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The Lord Elder and the Lotus Gambit
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October 6, 2011

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A Town of Peace, a World of War

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Unexpected Visitors

Heng Gan watched in horror as the fireball raced towards him. He waited for the burning impact but it never came. "Enough!" Heng Gan heard the voice and recognized it at once. "There's no need to kill the boy!" Munni shouted.

"How did you deflect my attack?!" Ji Qing demanded furiously.

"I'm a Firebender, just as you are," he replied.

"Impossible! No one can deflect a Firebending attack like that! Especially not some pathetic old man!" the embarrassed admiral shouted.

"I may be old, but I'm in no way pathetic!" the elder responded bitterly.

Jin Qing paused, then asked, "Why do you look so familiar to me, old man?" He took another pause. It doesn't matter, he thought. "Take him to town prison so he can get what he deserves. Put him in shackles while you're at it," the admiral ordered.

"NO!" Heng Gan screamed in terror. He tried to fight his way out of the soldiers' grip, but all to no avail. He watched hopelessly as his mentor faded away as a distant image, heading towards town prison to pay the ultimate price for saving his life.

As he walked, Ji Qing thought to himself why the old fool seemed so familiar to him. He reminded him of his old master who had taught him everything he knew. But it couldn't be. The admiral snapped back to reality as they entered town hall. Not only had these strange soldiers entered without permission, but now they brought one of the elders of their village into prison. Munni was one of the oldest and wisest person in the village, yet it seemed as if he had already gotten in some trouble with the dogs of the military. The warden opened his mouth, as if to question the arrival of the elder, but a quick glance from the admiral silenced any attempt at a rebuttal. "Imprison him," Ji Qing ordered. With a nod, his men shoved Munni into a prison cell and Ji Qing turned to the warden. "A trial is not needed. The old man is to be executed at dawn." Though he had just entered the village, Ji Qing spoke as if he owned the place: with a sense of command that the warden could not refuse, even if the person in question was Munni.

"I'm not done!" Heng Gan swiftly proceeded to assault the soldiers holding him and break free of their grip, but soon his field of vision was flooded with fire. For a moment it seemed that he would be burnt to a crisp, but one moment was enough for him to act. Mere split-seconds before Qing's blaze met his face, a violent arrangement of flames gushed from his mouth and met Qing's fireball with equal force, enough to save his skin... For now.

"How dare you... You... You fool!" Ji Qing spat as he let loose, shooting fire at Heng Gan in rapid succession. Heng Gan was lucky enough to be able to avert those blasts of fire, but it was inevitable; he was soon attacked and overwhelmed by the by-standing soldiers.

Heng Gan was dragged through the town. He lowered his head in humiliation as the other villagers watched him be escorted in the same direction Saura and Munni were taken. The soldiers forced Heng Gan into the town prison, and threw him in a cell with his two friends. They slammed the door shut, locked it, and walked away. "Heng Gan! You're okay!" cried Saura.

"I knew you'd attack Jin Qing," he said lightly. "I couldn't imagine you going down without a fight." He looked over to Munni who seemed distracted. "Munni, about what you did back there, you didn't have to-"

"Shhh" said Munni as he raised his hand, gesturing for Heng Gan to stop talking.

Heng Gan and Saura stared at him, confused. They could tell he was in deep concentration. Finally, he addressed the two teenagers. "Admiral Jin Qing and I have quite some history," he started with a smirk on his face. "I'm just lucky he doesn't know who I am." The other two said nothing. "Anyway, I don't know how much longer we're going to be in here, but just in case they take me away," he reached into his pocket. "I want you to have this." He handed Heng Gan a Pai Sho piece. It was the White Lotus.

"I don't understand," Heng Gan began.

"Just take it," Munni ordered. "With it, you'll discover that you have more friends then you think."

"What do you mean?" asked Heng Gan. "A game piece?"

Munni cleared his throat. "I might not be around for much longer, you know. I'm ninety-six years old."

Saura raised an eyebrow. "So a Pai Sho piece will help us? How?"

"There are secrets in this world," Munni answered. "Secrets even you cannot know. But we have just been thrown into a reign of turmoil - and I'm afraid that it's going to take more than some rebellious kids to bring down Sozin's new empire. For when I am gone, it will come to you." Heng Gan nodded, and grasped the tile in his hand.

"Come to me..." Heng Gan muttered as he considered the subject

"Yes," Munni replied with a nod.

A soldier walked to the cell and opened the door. "Hey, your elderly why aren't you with the others?" the soldier demanded.

"I am not with the others because I chose not to go," Munni said as he prepared a fire whip. The soldier quickly blasted a fireball which Munni deflected. Munni proceeded to move his arms in a fascinating motion. It wasn' t until Munni was nearly done that Heng Gan understood. Munni was able to bend lightning! Before Munni was had time to attack, the soldiers apologized. "I'm sorry, Lord Elder," he said.

"Lord Elder?"Heng Gan asked."What did that mean?" he said as they walked away.

"Heng Gan. I'm a member of a secret organization. I lead it's movements in Sakiya," Munni answered while following the guard that had let him out his prison cell."

"A secret organization?" Saura asked.

"Yes. I'll tell you more about it as soon as we escape this prison," Munni replied.

While the four allies were sneaking through the prison halls, a Fire Nation soldier spotted them. "Hey! The prisoners are escaping!" the soldier yelled. Everyone in the prison could hear the warning cry. Munni quickly ran up to the guard and blasted him with fire. Heng Gan, Saura and Munni's friend ran up to Munni after he defeated the guard. "Everyone in the prison must have heard that scream. We have to get out of here quickly! "Munni commanded. The group of friends soon fought their way through many of the hallways in the prison and finally arrived at a metal door.

"This door must lead to the outside," Heng Gan noted as he was kicking the door open. After much effort, Heng Gan and his friends were able to go outside, but they were still within the prison property. They hurried in the direction where the prison exit gate was. When they arrived, guards were waiting for them. "Now how are we going to escape," Munni's friend asked while gawking at the fear-striking number of guards that were blocking their way. The others looked at each other for answers.

"I have a plan," Heng Gan stated as he was pulling something from out his pocket. It was a red horn. Heng Gan put the tip of the horn to his mouth and blew in it. Some of the guards looked over and laughed, mocking Heng Gan's as they closed in on the prisoners.

"How is blowing a whistle going to help us?" Saura asked in impatiently. "If you try anything we'll torch you!" a Fire Nation guard threatened as a group soldiers prepared a formation to attack. Suddenly, a tremendous roar could be heard all across the prison. Everyone looked up in the sky to see a red dragon flying towards them.

"Zelbo!" Heng Gan shouted in excitement at the sight of his pet. Zelbo then started to spit fire out of his mouth at the guards. They were forced to dodge the flames, giving Heng Gan, Saura, and Munni's friend enough time to jump on the dragon.

"What are you waiting for? Get on!" Saura demanded. "No. You guys go. I'll give you cover," Munni replied as he was launching large balls of fire at the guards. "Munni-" Heng Gan could not finish his sentence because Munni interrupted.

"Leave!" he beckoned. Zelbo then sped away from the area through the air, leaving Munni behind.

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