepts, so Ozai and his family go home. On the way, their path is blocked by Ikem, who wants Ursa to stay at home. Ozai's guards attack the young man and nearly take him down, but Ursa pleads to Ozai to call them off and he does.

At the royal wedding, Ozai tells Ursa about her new job as Princess of the Fire Nation.

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