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Shadows of the Past

"What is it, Azulon? Why are you here?" Sozin's voice boomed through the large chamber, and then again all was silent. Now the only sounds were Azulon's footsteps, slowly each one made its way closer and closer to the Fire Lord.

"Azulon, what is it?" Sozin was growing impatient, there was something off... Azulon was not his usually stoic self, he now emanated something sinister.

"Father, I've been thinking..." he finally spoke.

"Thinking what? Tell me what you want or get out!"

"Yes, yes, of course, father. Don't worry, I'll be finished... Quickly." Again the sound of Azulon's footsteps drew closer to the throne, but as he made his way to the steps, his footsteps weren't the only ones. A servant came running into the throne room and quickly dropped to the floor in a respectful bow. "My great lord, I have a message from the small village of Skakiya." Azulon grabbed the small parchment from the servant, obviously annoyed. He read it and he laughed, burning the scroll in his hand.

"Azulon you fool!" The Fire Lord exclaimed. "Why did you burn that? What did it say?" He demanded.

"Relax, father. It simply said the Southern Water Tribe has attacked Sakiya." Azulon responded.

"What?!" Sozin asked. He then let out a fit of laughter. "So these worthless Water Tribe animals think they can defy me?! How adorable!" He declared. "You!" He pointed to the servant. "Fetch me more paper so that I may write back to Ji Qing. I think he will be pleased to hear what I have to say."

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Sakiya. "Are you sure you covered up our tracks?" A man asked. "We cannot let any of those soldiers in the town know where we are." It was Munni who spoke these words.

"Yes, Lord Elder. No one knows of our location but we must leave quickly before the soldiers return from the town." Bai Fu answered.

"You're right now let's hurry!" Munni said. Before they could leave, a dark figure appeared before them.

"Not so fast!" The boy said. He took out a hooked chain and swung it towards Munni who dodged it.

"Who are you and what is the meaning of this?!" Munni asked.

"My name is Sha and unfortunately for you I cannot let you leave," Sha replied.

"Well then, it looks like we'll have to kill one more of Ji Qing's lackeys before we leave," Bai Fu stated.

"Do not underestimate me," Sha said quietly before swinging his chain at Munni.

Munni jumped back and launched a fireball at the assassin. Sha twirled away and launched three shurikens at the group. One caught Bai Fu in the foot and he fell down to avoid the other two. Bai Fu looked up to see Sha raising a sai above his head. He was about to stab it into the man's body when a fire whip smashed into the ground behind him. Sha tripped over Bai Fu's leg and fell to the ground. Munni sent a wheel of fire at the young man. Just before it hit, though, Sha was clouded in a plume of smoke. When the dust cleared he was gone.

"Let's get out of here," Munni said after catching his breath.

Meanwhile, on Ember Island Heng Gan and Saura were staring up at the night sky in silence. Zelbo was fast asleep.

"Heng Gan," Saura started. "Do you remember when we first met?" She asked. Heng Gan was not sure why she had asked him this.

"Yeah, I remember," he said. "I was running through the village and you and I ran into each other. I remember you were pretty mad. Then you and I got into an argument over who could beat who in an Agni Kai. After a while, we settled down and called a truce and that's when we became friends." Heng Gan recalled.

"Yeah, what a wonderful day that was." Saura said with affection in her voice. The two continued to stare up at the stars before finally falling asleep.

Back in Sakiya, Mizele was on her way to the town hall. She entered with a furious look. "Tan Shi!" The old women yelled. Tan Shi turned around to see her.

"Ah, Mizele what can I help you with?" The sun prophet asked, obviously annoyed.

"I don't know what you are up to, Tan Shi so you better start explaining why you told the army that it was Munni that sent that assassin after Ji Qing!" Mizele demanded.

"Munni was the most likely suspect. Who else could have done it?" Tan Shi replied.

"You are lying!" Mizele accused him. "You wanted them to think it was him so you could save your own skin!" Mizele shouted.

