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By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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Ozai (chapter)

Ozai was once the great Firelord of the Fire Nation, and the one responsible of the war when Aang was released from his icy prison. He was the main threat until the very end of the war where he was stripped of his bending and was removed from the throne, put in jail for life. He remained in there, completely hating Zuko for throwing him in there. Zuko thought throwing him in there would change him, like Azula, but he didn't realize his faults like Azula did.

Avatar: New Universe II

Ozai was still in jail when he first appeared. When Azula comes in to free him, he at first thought Zuko came to see him until he turned to see his daughter and Glaze who came in to bust him out. He attacked Glaze at a point but ends up paralyzed by Azula, whom he was surprised doesn't remember him. He was then taken away by Glaze to the SCP foundation soon after, unable to move himself thanks to Azula's attack.

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