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A Note Before Reading

This chapter is a continuation of the fanon, Our Story. The content featured in this chapter is purely old material written by myself and the authors whose names are listed below. The only exception is the beginning and end when it is set in present day. The next chapter will have newly-written content in it.

The Chapter

It was cold in Republic City. Fewer people than usual were walking it's streets. Several members of Team Avatar were, however, at this moment walking down the street. The gaang strolled up the steps of the Republic City Public Library, humorously named the 'Republic City Library'. That had to have been Sokka's idea. Aang thought. I don't know how, but somehow Sokka was behind that pun.

"Can't you do this some other time, Aang?" asked Toph. "I've never stepped foot in a library in my life and I don't want to start now."

"Yeah, come on, Aang," Sokka said. "We've all seen how crazy these holiday shoppers are. Well, I mean, Toph hasn't, but you get the point."

"We'll go shopping for presents in a minute, guys," Aang assured them. "I just need to return this library book before the due date expires."

"Why didn't we just go with Katara and Suki again?" Toph whispered to Sokka.

"I'm surprised Suki went with Katara," Sokka said. "You have no idea how crazy my sister gets when she's shopping. Especially around the holidays!"

"If only everyone else hadn't already bought their gifts."

"I'm not even sure if Ling bought any," Sokka replied.

"He better have!" said Toph, angrily. "I expect to be paid back for the gift I bought for him with more than a 'thank you'."

"Alright, guys, quiet down. This is a library, after all," Aang said as the trio entered the building. The walked up to the librarian, taking note of all of the people sitting around and reading tomes. "Excuse me," Aang said to the librarian. "I would like to return this book I checked out."

The librarian took the book and dropped it in the return chute. "Thank you," she said.

Aang started towards the door, and then had a thought. "Oh! Maybe I can get someone a book as a present!"

Sokka and Toph groaned in dismay.

"Let's see, what kind of book should I get?" Aang thought aloud.

"Nobody likes to get books as presents, Twinkle Toes!" Toph explained. She then received a shush from the librarian.

"You don't know whether or not any of them want books," Aang said. "I'm just going to look around."

"Alright, but hurry up," said Sokka.

Aang walked down the numerous aisles, browsing through row after row, book after book until one caught his eye. "Hey, guys, look at this," he said.

"Please tell me you found something you liked," said Sokka, hopefully.

"Listen to this, it's called 'Our Story: What Really Happened During the Start of the Hundred Year War'," Aang read.

"What really happened? What does it mean, 'what really happened'?"

"It sounds like not everyone knows the truth about the Hundred Year War," Toph said.

"I want to read so I know for sure if I want it," Aang decided.

"Please just make it quick," Toph pleaded.

"It all began after Fire Lord Sozin began the war and wiped out the Air Nomads..." Aang began.

It happened so fast. As soon as he woke up that morning, Heng Gan saw people in large numbers walking to the center of his town of Sakiya. He got up and quickly dressed before running outside. Confused, he began to ask people what was happening. No one would answer him. Suddenly he found Munni, the village elder. "Munni!" he shouted. The old man turned to see him.

"Heng Gan?" he began. "What are you doing here? You should be in the center of town."

"Why? What's going on here?" He demanded.

"Haven't you heard? Fire Lord Sozin has declared war on the Water Tribes and the Earth Kingdom!" Munni informed him. "He wishes to make all lands Fire Nation!"

"What?!" Heng Gan asked with disbelief.

"They're drafting soldiers now." The elder said sadly.

"This can't be! What about the Avatar?! Surely he won't let this happen!!" Heng Gan shouted.

"The Avatar is dead." Munni said. "Sozin used the great comet that passed by a few days ago to completely wipe out the Air Nomads." The old man said depressingly.

Heng Gan felt sick. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. How could Fire Lord Sozin be so evil?! he thought to himself. "Hurry to town center, Heng Gan." Munni snapped him back to focus.

