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Nan Shan River overview
Orshe River
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Earth Kingdom


North of Tal Te, west of Ba Sing Se.

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The Orshe River was once the largest and most beautiful river in the Earth Kingdom. The water was almost perfectly clear and it was believed it had super natural properties.

The river flows down from the Ho Sho Ming mountains. The Earth Kingdom has several buildings along the river where many hired water benders and earth benders make home, in their homes they bend the water in order to make sure it is purified. The earth benders bend the dirt from the river and the water benders pull out contaminated water. The water flows down through many brooks (connected by flood gates in order to control the rise and fall of the river) and pass through many villages and towns until they hit the city.

The river is thought to be magical, some say that if you only drink from the river your entire life you are guaranteed to go to paradise when you die, regardless of how good or evil you were. Some say that this is because spirits over look the river and bless it with their magical energies. Although this has never been proven, there have been many strange sightings around the river.

After the Fire Nation occupied it for a final time, the outposts along the river to keep it clean were destroyed. The Fire Nation dumped waste into it and their navy began to dock in it. The river went from a clear-bluish color to a muddy brown. People drinking from it began to get very sick and the once fantastical Orshe was soon destroyed.

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