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Gyatso's corpse
The House of Death
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"Pahtik! Pahtik! Where are you, old friend?" Munni called into the thick morning mist. The Eastern Air Temple was quiet and solemn, the air chilled Munni's skin. The high towers lurked ominously above the still scorched landscape. "What a sad thing to witness," mumbled Munni as he slowly made his way up the steep stone steps.

"It is indeed, my friend," called a voice from on top of a small landing, it was a strange voice, one not often heard in the cities and towns of the world. It was Pahtik.

Munni awoke from his dream at that moment. "Don't worry, my friend. I'll be there, soon," he said, staring into the night sky.

Heng Gan was struggling to keep his eyes open as he soared through the sky. Saura awoke and saw him drifting off.

"Heng Gan, you haven't slept for two days straight, you need to get some sleep," she said. "No, Saura. I've got to keep looking for signs of this Pathik guy, and I'll start by scouring the Air Temples," Heng Gan responded.

"Look, you can let me do it. You need to get some rest," Saura said with concern. "Okay," Heng Gan replied.

The dark figure raised his arms and blade high above his head, high above the sleeping Ji Qing. "This is it for you, old man!" Quickly, like a silver light, the sword raced to feet Ji Qing's neck, but before steel could meet flesh, steel met steel. Out of one of the dark corners of the tent stretched a long, hooked chain, now firmly gripping the intruder's blade and arm. Blood trickled down onto the floor and sword. "I don't think so," the disembodied voice sent a chill through the thief's spine, but soon voice was matched with face as a young, pale teenager slipped from the corner, grey eyes gleaming. The boy licked his lips and tugged hard on the chain, ripping flesh and sword alike from the other man's arm. "My master needs his rest, I'd prefer it if he not be disturbed."

"Heng Gan! Heng Gan!" Saura shook her boyfriend. "Wake up!"

"What?" Heng Gan lifted his head off of Zelbo's scaly back.

"We're here. The Western Air Temple." Zelbo twisted and turned as he spiraled down into the temple. Landing by a small fountain, Heng Gan and Saura hopped off and Zelbo raced away.

"I'll start looking here," Heng Gan said. Saura nodded.

"I'll look over this way," The two friends parted ways.

Heng Gan ran up and down the temple but found nothing. The whole place was deserted. He ran down another hallway and froze with horror. There were skeletons of hundreds of Air Nomads filling the room. "Oh my gosh." Heng Gan quietly remarked.

"Heng Gan!" He heard Saura shouting. "Did you find any-" She stopped and saw what he was looking at. Both of them just stood there and felt great sadness swelling within them. Finally, Saura spoke. "I heard this was bad but, I never imagined Sozin would do something this horrible. We can't let him get away with this!" She yelled.

"I don't think he's here, Saura." Heng Gan said.

"Then we'll have to search the other Air Temples!" Saura replied.

"Do you really think he'll be there? What's to say he wasn't wiped out with the Air Nomads?" Heng Gan asked his friend.

"No! He has to be somewhere! He can't be dead!" Saura's voice echoed across the temple.

"Saura," Heng Gan started. "Okay. We'll check the other Air Temples," he said. "Now let's leave this house of death."

Meanwhile, in the forest just outside the village, a man was approaching the tent of his leader. "Sir, our agent was was unsuccessful in killing the Fire Nation admiral," he informed his boss.

"Really? And where is he now?" The leader inquired.

"He's dead," The man responded.

"Pathetic. That man was killed by mere Fire Nation guards? He did not deserve to be one of us," The man spat. "It wasn't by mere guards, sir-" The Agent started to speak.

"It does not matter!" The leader responded. The Thieves of the West will not allow these Fire Nation soldiers to interfere with our plans!" The leader shouted. "Leave me," he simply stated.

"Yes sir." The agent replied.

The enraged Ji Qing stormed through Sakiya, setting a banana tree ablaze in anger. "Men! Gather these worthless villagers!" Two Fire Nation soldiers rushed to bang an enormous bell in the village center.

A bald man with a grey goatee wearing luxurious gold robes with bright red lining approached them. "You dare bang that bell in the Dragon Spirit's hour of rest?" he questioned with vexation.

"Enough with your spiritual nonsense Tan Shi," responded a woman in the attire of a high ranking Fire Nation officer. "Whatever you wish, War Minister Lo," said Tan Shi sarcastically.

The people began to gather as the infuriated Ji Qing made his way to a small, wooden stage. "Which one of you lowly scum did this?" he demanded. After receiving a response of blank stares he became more violent. "Who was it! Who sent the assassin! Nobody wants to tell me?" he looked around. "Bring me the old man there!" Two soldiers seized Tan Shi and dragged him next to the admiral who grabbed him by the neck and held his fist to his face. "If one of you doesn't tell me who sent the assassin, the man dies!"

"Please, no!" Tan Shi cried. "The Sun will not grant our nation victory if you take my life!"

"The Sun isn't here to stop me old man." Ji Qing replied.

"Fine. It was Munni!" Tan Shi to a few gasps from the crowd. Ji Qing smirked and threw Tan Shi back with the rest of the people. "So, the elder sent the murderer...I should have guessed that."

"It wasn't Munni!"

Ji Qing found the voice coming from the town nurse known as Mizele. "Then who was it?" the admiral questioned.

"I don't know," the woman paused. "But it couldn't have been my husband."

Ji Qing grunted. "Fetch the man from the prison. I'll deal with him myself." Hearing that, Mizele cried out a second time.

"He isn't in the prison! I just know he isn't."

"And how could you possibly know that? You're as crazy as the Sun prophet over here."

"Go ahead and check for yourself."

"Fine." Ji Qing bellowed. Taking two of his guards with him, he stormed off toward the prison.

"He's not there." Mizele muttered.

When Ji Qing made it to the prison, Munni wasn't there. "Impossible," Ji Qing said to himself. "He probably joined those kids who escaped earlier." He paused then turned to his men. "Send me a team of Firebenders. We are going after those kids."

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