"Munni," the young Firebender began, "you know I'm not of drafting age." He reminded him.

"Well, you're a more than capable Firebender. I'm sure they would want you," He responded.

"It sounds like you want me to be gone!" The young man angrily shouted.

"Dear boy, you know I would be devastated if they took you away. You've always been like a son to me." The wise man retaliated calmly.

"I'm sorry," Heng Gan apologized.

"It's alright." Munni replied. "Now hurry or they'll punish you severely for being late."

Heng Gan nodded and ran for the center of town, wondering if he would be unlucky enough to be the first soldier in Fire Nation history to be drafted underage. Heng Gan rushed to the center of town where men and women were waiting to see if they would be drafted. After looking all around at his surroundings, Heng Gan soon spotted a familiar face. "I never expected you to be here, Saura." Heng Gan said to a girl with green eyes and long brown hair. Like Heng Gan, she was also a very skilled Firebender.

"I'd say the same thing to you, too." Saura replied.

"I didn't think the Fire Nation was so desperate that they would try to draft a weak girl." Heng Gan teased.

"What did you say?!" Saura asked in anger about what Heng Gan said about her.

"Stop all of your arguing and get in line." The two friends turned around to see that the order came from a Fire Nation soldier who had a skeleton mask on his face. The two friends soon got in line with other citizens of Sakiya to see if they would be drafted. The large group of Fire Nation guards that were standing in front them soon was clearing a path for a man. Heng Gan and Saura had a shocked look on their faces. The man that the guards were clearing a path for was the infamous Admiral Ji Qing.

"I want you all to line up!" Admiral Ji Qing shouted. "I want every able-bodied man in front of me with no hesitations." The Admiral went down the line of men and women, eying them up and down. Suddenly, he stopped at Heng Gan. "You," he said. "Give me a demonstration of what you can do." Heng Gan hesitated. "NOW!" the Admiral yelled.

Heng Gan complied, stepping out of line. He breathed in, then out, taking a Firebending stance. Punching his fists into the air three times, he launched three large fire balls, then jumped up and kicked twice, each kick sending out a new ball of fire. He swirled his arms around, creating a circle of fire around him, and let it dissipate in a flash of light. He stepped back in line. The Admiral smiled.

"Good," he said. "Very good... Looks like you will be of use." Qing said. He put his arms behind his back and slowly walked down the line of women. "Men! I can see that most of these women are either old or weak. Tell me... Which ones are good enough for a position under me?"

Heng Gan saw Saura right across from him. He knew that, if not enough people were found to be drafted, they would take all of the young and fit-looking ones for the army. Saura would be one of them. She was obviously the best choice for a strong officer. And Heng Gan wouldn't let her become one. Heng Gan raised his voice and said, "That one. There." He pointed to Saura. He knew exactly what she would do.

"That one? She does look to be nearly of age. Can you fight, girl?"

"Yes," Saura answered. "I can." At that moment she stepped out of line. She punched right in Qing's direction, who stood only a few feet away from her. A fire blast generated from her fingertips. The blaze went straight toward Qing with an awesome speed. The speed, however, was not enough. He acted fast by punching with both of his arms in the flame's line of fire. When it was only a foot away from him, Qing arched his arms into a diagonal downward position, and half of the fire followed each one. Saura's intention was to kill Qing, and the attack had exactly the same effect Heng Gan had anticipated.

"You dare try to harm your commander? Well, I know one thing: A person like you does not deserve a place in my forces." Qing turned to one of his officers who was standing behind him. "Take that one out of the line and put her into whatever prison chamber this village has. Tell the prison guard never to let her see daylight again." As Saura was taken away, Heng Gan knew that she would be better off in prison for a day or two until the admiral and his guards left than a life of working for war.

The admiral took a hawk and started writing to his Lord about the citizens of Sakiya. His lord would be furious with the draft's results. "Bring me all of your sick, your children, and your elderly and put them in the Town Hall." Qing said with a smirk.

