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Secrets of the Avatar

Out of the Blue is the twelfth chapter of Aang: Story of an Airbender, released on July 12th, 2012. The chapter is about Aang dealing with unexpected happenings that sprouted in the dark of the night.

The Story so Far

Aang and Appa have returned to the Southern Air Temple along with their new friend, Ento, an ex-Air Agent who knows something dire about Afiko. However, before he can reveal anything, Afiko warned him to leave the temple or die. Which one will Ento choose?

The Southern Air Temple


~~Outside Gyatso's Room~~

"I can't believe that you have finally returned Aang!" Mia said, smiling, as she walked beside Aang toward Gyatso's room.

"Yeah, it was pretty lonely being out there in the world without other Air Nomads." Aang said, "But I'm back."

"We got a new arrival ever since you left." Mia said. "His name is Aka."

"I know Mia." Aang said cheerfully, "Hopefully we can work something out. I don't want an enemy yet."

Gyatso turned the corner walking up toward his room, before stopping in front of Aang and Mia. "Hello Aang, Mia, what are you doing here?"

"I was wondering if I missed anything important ever since I left. Did a dragon attack the temple? Or did the Council of Elders elect a new member?" Aang asked.

"I assure you that nothing has changed." Gyatso said.

"Okay." Aang said, smiling, before he stared at Gyatso. "Wait a minute, where's your necklace? The one I made for you."

"I don't know." Gyatso said. "But I will find it. Now, let me take you to your rooms." The monk stepped to the side, allowing Aang and Mia to pass him. The three turned the corner as Gyatso's door opened.

"Well, well, well." Afiko said, stepping out. "Someone has lost their necklace." The Airbender stepped out, clutching Gyatso's necklace in his hands.

~~Bison's Domain~~

Night soon arose and Appa struggled to sleep as he curled into a ball. The bison roared before turning over in his sleep. The underground caverns were very cramped but necessary in case enemies tried to steal any. Appa slowly found a nice pile of dirt to sleep on and closed his eyes. Thump. Thump. Appa opened his eyes in an instant watching a limp Ento walk through the underground caves. The Airbender struggled to run, but fell on the ground, resorting to crawling. Appa struggled to get up, until more footsteps echoed in the cave. The bison quickly fell down pretending he was asleep with a half an eye opened.

"Please no." Ento said, crying. "I won't say anything. I'll take one of these bison and leave. I'll leave!"

"Be grateful that I'm doing it." A man said, slowly walking up to him. "I heard the Firebenders let their prisoners suffer before slowly killing them. This will be easy and quick, just like your friends."

Ento spun on the ground, kicking blasts of air at his attacker's feet. The man fell flat on his face as Ento spun onto Appa. "Let's go." The bison roared from being interrupted before walking toward the exit, determined to help Aang's friend. The Agent looked around, before slowly being pulled back. "What's happening?"

The man spun a small sideways cyclone toward Appa. It spun around the underground cavern pulling in the bison. Appa roared as Ento struggled to escape. He flew back hitting the ground as Appa stood on his hind legs, suffocating. The bison roared before falling back on the ground, feeling trapped, closed in, and about to die. Appa hit the walls, needing to see and fly in the sky.

"The bison has gotten mad." The mad said. "Perfect."

"What are you going to do to me?" Ento asked.

"Did you know that there's oxygen in the body. Air enters the nose and throat, and when you learn to manipulate them." The man raised his hands up, smiling evilly.

Ento gasped heavily breathing loud and fast. "What?" He breathed harder and faster. "Are you doing to me?"

The man then slowly dropped the air back down, crushing the throat. Ento struggled to breathe as the air trying to get out was forced back with the air trying to get in. "No."

Ento choked on the air, his eyes watering and his palms sweaty. "P-please." Ento's eyes closed, as he fell on the ground dead.

"You die." The man said, with no remorse in his voice. He turned and walked away, dropping a single necklace onto the ground. Appa roared as he flew up into the air and toward the moon.


~~Aang's Room~~

The Avatar awoke with a long and loud yawn, stretching his hands over his heads. He slowly got out of bed, and leaned on the window. Aang stared out the window, smiling at the lemurs, the destroyed Bison Caves, the meditating gardens. He stopped his gaze, returning to the Bison's Domain. "Oh, no, Appa!"

Aang grabbed his staff, and threw it out the window. He jumped out the window, grabbing on to his glider. The boy glided past the lemur trees, before slowly landing outside the Domain.

~~Bison's Domain~~

"What's wrong?" Aang asked, walking toward the caves. "What happened?"

"Someone was killed." A familiar voice said.

Aang turned around as Aka and his bison, Kita, stepped into view, a sinister smile wiped across his face.

"What do you mean someone was killed?" Aang asked. "Who was it? Who did it?"

