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"I'm sorry!"
—Owan's catchphrase, often spoken while administering BURNING JUSTICE

Owan is a Firebender and freethinking anarchist. Or, at least, that's what the Overseers think thought. She is, in actuality, simply an unburdened traveler who is attempting to spread goodwill and help others wherever she goes, but is often met with grave misfortune and distrust from authorities and their people alike, which quickly turns into pity and annoyance when they realize her clumsiness makes her no real threat to anyone except herself and everything in a thirty foot radius. She tries to stay out of sight and out of mind and be subtle about her mission, but this is difficult due to her chronic need to aid others no matter what.

Early Life

Owan was born in the Fire Nation. She was a candidate for enslavement but was rejected under the citation of lack of control, mental instability, and excessively stubborn temperament. Considering her parents are relatively wealthy emancipated slaves known for their connections to the Earth Kingdom, this is an unlikely circumstance if nothing else. While growing up, Owan made the unsettling discovery that her parents served as local slave drivers who sold out their own people to the Earth Kingdom. Although they raised her with the utmost love, care, and spoiled her as best they could, she was disgusted with their selfishness and greed, and decided to leave. Her parents decided not to stop her, believing that seeing the world would make her see their reasoning in a better light. Fortunately for her, Sho was in the vicinity and willing to transport her to the mainland, despite warnings from others.

The Firebender disembarked at the port near Mt. Makapu and quickly tried to fit in amongst the working classes. She attempted a number of tasks and assignments at the forges but proved to be unmanageable and was cast out from the city. She eventually reached the port near New Omashu and briefly met Sabat and company. Her disastrous efforts to help an elderly couple across a busy street proved to be a well-needed distraction to help the group evade slave hunters.

Character & Abilities

Believe it or not, Owan has attained a degree of mastery over Firebending and the color of her flames is yellow which reflects the powerful emotional foundation that she roots her technique in. Unfortunately, this also means that her flames are very difficult to control and highly inaccurate because she has not refined her technique with discipline, balance, and more discipline. Regardless, Owan means well, and she knows of her own shortcomings and tries not to use Firebending anyhow. She moves from place to place taking odd jobs and trying to help those in need, but she is often met with distrust because she is not underprivileged by circumstance and, in fact, can return to a life of relative comfort if she so chooses. To her credit, she has yet to do so since setting out from the Fire Nation, but the thought has crossed her mind on many, many occasions.

While Owan is passionate about her work and goals, she still has a basis in reality that keeps her in check, as do the crushing failures she suffers on a semi-regular schedule. Like Firebending, Owan lacks a sense of direction and control in her efforts that undermines them and makes them less effective than she would like. In a darkly cosmic sense, this may be seen as a way to balance out her power. Or it's just fun to watch her suffer and fail miserably. But, no matter what, she refuses to give up and she does inspire others to do the same. Sometimes. And ultimately, her misfortunes are trivial compared to the life of a slave, and the awareness of this fact may very well drive her to make things change.

"You just got OWaN'D!"
"That. Was. HORRIBLE."
—Zu provides commentary on Owan's ability to down a soldier, to Hong's great displeasure

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