"Oh, and I suppose you have proof?" Tan Shi retorted.

"I am warning you, Tan Shi, you had better not try this again!" Mizele said before turning to walk out.

"I am trembling with fear!" Tan Shi responded, sarcastically.

Sha's tongue rolled slowly across his lips. "The Southern Water Tribe... I heard it boasts some magnificent cities." Sha said in an eerie tone. "Well, not for long any more, not since I've been promoted!" Ji Qin was now bursting with pride and Sha smirked at what he saw.

"Well master, perhaps Sozin..."

"The Fire Lord, Sha! The Fire Lord." Ji Qin, still brimming with self-confidence, corrected Sha.

"Perhaps Sozin promoted you to, I don't know, get some results over here."

"Who was that boy?" Munni thought aloud. The sky was clear and the moon was almost full, the small group's lamps glowing softly in the dark.

"Ji Qin's assassin," answered Bai Fu, he continued, "Sha, I think he's called. No one really knows who he is or where he came from." The others seemed suddenly very interested in what Bai Fu had to say.

"So he just... Happened? Think he could be a spirit or something?" A bewildered man asked.

"Don't be silly!" Munni admonished and let Bai Fu continue. "I did some research on him, I couldn't find much... Only rumors, rumors that connects him to the capitol."

It wasn't long before Munni and his friends had reached the quiet, gloomy Easter Air Temple. The peacefulness of the place only had a disturbing affect on the travelers. Munni closed his eyes and looked away upon glancing at the corpse of a young boy. "Pathik! Where are you?" he called. "And why would you choose to live in this depressing place?"

"Because it isn't depressing at all when you see past the illusion of death!" responded the ever-cheerful Pathik.

"There you are, friend!" Munni exclaimed as he embraced the guru.

"I see you brought others," Pathik noted. "Members of the order, I assume?"

"Indeed they are," responded Munni. "This is Bai Fu, my second-in-command back in our region."

"Nice to meet you," said Bai Fu.

"Likewise! Can I interest you in some gook?"

"Eh, no thanks."

"So Guru," Munni started. "Have you been visited by two teenagers yet?"

"Hmm two teenaged lemurs?"

"No, people..."

"I have not, but I can feel their energies through you. You sent them here, but they are lost." He paused. "Oh...oh no! I sense they are in great danger!"

"What?!" Munni was alarmed. "What will happen to them?!" The old man asked.

"I cannot be certain but it is not good," Pahtik responded.

"I'm sorry my friend, but it looks like our stay here will be short," Munni said. "We must go find them."

"I understand. Take care, Munni." Pahtik replied. Munni nodded and along with his companions, rushed to get out of the temple.

Back in Sakiya, Ji Qing approached his tent. As he was entering it, an arrow just barely missed him. He turned around to see men falling out of the trees and attacking his camp. The admiral's eyes darted around, furiously. "What is going on here?!" He shouted. A man that looked like the commander of these men approached him.

"In the name of the Thieves of the West and our master, we will destroy you scum!" He yelled. Ji Qing's eyes lit up with fury as he unleashed a devastating attack on the commander.

"ATTACK!" commanded Ji Qing, as men started battling with Thieves of The West.

"What about me ?" asked Sha.

"You... You failed to kill a miserable, old, weak person! Why would I need you ?" said Ji Qing, furiously.

"Because you do want to be alive. You know I am in good relationships with Sozin," replied Sha confidently, as the Thieves of The West were advancing.

"You beat me this time, Sha. Now go and help men beat those bunch of idiots, I will need you in my elite group," said Ji Qing, trying to regain leadership.

"You will, admiral, you will," replied Sha as he went out, stopping a thieve from killing a soldier. Sha does have good relationships with the Fire Lord, he is one of his favorite assassins, thoughts ran through Ji Qing's mind, I must find a way of gaining control over him. The Southern Raiders will be something great, it will help me.

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