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1 AG
Avatar Roku has been dead for twelve years. The next Avatar perished with the rest of the Air Nomads when Fire Lord Sozin destroyed each of the Air Temples by harnessing the energy of a powerful comet. Now, the Fire Nation military has begun drafting. Most of the men of the small village of Sakiya have been deployed to Earth Kingdom to fight in a war they do not believe in. The drafting has left the town without leadership, without hunters, and without protection. The town's elder, Munni, has stepped up to a leadership role. He tries to keep the peace of Sakiya in tact despite of new threats like the Thieves of the West. With Admiral Ji Qing constantly disrupting the tranquility of Sakiya, and Fire Lord Sozin engaging the world in the worst conflict in history, the small town finds itself in the middle of massive chaos.



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When thinking of Rage, two adjectives come to mind: hardworking and funny. Since he joined the OSP, he has been consitently contributing to each chapter. He's even developed his very own character, Sha, an assassin under the command of Admiral Ji Qing with possibly the darkest past out of any fanon character in the wiki. It was this creativity and determination displayed by Rage that made the choice for Assistant Leader an easy one. In the end, it wasn't a tough decision to select the contributor who has never failed to do his duty to the OSP. On top of that, users across the wiki can see from his comments and blogs that he has a great sense of humor! His jokes have made the production of the OSP ten times more enjoyable and in a quick visit to his profile page, you can learn that glass is officially a liquid!

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