Ozai's Freedom
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Avatar: The Return of Ozai





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August 1, 2011

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Ba Sing Se House

Aang is at Ba Sing Se in the apartment. Katara makes bread with Zuko. (Waterbending on top of the bread then firebending to cook it) Toph is teaching earthbenders metalbending. Sokka is laying on Appa. Aang starts feeling something. He feels like he is in the Avatar State while in the Spirit World, but has control over his body in the physical world. All of the sudden, Aang starts Airbending himself into the air out of nowhere. Then, he almost firebends at Sokka. He accidentally bends a rock at Toph, but then she bends it back at Aang. Aang suddenly creates a vortex of air around him reflecting the rock back at Toph.

Ba Sing Se Top Security Prison

Azula escapes the Ba Sing Se prison. But There are hundreds of guards on the outside. All of the sudden, she feels a wave of energy come through her. A wave of lightening shoots down all of the guards. Azula leaves to search for Ozai.

Ba Sing Se House

Aang suddenly shoots fire all around the house and almost burns it down. Luckily, Katara and Zuko put it out in time and they ask Aang what's going on. He says he feels like his spirit is being bloodbended. He says he has some control, but not full control. He says he senses something destroying the fabric of him and the balance of the world.

Fire Nation Royal Prison

Azula finds Ozai, but there are 12 guards blocking the entrance. She shoots a wave of blue fire at all of them. Azula frees Ozai from his cell. The destruction begins.

To be continued

  • Aang will find out why he has no control over himself.
  • Katara will enter the Spirit World for the first time.
  • There will be a surprise with Ozai.

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