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Biographical information

People's Democracy


Mostly Fire Nation

Birth place







333 AG

Physical description





125 lbs

Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Personal information
Bending style(s)





Priest Shang- Father


Rokki, Magunoria, Koda, Hana, Yue


Chancellor Lin Priest Shang

Chronological and political information

Airbending Avatar


Priests of Seishin-shi(formerly) Good



First appearance

Winds of Change

Orora is the Airbending Avatar and she is from the spiritual capital of the People's Democracy, Seishen-shi. Along with the Avatars she is close friends with Hana and Yue.

Book 1

Early Life

Orora was born in raised in the strict city of Seishen-shi. He, like most children who lived there, was raised to be a priest just like her father. Orora was never very good at her studies and she was even two years behind in school. She lived with her father Priest Shang, who was very hard on her. He wanted her to succeed in school and hopefully, when the time comes, succeed him as the Chief Priest of the Fire Spirits. He would never let her play,instead he kept her inside where he could teach her.

This strict lifestyle cause Orora to gain anxiety about most things she did. She was to eager to please her father and always seemed to come up short.

Special Occurrence

On the day of the ceremony to move up to the higher school Orora had slipped off of a cliff. She entered the Avatar State and spoke to the last Airbending Avatar Aang. He told her that she as to become a master airbender. He then saved her from falling with Airbending. She then came back everyday for years and soon became a master Airbender.

Years late Aang explained she Avatar to her and what she needed to do to help everyone. She then travelled to Amon City.

Imprisonment and Rebellion

Orora was imprisoned right after Magunoria and before Koda and Rokki. She played a major part, along with Nori, in keeping Koda safe as they broke out of prison. She followed to group to Lin's palace where she, along with the others, were imprisoned again.

Orora was the first one freed by Hana and Koda during the second prison break. She took it upon herself to go get Rokki's bag, because she knew he'd risk anything for it. She then discovered that inside the bag was a stuffed platypus bear.

As the groups ran to the river to escape Orora and Nori showed hesitation to get in the water. Nori easily came around, but Orora wasn't so easily swayed. With the offer of Rokki's hand she got in the water for the escape.

Later that day Orora asked Rokki about the bear and he told her it was what he had left of his parents. He then asked her to keep he bear and she accepted with a smile. However her happiness soon faded as Rokki continued to flirt with Hana.

Orora and Rokki were tasked to go to the same town together the start the rebellion. There they met a leader of the Order of the White Lotus who helped them spark the rebellion they needed.

Final Battle

Once the battle started Orora raced into the city to find her father and to stop him. Unbeknownst to her Rokki had followed to make sure she was safe. When Orora found her father she was chi blocked and defenseless. Shang was about to kill his own daughter but Orora was saved by Rokki who killed Shang. Orora then collapsed in tears.

After the battle was over Orora was the main contributor to the new government. She introduced the idea of having two executive heads of state. This was ratified and made the new official government.

Orora confronted Rokki wanting to know of his true feelings. He told her that she was too good for him and they would ever work.

Book 2


Orora refused to talk to Rokki except in one argument they got in when Hana tried to bring them together.

They finally patched things up when they talked one morning about their relationship. They then decided to not worry about the future and act on their feelings now.



Orora had a very rough relationship with her father. He was a religious man who believed that his daughter was cursed. He wanted to wipe her off the earth.


Orora seems to be on friendly terms with everyone (except Rokki occasionally) most of the time. She doesn't start conflict nor does she partake in it. The whole group likes her, but she seems closest to Rokki.


Orora seems to have had a school girl crush on Rokki who at first did not return her affections. Eventually Orora found out that Rokki felt Orora was to good for him. They soon decided it was best to act on their current feelings rather than worrying about the future.


Orora posses the talents of an Airbending master. Being taught by Aang she posses a unique style.


Orora is a quiet and insecure girl. Being raised thinking she was never good enough Orora is never really sure of her abilities. She stays silent most of the time except dealing with Rokki.

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