"My Admiral, shall we kill them?" A soldier asked.

"First I'll send this letter. Then we'll wait for word from Fire Lord Sozin," Qing said, looking up from his letter.

"You're sick if you'd think about harming innocent people!" Heng Gan cried. The soldiers tackled him. They proceeded to put shackles on his wrists, and they threw him on his knees.

"Anyone else feeling courageous?" Qing added as he created a fireball and aimed it at Heng Gan.

Heng Gan waited for the burning impact of the fireball, but it never came. "Enough!" Heng Gan heard the voice and recognized it at once. "There's no need to kill the boy!" Munni shouted.

"How did you deflect my attack?!" Ji Qing demanded furiously.

"I'm a Firebender, just as you are," he replied.

"Impossible! No one can deflect a Firebending attack like that! Especially not some pathetic old man!" the embarrassed admiral shouted.

"I may be old, but I'm in no way pathetic!" the elder responded bitterly.

Jin Qing paused, then asked, "Why do you look so familiar to me, old man?" He took another pause. It doesn't matter, he thought. "Take him to town prison so he can get what he deserves. Put him in shackles while you're at it," the admiral ordered.

"NO!" Heng Gan screamed.. He tried to fight his way out of the soldiers' grip, but all to no avail. He watched hopelessly as his mentor faded away as a distant image, heading towards town prison to pay the ultimate price for saving his life.

As he walked, Ji Qing thought to himself why the old fool seemed so familiar to him. He reminded him of his old master who had taught him everything he knew. But it couldn't be. The admiral snapped back to reality as they entered town hall. Not only had these strange soldiers entered without permission, but now they brought one of the elders of their village into prison. The warden opened his mouth, as if to question the arrival of the elder, but a quick glance from the admiral silenced any attempt at a rebuttal. His men shoved Munni into a prison cell and Ji Qing turned to the warden. "A trial is not needed. The old man is to be executed at dawn." Though he had just entered the village, Ji Qing spoke as if he owned the place: with a sense of command that the warden could not refuse, even if the person in question was Munni.

Meanwhile, Heng Gan was dragged through the town. He lowered his head in humiliation as the other villagers watched him be escorted in the same direction Saura and Munni were taken. The soldiers forced Heng Gan into the town prison, and threw him in a cell with his two friends. They slammed the door shut, locked it, and walked away. "Heng Gan! You're okay!" cried Saura.

"I knew you'd attack Jin Qing," he said lightly. "I couldn't imagine you going down without a fight." He looked over to Munni who seemed distracted. "Munni, about what you did back there, you didn't have to-"

"Shhh" said Munni as he raised his hand, gesturing for Heng Gan to stop talking.

Heng Gan and Saura stared at him, confused. They could tell he was in deep concentration. Finally, he addressed the two teenagers. "Admiral Jin Qing and I have quite some history," he started with a smirk on his face. "I'm just lucky he doesn't know who I am." The other two said nothing. "Anyway, I don't know how much longer we're going to be in here, but just in case they take me away," he reached into his pocket. "I want you to have this." He handed Heng Gan a Pai Sho piece. It was the White Lotus.

"I don't understand," Heng Gan began.

"Just take it," Munni ordered. "With it, you'll discover that you have more friends than you think."

Saura raised an eyebrow. "So a Pai Sho piece will help us? How?"

"There are secrets in this world," Munni answered. "Secrets even you cannot know. But we have just been thrown into a reign of turmoil - and I'm afraid that it's going to take more than some rebellious kids to bring down Sozin's new empire. For when I am gone, it will come to you." Heng Gan nodded, and grasped the tile in his hand.

"Come to me..." Heng Gan muttered as he considered the subject

"Yes," Munni replied with a nod.

A guard then approached their cell. "Sorry for taking so long, Lord Elder."

"Lord Elder?" Heng Gan asked." What did that mean?" he said as they walked away.

