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The hall was filled with people coming from near and far. The noise level died when the host made his way toward the front, where he stood at the podium. The noise level died down slowly when he began to address the crowd.

"Good Evening, Ladies and gentlemen.".

"We gather here today, in remembrance of Galvin McGregor , I now invite all to take a moment of silence in honor of him....".

"Now I invite someone who was very close to him, Vanessa Silverman.".

Vanessa walked towards the podium, then greeted the host and the crowd with a nod and began to address the topic.

"Good evening to all, and my condolences to all family, friends and others.".

"Galvin's death was tragic, he was such a wonderful person and he was one of the most vital people to assist with the creation of Republic City. He expressed himself in little ways and this project brought a smile on his face.".

"Galvin was always enthusiastic about his work. He was a construction worker and supervisor of the road construction along with me, but before any construction on the island could take place they had to build a port.".

"I was the waterbender responsible for the construction of this port and Galvin would always come and visit me and assist with anything we needed. He insisted on walking all the way by the port everyday instead of taking his own transportation he created using earthbending.".

"When the port was finally finished, and the boats came with materials to work on the houses and roads, he volunteered to help transport the materials. Galvin was ready for anything.".

"After the port was built, they began building the houses and this was something, Galvin enjoyed doing a lot. He built the houses with a unique design so that, different benders could live together and there could be communities where all types of benders lived.". "This was his dream.".

. . .

Azula looked around her room. She was put in solitary confinement, after the incident. She looked out the one window she had, more like a small opening for air, but it allowed her to see outside, where the funeral was taking place.

She squinted her eyes and looked back in front of her, then rummaging through her clothes and pulling out a piece of paper. A map to be precise, one of the entire jail she was in and it's employees. She scratched off Galvin's name.

"When one goes another gets in.... Galvin out....Richard in.....".

. . .

Vanessa continued.

"Galvin was most proud of the construction he did on City Hall.".

"He loved the idea of the council and so he took great pride in his work there.".

"He became supervisor of interior design after much pleading with the head supervisor and after a trip to see the avatar himself, which I accompanied him, he was made señor supervisor of this project and he created the entire interior design on his own.".

"He insisted it'd be done.".

"If nothing else he truly loved his country.".

To be continued....

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