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Aang, Earth Kingdom, Senlin Village leader, People of Senlin Village


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An Avatar's Duty in Eyes of Katara

Note: Much of this information is a straight copy from old wanderer, bear that in mind.

Oren is an old man who lives at Senlin near the scorched forest. He spends his days wandering about the village, looking for help for his troubled village. He seems to be an important elder in Senlin, though he is not the leader.


During the battle that burned down the forest near to his town, his and his wife's son died in combat defending the Earth Kingdom. After the destruction to the forest was dealt, the vengeful spirit Hei Bei began attacking his hometown and abducting citizens, the first being his wife directly from the midst of their attempt at slumber. In response to this, he continually searches for the least sight of hope he can claim, as hope is the only fading thing he can grasp now.

One day, after incredulously seeing a flying bison, he finds the Avatar roaming about in the scorched forest. He begs him for help, then brings him back to Senlin to brief him on the situation. He had total faith that the Avatar would be the only one to stop Hei Bai's rage, and that only he stood a chance. He even said after Sokka was abducted that he would be shocked if the Avatar returned without him.

After Hei Bai's rage is calmed, his village gives the Avatar supplies for his journey in thanks for his aid.

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