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Otto Tinchen (Gods of War)
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Air Councilman Akhil (father), mother (whereabout unknown)


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The Libertarians, Larkin

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Libertarian, formerly street-fighter/unemployed

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Chapter 2: Otto

Otto is a secondary protagonist of Gods of War. Though his life is based in the seedy underbelly of the Republic, he holds with him a happy-go-lucky attitude - only natural for an airbender.


Early Life

Otto's life prior to meeting Fenn is unknown and the circumstances that brought him to the world of drugs and fighting rings has not been revealed yet.

Meeting Fenn

When he was 18, Otto was rescued from being beaten by Fenn Miyakami. Later he convinced the firebender to join him in his underground fights, knowing that the boy's firepower would help them win some very high-paying matches.

Once Fenn agreed, Otto and his friend became largely successful, saving their winnings in a shared account. It was when Otto lost all their money that Fenn disowned him and the rink was discovered and the inhabitants arrested. After an insect-like demon attacked the city and Colette visited the prison, Fenn left Otto behind to accept his new job as Clandestine.

Otto stayed in the prison for quite a while until an anonymous benefactor paid for the release of all the prisoners. During his time free Otto stole a batch of illicit drugs - called "Adrenalin" - from a triad called the Libertarians and his friend went missing.

Otto was visited some time later by Fenn, who wanted information on the triads. Behaving erratically from taking the Adrenalin, and fearing that gangmen were after him, Otto instead enlisted the Clandestine to search for his missing friend.

Days later two Libertarian members broke into Otto's apartment and kidnapped him. Waking up in the Eastern Domain Otto pleaded for his life to Libertarian Don Larkin. Larkin spared the boy's life in return for free services. The airbender was then tasked to scour the Domain's wall for a vantage point unguarded by Eastern men. It was here that he met an earthbender called Saffron.

Cheering him up Saffron decided to help him escape, revealing to him that the wall at the end of her street contained no security at the top. Quickly their plans were thwarted by Libertarians who attacked Otto and imprisoned him in the storeroom of the Mapleday Chapel for his betrayal.

A while later, after Saffron was recruited as a nurse for the Libertarians, him and Saffron reconnected. Sharing a kiss they decided to give their relationship a go once the civil war was over. Later that day Otto was surprised to see Fenn find him in the storeroom. Freeing him, Fenn took him back to the Clandestines after they watched Akira heal an imprisoned Red Demon.

Over a few days Otto and Saffron resumed contact over the phone until Saffron surprised him by showing up at his apartment. Wanting to treat her well Otto took her out to lunch at the harbour and then to 'Golden Spoon Noodlery' for dinner. After dinner he got her to close her eyes and led her up to Takeshita Park. Here he surprised her with the gorgeous view of the cityscape and the two shared a kiss.


For is age Otto is highly rambunctious and childlike. He is very excitable, and enjoys a good rough-and-tumble.

Though he is carefree and happy, the airbender has some demons of his own. He has a very addictive personality, quickly gambling away him and Fenn's savings and also getting addicted to Adrenalin. He also has a tendency to lie and make excuses. Otto also seems to be easily depressed, though this may have been from the comedown to the Adrenalin.



Otto is a highly skilled airbender, able to blast opponents great distances and move heavy objects with one blow. His skill has not been entirely explored but unlike in A:TLA, his airbending style is more offensive than evasive.


  • Seeing as Aang was the last airbender of his time, it can be assumed that down his lineage Otto is related to Avatar Aang.
    • However, since Book 3 of LoK, his exact lineage is unknown, but is still explored in Book 1.

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