"The details haven't been revealed Avatar." Aka said, walking past him. "Why don't you come inside and check?"

Aang nodded and followed Aka and Kita into the caves, looking for any sign of the deceased. The three turned multiple corners before coming into a dead end. The Southern Council of Elders, Afiko, and many more Air Nomads were huddled around the scene of the crime.

"What happened?" Aang asked, stepping into the light. "Who was killed?"

"Aang." Gyatso said, "This need not concern you. Please, go back and resume your training. The Southern Council of Elders and I have much to discuss about what has happened last night."

"Who was it?" Aang asked, "Was it someone I knew?"

Gyatso sighed, and slowly spoke. "I don't know how to tell you this, but it was your friend, Ento." Aang stepped back in shock. "He was killed trying to escape on one of these bison."

"No, it couldn't be." Aang said. He turned around and ran off leaving Gyatso standing there with his hand reached out.

Afiko smiled, as he neared the elder. "Kids, they don't know how to handle the worst of truths. Ento was a traitor, and now he is dead for it. Come, Aka, we have things to discuss." The monk walked toward the exit, followed by Aka and Kita.

"Gyatso." Monk Tashi said, walking up to him with a devil's grin smeared on his face.

"Yes Monk Tashi?" Gyatso asked.

"Perhaps you'll like to explain this." The monk held up Gyatso's necklace, slowly spinning as light shone onto it. "It was found next to the body of Ento. Is there something you are hiding from us?" Monk Tashi asked.

Gyatso stared dumbstruck as his necklace laughed in his face. Afiko smiled slyly before turning the corner and disappearing from view.

~~The Courtyard~~

Aang leaned against the wall, his face covered in despair. The Avatar turned away from the sun, mocking him with its color of joy, and smile of rays. Mia slowly walked up to him, twittling her fingers as she approached him. "Aang?"

"I don't want to talk right now." Aang said, turning away from Mia.

"It'll help." Mia said, smiling as she walked in front of him. In a flash, Aang turned around, crossing his arms over his chest as the sun continued to mock him. "Fine, I understand, but you have to at least talk to Appa, he's your best friend."

Aang's eyes widened as he uncrossed his arms and turned around. "Wait, where is Appa? I didn't see him at the Bison Caves."

"He's probably just flying. You know how much he loves flying." Mia exclaimed.

"No, he's never been gone this long." The Avatar said, staring at the sky with worry. "We have to go find him."

"Aang, you can't run away again." Mia protested.

"I'm not losing anyone else today." Aang said, activating his glider. "Cover for me okay? I'll see you really soon!" Without another word, the Airbender took off into the sky, vanishing behind the clouds.


~~Afiko's Room~~

The traitor sat next to his desk, frantically scribbling all about what happened. "Dear Fire Lord Sozin," Afiko read. "The Avatar has returned to the Southern Air Temple and Ento is dead, just how you predicted. Now, our plan can be put in motion. Send word to me when you reach Whaletail Island to begin the second step." He picked up the map of the location where Airbenders go missing and rolled it up along with the note.

Tying the parchment and map into a small ribbon, Afiko smiled at his handiwork and walked toward the window. Whistling, a messenger hawk flew from a tree, landing gracefully on the building. "Take this to Fire Lord Sozin." Afiko said, inserting the rolled up parchment into the metallic cylindrical shaped compartment on the bird's back.

Once the note was secured, the hawk flew into the air vanishing behind the sky. The doors opened as Aka entered the room, with his arms crossed.

"What's the matter son?" Afiko said, putting on a concerned parent mask over his traitorous face.

"You said I was supposed to be trained as the Avatar. Now what?" Aka asked, anger in his voice. "He's back, and I won't get my chance."

"Not to worry son." Afiko said, walking over to him. "The monks promised me that you will train alongside him." He put his hand over Aka's shoulder and placed his mouth next to his ear, whispering. "After all, they need a backup."

Aka shoved his father aside, and walked out of the room, slamming the door. Afiko smiled before placing his fingertips together. "Now, I wonder which one of the missing Airbenders will be exterminated first."

~~Patola Mountains~~

Aang glided over the cool open water of the South Sea, frantically looking for his missing friend. The Airbender flew toward a cave, landing with a small spin of his glider, as it transformed into a staff.

"Hello?" Aang asked, his voice echoing off the cave. "Is anyone there?" The only response he got was the echoes. "Well, I'll just be going now."

The Airbender turned to leave when small thumps echoed off the cave. "Appa?" Aang asked, turning around. The thumps soon grew louder, as Aang opened his arms. "Appa!" The thumps grew louder ringing in the Airbender's ears when a loud roar rang off the cave walls, exploding in sound. "Wait a minute!"

