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Other Worlds than This
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Secrets of the Wind

Other Worlds than This is Momoam15's action one-shot for Minnichi's writing contest.

Other Worlds than This

The wind bellowed against the flapping doors in the small apartment. In her hand, she held the most precious Fire Lily, flaming and burning with a passion lost to the darkness. She cramped each finger around its stem, pulling it close to where her heart should be. What lay there now, was nothing but a glass chest. "I see this is where we stand." She leaned against the door way and looked up to the twinkling stars.

"I suppose it is Kasai."

"Then I suggest you leave." She brought the flower to her nose to smell what was left of the sweet nectar, but the salt of her tears washed it away.

"I will never leave you." Piandao removed his armor pads, placing them gently on the counter. His heart ached with each step he took towards her. "Kasai, you have to understand, all that I did, I did so that we could be together. The worrying needs to stop, I can keep you safe. I can keep you with me. We can finally have all that we dreamed of. Kasai, we can be together." He leaned in to kiss her neck, breathing in the faded jasmine. A small light lit the soft white complexion of her face. Piandao stepped back and watched as the ashes of the flower blew past him. Strings of fire chased his words into the floor.

"You broke it! You lied to me and you broke it!" the heat of the blasts brushed past his feet into the rug. Piandao wrapped his fingers around the cold familiar handle, throwing the blade of his sword down to the floor. Sparks of gold flared into every direction. "I have never lied to you in my entire life! Kasai, you don't want to do this. I know you."

"You don't know me!" Chains of scarlet surrounded the man as a long thin leg brushed the air. Hard flames licked his sides, burning through the scruffy uniform. "You know the woman I used to be!" The searing wounds scorched his skin. Piandao yelled out frantically grabbing at his skin. The wooden table broke into splinters as he crashed down in pain. A portrait of the two fell like snow, shattering into pieces.

Kasai smirked at the sight of the most helpless man she had ever seen. The snap of her wrists ignited two perfect orange daggers. The heat surged through her arms giving her more confidence than she had anticipated. She dropped one hip and placed her hands on her waist. "Look at you, you pathetic being. That sword won't keep you alive very long. Perhaps it is best that you leave people alone. You might one day just end up dead! Like the way you died in WAR!" She threw the blasts into ceiling and darted towards him slashing the air. Piandao grabbed one end of the dismantled table and reached out his other arm to stab the blade into a nearby flower pot. He lashed his arm forward releasing the flowers. Kasai launched a dagger at the obstacle, sending dirty porcelain flying behind, sharp edges scraping her face.

"I did what I had to do! Believe it was in our best interest! I don't want to hurt you!" He stared at her hoping for any kind of reaction to his words. The arms criss-crossing through the air showed no sign of hesitation. The dirt and blood smeared on her face gave her the appearance of one mentally sick. Not even so much as a blink was given in the hopes that she still cared. The woman he knew was gone. He rose to his feet and leaned against the handle of his sword. "Don't Kasai! This fight will create no justice. This is insane!" The fire dagger grew and swirled in her palms. She thrusted her arms forward sending a deadly comet down the room. Piandao shot up from his position and pulled the sword in front of his face. The ball made solid contact with the metal, knocking him back further against the wall. The blade turned searing rouge, sparking and smoking through the chill air. The woman jumped jabbing several fire balls at the man. Piandao twirled his bade in a propeller motion, creating a shining disk of reds and oranges. The balls sputtered and flew with each strike it made on the blade. The heat from the fire burnt his face with such great intensity that he closed his eyes.

"What foolishness! Closing your eyes during a battle. I always thought direct eye contact was part of having manners," Kasai made circular motions with her toe, the flames swirled into tiny balls that rested against her shoe. Piandao held two fingers to the side and his sword out to the other. He faced his head towards the ground and listened as the fire blazed. "but I guess you not have any!" She kicked every ball against the floor, speeding for the young swords master. With each ball that reached to him, he swiftly maneuvered in circle like motions. Stepping around each one that brushed by his ankles. The smell of burning carpet stung his nose with every breath he took. He opened his eyes to meet a furious mad woman. "Why won't you stay in one place?" She snapped her arms back and created two flaming mad daggers.

