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In The Field

'Origins' is the pilot of Rebellion written by The malefic.

What is Rebellion?

Rebellion is a fanon story I might begin writing soon that focuses on a number of different characters living in the 'Modern' Avatar World.

'Origins' is the pilot for this series and is the only chapter than has been written so far. It will remain on the wiki until one of two things happen due to feedback; One it will be removed and idea scrapped or It will remain and the series will get the green light.

Be honest when you review this, state what is good and what needs improving, I don't want to write a fanon that people don't even like. Fans of A:BTI need not worry as if this get's the go ahead it won't distract me from my other fanon.

Enjoy and Review.

Malefic 14:46, November 28, 2010 (UTC)


What a pathetic world we live in today, where those whose powers could help the world are only used for war. It's sad to say that the nations of the world haven't grown out of their war-hungry ways, but unfortunately it's the truth.

It is July 2015 A.D and the art of bending is stronger than ever and is also more dangerous than ever. If you possess this amazing ability, your fate is sealed. Anyone who is able to manipulate an element is automatically conscripted into their nation's army, to fuel its war hungry ideals and to annihilate anyone who dares oppose it.

I am one of these people, one who can manipulate the elements. However, my fate was no different than the others with this gift, I was taken as a child to serve my nation's army. It would've of looked weird if it had been a normal 6 year old who just got conscripted, but not if that child could bend an element.

This is a result of an opinion the world is a slave to; Benders are only useful as soldiers. What started centuries ago in Republic City, has only grown stronger over the years. The Anti-Benders who lived back then were twisted and corrupted, as soon as they got into power their ideals changed. They saw us not as a stain on their 'Perfect World' but a tool that could be used to conquer, to annihilate all of their opposition.

Now these gifted children are sent to their nation's Institute, a place where they are twisted into mindless drones. This is where I now reside, in this prison as I wonder if this world will ever change...

The Institute of Air

The boy awoke in a familiar room, a room with padded white walls and only a single white door. The door had a small part which could be pulled back to see outside. The boy was no older than sixteen, had jet black hair which was spiked at the front and gray eyes. He wore only a pair of black leather pants with white flames on the sides. He pushed his hair behind his ears and stood. He glanced down to his hands which had a pair of silver handcuffs on them, he tried to Airbend but only received a painful shock from the handcuffs.

The boy cursed as he failed to manipulate the air, from outside a tutting sound could be heard as the speakers on the walls produced a voice. The voice had what an appeared to be a British accent and spoke in a sinister way.

"Now, now Daniel you know we can't release them until you behave"

"And If I don't?" replied Daniel in a gruff, emotionless voice.

"We shouldn't get into that" replied the man.

The door swung open as two men walked through, they wore clear white robes and had masks covering their faces leaving only their eyes exposed. They each grabbed one of Daniel's arms and hauled him out of the room.

The inside of the Institute was much better than the outside; it had clear white walls with literally hundreds of doors leading to cells just like Daniel's. The men walked him into a room in what seemed like the centre of this floor of the Institute. They walked him into it, the room was no different from Daniel's cell only the walls weren't padded but silver plated. The men forcibly sat him down and in front of him a silhouette could be seen through the wall. Whoever it was had gone to great lengths to conceal their identity.

"Well, well, Mr Artea it seems you're in quite a bit of bother" the man said in a calm tone.

"What for?" replied Daniel sarcastically.

"Sending guards into walls using Airbending isn't particularly nice..."

"Neither is keeping me in this hellhole"

The man paused as if to control his anger. "You know how much trouble you've caused us..."


"You abilities balance it out, we just need to get your personality sorted..."

"I've got a better idea, you release me or I end you"

"I see your not in the mood for talking, let's vent your anger into a test shall we" replied the man.

The guards pushed Daniel off the chair and into the centre of the room, the panels beneath him opened and sent him flying down into what seemed like an arena. The rock was light gray in colour and seemed like a converted air ball court.

A large black gate opened and several men in dark Kevlar amour stepped out, two of them carried machine guns and loaded them as they stepped into the room, the rest drew electrified batons and began to charge towards Daniel as the silver handcuffs deactivated.

"That's more like it..." he muttered as he felt his power returning.

"Impress me" said the voice over the speakers.

Daniel turned to the men approaching him and sent them flying back with air, he ran towards the remainder as they continued to charge at him. Daniel pushed himself over the first soldier by launching himself onto his shoulder and then jumping clear of second, causing him to strike his own comrade. Daniel turned to second soldier and kicked his baton out of his hand before sending him into the wall with a blast of air.

As he turned to take on the rest he noticed they were at the other end of the arena, with guns. Daniel smiled and focused his bending, the men opened fire and the bullets sped towards Daniel...then stopped.

The guards continued to unload their ammo at the Daniel but it was futile, the bullets simply stopped in a bubble of trapped air in front of him. As the guards stopped to reload Daniel smiled and sent the bullets flying back at them, and instead of killing them, simply covered them in paint.

"Now willing to risk your own?" asked Daniel.

"Not yet at least" replied the man.

A large growl could from behind the gate as the defeated soldiers ran to the other side of the room. Daniel turned to face this threat, but it was still hidden by the shadows. Daniel took his fighting stance as this, monster, grew ever closer. As it stepped into the light Daniel's face turned to fear.

"Oh shit..." muttered Daniel.

"Now I'm willing to risk my own..." said the man as the beast walked towards Daniel.

Final Notes

'Origins' may be expanded depending on feedback and remember, be honest!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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