"Heng Gan, I'm a member of a secret organization. I lead it's movements in Sakiya," Munni answered while following the guard that had let him out his prison cell."

"A secret organization?" Saura asked.

"Yes. I'll tell you more about it as soon as we escape this prison," Munni replied.

While the four allies were sneaking through the prison halls, a Fire Nation soldier spotted them. "Hey! The prisoners are escaping!" the soldier yelled. Everyone in the prison could hear the warning cry. Munni quickly ran up to the guard and blasted him with fire. Heng Gan, Saura and Munni's friend ran up to Munni after he defeated the guard. "Everyone in the prison must have heard that scream.

We have to get out of here quickly! "Munni commanded. The group of friends soon fought their way through many of the hallways in the prison and finally arrived at a metal door.

"This door must lead to the outside," Heng Gan noted as he was kicking the door open. After much effort, Heng Gan and his friends were able to go outside, but they were still within the prison walls. They hurried in the direction where the prison exit gate was. When they arrived, guards were waiting for them.

"Now how are we going to escape," Munni's friend asked while gawking at the fear-striking number of guards that were blocking their way. The others looked at each other for answers.

"I have a plan," Heng Gan stated as he was pulling something from out his pocket. It was a red horn. Heng Gan put the tip of the horn to his mouth and blew in it. Some of the guards looked over and laughed, mocking Heng Gan as they closed in on the prisoners. "How is blowing a whistle going to help us?" Saura asked in impatiently.

"If you try anything we'll torch you!" a Fire Nation guard threatened as a group soldiers prepared a formation to attack. Suddenly, a tremendous roar could be heard all across the prison. Everyone looked up in the sky to see a red dragon flying towards them.

"Zelbo!" Heng Gan shouted in excitement at the sight of his pet. Zelbo then started to spit fire out of his mouth at the guards. They were forced to dodge the flames, giving Heng Gan, Saura, and Munni's friend enough time to jump on the dragon.

"What are you waiting for? Get on!" Saura demanded. "No. You guys go. I'll give you cover," Munni replied as he was launching large balls of fire at the guards. "Munni-" Heng Gan could not finish his sentence because Munni interrupted.

"Leave!" he beckoned. Zelbo then sped away from the area through the air, leaving Munni behind.

Now where will we go?" Saura asked.

"There's only one other person who can help us." Heng Gan replied.

Mizele was getting worried. Her husband hadn't been home for quite some time. "Please be alright, Munni." She said to herself. Suddenly she saw something soaring through the sky: A giant red dragon. Three people jumped off. She recognized two of them. "Heng Gan! Saura! What a pleasant surprise! Where's Munni?" She questioned.

Heng Gan hesitated. "He's in the town prison. I'm not sure if he's even still alive. "The young man replied sadly.

"What?!" Mizele said as tears came to her eyes.

"Excuse me, ma'am." The man who helped them escape spoke up. "My name is Bai Fu. I'm a member of the secret organization your husband was a part of. I think I can help."

Heng Gan and Saura stayed by the window while Bai Fu went with Mizele into the cottage's kitchen. "How? How can you help my husband?" asked Mizele, sobbing.

"Munni is a very capable Firebender," started Bai Fu. "I'm sure he can figure out a way to escape himself. But if we do need help, we have allies all over the world. Munni and I are part of an organization known as the Order of the White Lotus. The Order consists of people from all nations dedicated to protecting the peace and balance of the world. Now that Sozin has disrupted that peace, the Order is sure to act quickly. There is one man I know, his name is Pathik. He may be able to-" Bai Fu was interrupted by shouting in a distance. The four ran out of the secluded cottage and looked down at the village of Sakiya. Villagers hurried home for shelter and Fire Nation soldiers were running towards the beach. Heng Gan and Saura rushed down to see what was happening.

"You two! Go home where it's safe!" ordered a soldier who spotted them.

