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Oscillation of Orway starts 2,000 years prior to the first Avatar. This fanon is not to be taken seriously within the world of Avatar; it is merely a theory of the origins of the Avatar that is not believed by anyone.


In the beginning, there were two spiritual orbs living with the line of time within a blank space of nothingness. The first orb, a color which forbid human eyes to see, represented darkness and evil within. The second orb, too bright for human eyes, represented light and goodness within. The orbs stood outside the invisible line of time and therefor could not be broken. The orbs had no thoughts nor did they have feelings; so there was neither love nor hatred. The orbs circled around the blank space; and at one moment outside of time, the orbs came together and stretched the line of time.
A brown seed was manifested by the unseen orbs. It was the first object in the line of time. From the seed, spread foliage and soil, soon the seed grew to be a planet. On the leaves dripped water which started rivers and streams, thereafter forming oceans. Small plankton filled the water, the plankton then evolved into animal like organisms. Each organism looked different from each other, they each found dominance over each object living on the planet. These organisms were spirits.
The spirits grew bored of their planet so they created their own. A spirit resembling a plump saber-toothed goat allowed a spirit which looked like a grub with antlers and a horn to slice open it's body and spread it's blood to create a new world. The grub spirit transformed the goat spirit's blood into a sphere. The sphere quickly hardened; it was not smooth, but wrinkly, much like an almond. The grub spirit then allowed a long furry earth worm like spirit to kill himself so the worm could add his blood to the sphere. The grub's blood was then transformed into transparent green gelatin which covered the sphere. Soon the sphere was in the center of a large green gelatin ball. The worm like spirit smiled upon this. The worm was so happy that he died in excitement.
The sphere was then called "Earth" by the spirits. Two fish; Yin and Yang, were added to this "Earth" which then filled the gelatin world with the oceans and the shine of a moon. The moon helped the tides move, the spirits smiled upon this as well. Wan Shi Tong, an owl spirit then came to Earth with a library, so he could spread his knowledge across that world. More spirits, representing light and darkness filled the earth. Three additional elements were then added: Earth, Fire, and Air. Water was the first element, which was formed with the oceans. The spirits smiled upon this as well. Creatures then filled Earth in each continent representing one of each element.
The spirits created a twenty foot tall human named "Orway", he was the bridge between the Spirit World and Earth. Orway was as naked as every creature; he wielded the first metal on Earth, this metal was the Sword of Oscillation, he was known as "The Avatar". Orway's eyes glew white each time he contacted the spirits. The spirits assigned Orway to name each animal, however he fell asleep in doing so. Orway was very lonely, so a spirit came to earth and drew Orway's Sword of Oscillation and sliced Orway's body, he separated Orway's heart in two, and then planted the other half into the ground. The spirit then ascended into the Spirit World. Orway then learned to stitch his body together, he came to soil in which the heart was planted and then watered it each day. After seven days a woman, equally his size, emerged from the soils; she was then named "Mali". Orway loved Mali and taught her the ways of the sword. Together they watched over the four nations.
The spirits then realized that Mali was not enough for Orway. After Mali gave birth to four children, the spirits sacrificed all of them and then used their blood and merged them with the symbolic creature of each nation. Sky Bison, Badger Moles, Unagis, and Dragons merged with men. Each hybrid were given the arts of bending one of each element. The hybrids were asked not to mate with descendants of Orway and Mali.
Orway mourned after his first-borns' deaths, he was angered with the spirits and after several hundred years, he took revenge by placing the world out of balance by asking the hybrids to mate with his children in spite of the spirit's commands. The hybrids and Orway's children gave birth to men who could bend the elements. This angered the spirits, the spirits then commanded Orway to execute all of the hybrids, as they regretted creating them in the first place. Orway then shouted "噢明智的精神之上,為什麼你必須這樣做?". With oscillations of the Sword of Oscillation, Orway executed the hybrids. The spirits then commanded Orway to execute all of his human and human/hybrid children. Orway looked around and then shouted "對不起,這不應當結束這種方式,而我會殺了我自己的靈魂,然後我的孩子們的靈魂". The spirits were angered even more by what he had said, they replied "然後,該權利應通過使用振盪劍,讓你的血液溢出來保存你的孩子的血液". Orway then oscillated his sword and cut his head off. Mali mourned over this, the spirits realized Mali's sadness and decided to give her back her lover as a reincarnation constantly so she would not mourn anymore. The duties of each Avatar would be the same. They then replied "親愛的馬里不要哭,我們將幫助通過這個時候你". Mali then wiped her tears away.

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