An animal erupted out of the cave, sliding to the side as it slammed into Aang, forcing him to fall back. Aang flew into the air, falling toward the ground. The Airbender quickly whipped a small tornado around him, propelling himself back onto the cave.

The animal growled in annoyance, snorting air out of its snout. Aang stared at the creature, analyzing its shiny sharp bullhorns and its black furry coat. The body was muscular and was able to maneuver through the cliffs with its strong legs and hooves. A small tail erupted from its rear. "You're a Goat Ox?" Aang asked.

The goat ox roared and charged straight at Aang. With one fluid motion, Aang Airbended toward the side landing in front of the cave. "I don't want to hurt you!" The animal stomped its hoofs and charged straight at the Avatar. Aang Airbended a blast of air at the animal, but the goat ox didn't stop, and slammed straight into the wall, its horns trapped between Aang.

"Help!" Aang shouted. The goat ox snorted on Aang, trying to escape from the walls. The Airbender flew into the air, landing behind the goat ox. In an instant, the goat ox broke free from the wall, turning to see Aang standing. The goat ox snorted once more, and ran toward the Airbender.

Roar! Aang and the goat ox turned to see Appa flying from the sun, landing on the ledge. The goat ox snorted, and roared at the sky bison. Appa roared back, louder and mightier, sending the goat ox to squeal and run back into its cave.

"Appa!" Aang said, hugging his best friend's head. "I missed you." Appa closed his eyes letting Aang take his time to embrace him.

"Now, let's head back to the Southern Air Temple. Yip, yip." Aang said, snapping the reins. Appa roared in delight and flew into the sky, soaring to the Southern Air Temple.

~~The Courtyard~~

Appa announced his return with a roar, landing on the Courtyard. Aang Airbended himself off the bison's head, landing gracefully on the floor.

"Appa!" Mia shouted, running toward the bison. Appa smiled in response, licking the girl straight off the ground. "Down boy."

"So, where's everybody, Mia?" Aang asked, scanning the area.

"The Southern Council of Elders had an important announcement, Aang." Mia said.

"Well, what is it?" Aang asked.

"There's been a change in the group." Mia said slowly. "The council replaced Gyatso."

Aang's eyes widened again. "What?!"

"It's what you heard Avatar." Aka said, coming out of the temple. "They replaced that no-good Gyatso with someone better for the position. Someone who cares for the Air Nomads and won't go around murdering them."

"Gyatso would never do that!" Aang yelled.

"Then why was his necklace found next to the scene of the crime?" Aka asked. "He's a murderer and you have to deal with that." Aka turned, walking back into the temple. "Oh, and by the way, I look forward to kicking your butt in training tomorrow. Sweet dreams, Avatar." Aka smiled slyly, retreating into the temple.

Aang slowly started to cry, wiping the tears away with his sleeve. He gathered his courage and turned to face Mia and Appa again. "Who did they replace Gyatso with?"

"Aka's dad." Mia said, as the sun set behind her. "Afiko."


~~Aang's Room~~

Aang slept peacefully in his room, sleeping away all the troubles that had risen in the Air Temple ever since he left. A man slowly walked toward the temple, smiling evilly. Aang turned in his sheets, a nightmare consuming him. The man walked down the hallway. Aang opened his eyes. The man walked toward a door, and slowly turned the doorknob. Aang got up from his bed and strolled toward his door. Appa opened his eyes. The man turned the doorknob once more. Appa, remembering the man who killed Ento, got up. Aang reached out to grab the doorknob when a roar stopped him. The man startled, slowly left the room, heading down another hallway.

"What was it Appa?" Aang asked, walking toward the window. He smiled as he slowly petted his friend's head. "A bad dream?"

Appa closed his eyes, letting his friend groom his head. "I know, you don't like to be underground anymore. That's why you're sleeping outside my room from now on."


The man walked down the hallway, cursing himself for not being able to kill Aang. He headed toward the door when he felt himself rising in midair. The man looked down as he was tossed aside like a rag doll. Step. Step.

"Who's there?" The man asked.

Step. Step. The man eyed his surroundings looking for any side of his attacker. Another man stepped into the light revealing his face.

"I have a proposition for you." The second man said.

"What is it?" The first man asked.

"Just like you killed Ento," Afiko said, smiling. "Kill the Avatar!"

Author's Notes

RotB97: Well, what an unexpected surprise, right? The plot about Afiko replacing Gyatso in the Southern Council of Elders did not spark up in my mind until writing this chapter. As many guessed, this is the chapter where Appa first got his phobia of underground places. And I bet many of you dear readers, thought Afiko was the killer, but he isn't. Now, if he isn't the killer, then who is? Find out next time on Aang: Story of an Airbender.

P.S. Like this fanon? Nominate it for Fanonbender status! Thanks, and I'll see you all next time!

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