He stopped beside the dismantled table and picked up the broken picture near his foot. No fire she could bend would ever compare to watching his love self-destruct. Emotion overcame his logical thinking as a tear slipped onto the paper. "I love you."

Kasai slammed the daggers into the portrait, choking on her own heart. "How dare you say those words! You don't know what love is!!!" The fear, heartache, and anger she had bottled up for so many years busted through her fragile exterior. Fountains of rage flowed from her hands setting the walls ablaze. The flames crawled, mixing with the cold outside. Her eyes glistened through the tears as the light flickered behind her shadow. Piandao dropped the picture, watching it burn. First the bodies, the faces, until only a lip glossed smile of the woman remained. He observed his surroundings desperate to find anything of use. The sword drew back and into the air preparing to defend its master for what was to come. Kasai screamed furiously and bolted towards him. Heat from the mad blasts sprinted by his face, burning the hairs that dared to stick out. Piandao quickly grabbed the chair beside him and set it down in front. He kicked and watched as the room flipped upside down, the rotating figures of fire and ceiling. His feet planted firmly on the floor. The chair spiraled, hurdling for the woman. She threw her arms up to the ceiling and let the chair pass though thick flames. A scorching blade broke through her wall of fire and into her midsection, disappearing into the dark. Drops of crimson bled through her ruby white robes.

"Kasai, listen! You need to calm down! You're going to get yourself hurt!!!" Piandao screamed, tearing down heavy curtains. She grabbed her stomach, staring at the liquid that was dripping onto the floor. Piandao sprinted with the curtain wrapping her up like a spiderfly. "I need you to take a breath! I need you to look at what you're doing! I need you to come back to me!" The heavy cotton strangled her body. She smacked to the hard floor, her raven hair spilling out from under. The tears drenched into a puddle under her cheek.

"She...will never come back to you." The cloth exploded, long arms tearing at the threads. The room smoked and flickered as the burnt walls crumbled. The woman stood uneasily, smelling the air that suffocated her conscience. Dark blood dripped down her leg, and her soft hair flowed from the wind of the open walls. She took deep breaths. Fire surrounding the open ruins grew taller and brighter. Dust from the debris swirled around what was left of the apartment. With each steady inhale, the energy flowing through her veins intensified. Her body began to sway side to side, her soothing voice humming a sweet tune.

"That was the song I wrote for you, I remember on the last day we spent together. We had smoked sea slug, lied in the grass as we watched the clouds. You said one looked like a heart and I took your hand and told you we'd be together, no matter what happened. We were so happy. Don't you want to have that again?" She spun in circles, creating rings and ribbons of blue electricity. Her fingernails twisting and twirling the lightning, letting it dance around her. Sick, amber eyes lifted to meet the mournful grey ones staring at her twenty feet away.

"We will be happy." Her frail fingers flicked out. The night sky lit up, and the stars disappeared as white light swallowed the world. Piandao instinctively threw his sword in front of him. The strings of energy jolted through the metal, jumping from the blade to the man, and then back the opposite direction. Kasai marveled at the light, watching it inch its way back to her. Time stopped as she brushed some hair back behind her ear, allowing one curl to fall. Visions of emerald grass filled her thoughts. Blue skies bleeding truth. Her chest became extremely warm.

"Do you promise me that we'll be together? I want you to make me that one promise. Right here and now under the mid day sky, so that the spirits are watching."

"No matter what it takes, one day we will be together again. Even if it has to be in another world than this. I will love you, forever and always, that is my promise."

Piandao dropped to the ground and watched as his beloved slipped one last smile. The world turned black, and the only sound louder than the crackles of fire, was the sharp thud across the room.

Author's Notes

May I say this was interesting to write. I'm not very good with action, but when you're assigned an original firebender, and the mighty Piandao, how could you resist the sweet temptation of a tragic love story :P

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