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A Town of Peace, A World of War
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October 2, 2011

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The Lord Elder and the Lotus Gambit

It happened so fast. As soon as he woke up that morning, Heng Gan saw people in large numbers walking to the center of his town of Sakiya. He got up and quickly dressed before running outside. Confused, he began to ask people what was happening. No one would answer him. Suddenly he found Munni, the village elder. "Munni!" he shouted. The old man turned to see him.

"Heng Gan?" he began. "What are you doing here? You should be in the center of town."

"Why? What's going on here?" He demanded.

"Haven't you heard? Fire Lord Sozin has declared war on the Water Tribes and the Earth Kingdom!" Munni informed him. "He wishes to make all lands Fire Nation!"

"What?!" Heng Gan asked with disbelief.

"They're drafting soldiers now." The elder said sadly.

"This can't be! What about the Avatar?! Surely he won't let this happen!!" Heng Gan shouted.

"The Avatar is dead." Munni said. "Sozin used the great comet that passed by a few days ago to completely wipe out the Air Nomads." The old man said depressingly.

Heng Gan felt sick. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. How could Fire Lord Sozin be so evil?! he thought to himself. "Hurry to town center, Heng Gan." Munni snapped him back to focus.

"Munni," the young Firebender began, "you know I'm not of drafting age." He reminded him.

"Well, you're a more than capable Firebender. I'm sure they would want you," He responded.

"It sounds like you want me to be gone!" The young man angrily shouted.

"Dear boy, you know I would be devastated if they took you away. You've always been like a son to me." The wise man retaliated calmly.

"I'm sorry," Heng Gan apologized.

"It's alright." Munni replied. "Now hurry or they'll punish you severely for being late."

Heng Gan nodded and ran for the center of town, wondering if he would be unlucky enough to be the first soldier in Fire Nation history to be drafted underage. Heng Gan had now made it to the center of the town where men and women were waiting to see if they would be drafted. After looking all around at his surroundings, Heng Gan soon spotted a familiar face.

"I never expected you to be here, Saura." Heng Gan said to a girl with green eyes and long brown hair. Like Heng Gan, she was also a very skilled Firebender.

"I'd say the same thing to you, too." Saura replied.

"I didn't think the Fire Nation was so desperate that they would try to draft a weak girl." Heng Gan teased.

"What did you say?!" Saura asked in anger about what Heng Gan said about her.

"Stop all of your arguing and get in line."

The two friends turned around to see that the order came from a Fire Nation soldier who had a skeleton mask on his face. The two friends soon got in line with other citizens of Sakiya to see if they would be drafted. The large group of Fire Nation guards that were standing in front them soon was clearing a path for a man. Heng Gan and Saura had a shocked look on their faces. The man that the guards were clearing a path for was the infamous Admiral Ji Qing.

"I want you all to line up!" Admiral Ji Quing shouted. "I want every able-bodied man in front of me with no hesitations." A young girl holding the hand of her father, a soon-to-be Fire Nation soldier, snapped back at them with her quick, high voice.

"But we don't want to!" The admiral turned his head toward the girl.

"You don't? Well, I'll just tell Sozin that when I give him a report next week. I'll tell him that the village of Sakiya is being disobedient and you'll all be drafted!" He smirked as the dozens of townsfolk around him shivered in fright. "Well, let's get going then."

The Admiral went down the line of men and women, eying them up and down. Suddenly, he stopped at Heng Gan. "You," he said. "Give me a demonstration of what you can do." He hesitated. "NOW!" the Admiral yelled. Heng Gan complied, stepping out of line. He breathed in, then out, taking a Firebending stance. Punching his fists into the air three times, he launched three large fire balls, then jumped up and kicked twice, each kick sending out a new ball of fire. He swirled his arms around, creating a circle of fire around him, and let it dissipate in a flash of light. He stepped back in line. The Admiral smiled.

"Good," he said. "Very good... Looks like you will be of use."

Heng Gan looked to Saura, whose face had turned bitter.

Qing put his arms behind his back and slowly walked down the line of women. Then again. "Men! I can see that most of these women are either old or weak. Tell me... Which ones are good enough for a position under me?"

Heng Gan saw Saura right across from him. He knew that, if not enough people were found to be drafted, they would take all of the young and fit-looking ones for the army. Saura would be one of them. She was obviously the best choice for a strong officer. And Heng Gan wouldn't let her become one.

Heng Gan raised his voice and said, "That one. There." He pointed to Saura. He knew exactly what she would do.

"That one? She does look to be nearly of age. Can you fight, girl?"

"Yes," Saura answered. "I can." At that moment she stepped out of line. She punched right in Qing's direction, who stood only a few feet away from her. A fire blast generated from her fingertips. The blaze went straight toward Qing with an awesome speed. The speed, however, was not enough. He acted fast by punching with both of his arms in the flame's line of fire. When it was only a foot away from him, Qing arched his arms into a diagonal downward position, and half of the fire followed each one. Saura's intention was to kill Qing, and the attack had exactly the same effect Heng Gan had anticipated.

"You dare try to harm your commander? Well, I know one thing: A person like you does not deserve a place in my forces." Qing turned to one of his officers who was standing behind him. "Take that one out of the line and put her into whatever prison chamber this village has. Tell the prison guard not to let her out for a long time." As Saura was taken away, Heng Gan knew that she would be better off in prison for a day or two until the admiral and his guards left than a life of working for war.

The admiral took a hawk and started writing to his Lord about the citizens of Sakiya. His lord would be furious with the draft's results.

Meanwhile.... "What is it now?" Sozin demanded as a messenger hawk landed on his hand. He read aloud, "Dear Fire Lord, the treacherous Town of Sakiya has many citizens who are refusing to join our cause. Women, men, and children. They are all resisting. I fear we may have to eradicate the citizens who are not of use to demonstrate our power. Sakiya is one of our most productive towns. If a civil war were to break out, we would lose many resources. I request that you send a whole division to start eradicating the sick, elderly, and children. Sincerely, Ji Qing."

Back in Sakiya... "Bring me all of your sick, your children, and your elderly and put them in the Town Hall." Qing said with a smirk.

"My Admiral, shall we kill them?" A soldier asked.

"Wait for the order from our Lord." Qing said.

"You're sick if you'd think about harming innocent people!" Heng Gan cried. The soldiers tackled him. They proceeded to put shackles on his wrists, and they threw him on his knees.

"Anyone else feeling courageous?" Qing added as he created a fireball and aimed it at Heng Gan.

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