"What's going on?" demanded Heng Gan. "Ships from the Southern Water Tribe have arrived! Waterbenders are attacking the village!" The soldier ran to the beach. A few houses down, Heng Gan could see Ji Qing giving one of his men orders.

"You! Write to the Fire Lord and tell him of the invasion. Tell him that when this is over, we should wipe out the Southern Water Tribe!" In a matter of minutes, Ji Qing and his men had burnt all of the sails on the Water Tribe ships.

Many Waterbenders were stranded with their sails destroyed, but they weren't going down without a fight. "We'll never let you conquer the world!" Their leader shouted. Ji Qing lashed out at the invaders and blew several of them off of their feet into the flaming ships.

"This is bad." Heng Gan stated as he shook his head.

"We have to help them!" Saura cried.

"No! You can't risk being caught again!" Heng Gan shouted as he grabbed her by the arm.

"You can't be serious!" Saura shouted. "How could you turn your back on those poor Waterbenders like that!" Heng Gan saw that she was clearly enraged.

"We have to get out of here and find this Pathik guy!" He stated.

"But-" she began but was cut off before she could finish.

"You should listen to your boyfriend." Bai Fu spoke up. "It is imperative that we leave now!" He stressed.

Saura nodded. "Alright, get on Zelbo!" yelled Heng Gan.

Some Waterbenders were now trying to retreat as the Firebenders clearly had the upper hand. The artillery of fire killed many and left some wounded, but the Fire Nation showed no mercy. Ji Qing soon got tired of fighting and ordered his men to let the Waterbenders retreat. Heng Gan, Saura, and Bai Fu also fled the scene and succeeded in not being noticed.

Despite the dazzling sunny light and the beautiful skyline before them, the mood of Heng Gan and Saura was dismal as they flew away on Zelbo. Neither of them spoke for several minutes. Finally, Saura obliged. "We should have done something back there, Heng Gan." "Like what?" Heng Gan scoffed. "If we had defended those people, we would have had to fight our own neighbors. If we had defended our people, we might as well have participated in Ji Qing's slaughter. Bai Fu was right. The best option for us is to find this Pathik guy."

Saura merely nodded and began to sulk.

Just a few minutes later, Saura finally spoke. "Heng Gan... What if... What if we made a new life for ourselves?" Heng Gan did not know how to react to this new idea. Perhaps... But for now he just stared out in front of him.

The dark figure raised his arms and blade high above his head, high above the sleeping Ji Qing. "This is it for you, old man!" Quickly, like a silver light, the sword raced to meet Ji Qing's neck, but before steel could meet flesh, steel met steel. Out of one of the dark corners of the tent stretched a long, hooked chain, now firmly gripping the intruder's blade and arm. Blood trickled down onto the floor and sword. "I don't think so," the disembodied voice sent a chill through the thief's spine, but soon voice was matched with face as a young, pale teenager slipped from the corner, grey eyes gleaming. The boy licked his lips and tugged hard on the chain, ripping flesh and sword alike from the other man's arm. "My master needs his rest, I'd prefer it if he not be disturbed."

"The Fire Lord's chamber seemed to glow in a solemn hue of amber," Aang read in the present day. "The fires of the royal throne flickered creating large and twisted shadows on the walls. For a moment it was so quiet. It was that moment Azulon entered... you know what? I think I've read enough. I'll just go ahead and buy it."

"No!" Sokka and Toph simultaneously shouted.

"Keep reading!" Sokka insisted.

"Yeah, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I kind of want to hear how it ends," Toph added.

"Are you sure?" Aang asked.

"Yeah!" Sokka and Toph replied.

"Alright, then," Aang said, turning the page. His expression then shifted to one of uncertainty.

"What's wrong, Aang?" Sokka asked.

"The next pages are blank," Aang answered.

"What? Let me see that!" Sokka demanded. He flipped through several more blank pages before finally coming across a new one. "There they are."

"Oh, that's a relief," Aang sighed. "I thought it just ended right there. Anyway..." Aang cleared his throat and continued to read.


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