By Philanahembree Part of the Forces of Nature continuity.
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom

Physical description


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Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)

Darkbending, martial arts


Issan (formerly), Gohonn, Poshehn, Bagguk


Issan, Vahann, Northern Water Tribe

Chronological and political information

Darkbending master

Orjanti was a Darkbending master and a former recruit in the Paladin army. She became a commander under her friend and teacher Gohonn. After their failed attack against the Northern Water Tribe, she fled south, where she spent years fighting against both the United Forces and the Hunters of Hiqao in southern waters.


Orjanti came from a small town, where everyone living there was a non-bender. She trained herself in a variety of fighting techniques, and always sought out new opponents that were stronger than the last. Her life changed when Issan arrived in her town. Noticing that he looked scared and desperate, she quickly figured out that he was being followed, and went with him to the city guard to make sure he was safe. Before she could take him there, there were attacked, and Issan was tied up. She then met the attacker Bagguk, who instantly used her own anger against her. She held her own against him until he defeated her through Bloodbending. Using Mindbending, he was able to understand what she hated the most; not being a bender. He offered her a place among his army, leaving Issan with her, and to allow her to join she would have to bring Issan to them.

Orjanti did so, joining the Paladin's as a recruit, and was taken under the mentor ship of Gohonn, who had previously been endowed with Darkbending. Orjanti discovered that Issan was an energybending, and that his power would be used to create an entire army of Darkbenders. However, Issan managed to unlock the art of Lightbending, beginning with Poshehn.

Attack on the Northern Water Tribe

Later Life

Orjanti remained at the open seas for a number of years, gaining new recruits and losing many others.



Orjanti gained Darkbending abilities following the energybending used on her by one of the Paladin's captives. She excelled in darkbending under the close training of Gohonn.

Other Skills

Before gaining Darkbending abilities, Orjanti was already a master of several fighting arts. Knowing she would be up against benders at some point, she learned the movements are forms of the bending arts to beat them at their own game. She was fast and agile on the battlefield.

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