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Orders is the forty seventh chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


Various people give and receive orders.


The aging Firebender looks over the village that was burning. It had been almost three months now since the battles in the Earth Kingdom against Fire Nation insurgents had begun. He waves his hand forward, and his troops charge forward. The village of Hancun was not direly important, but if this town was taken back, it would deal a dire blow to his enemy's psyche.

His unit charged forward, deflecting fire blasts coming from the village. They launched their own, though those would soon stop. The old Firebender charged a large blast and sent it towards the center of their unit. The enemy soldiers scattered to avoid the blast, and sent various small blasts towards the leader of their attackers. He raised a tall wall of fire, and sent it bellowing towards them.

The soldiers try to stop the wall in all the ways they can come up with, but their blasts are absorbed into the wall. Several are burnt up as the wall charges down the center of the already burning town.

The soldiers swarm ahead of the aging Firebender, who is casually walking into the town. They secure the defeated Phoenix Warriors, who are too scared to fight back.

"General... Admiral?" a new soldier reports to the aging Firebender. "Uhh, sir, which is it again?"

"Never mind what it is. Is their leader in this town?" the aging Firebender asks.

"Certainly sir. We haven't found any sign of him. There don't seem to be any officers in this town. They must have conquered this village a while ago, and the leaders have left since," he says while saluting the leader.

"We've now freed the last of their towns in the Earth Kingdom. The Phoenix Warriors are in the Earth Kingdom civilization no longer, and now we will return to defend the Fire Nation. First, we will secure this village." The officer turns and walks back to his boat, ready to return to the Fire Nation.


Zhentu walks through the halls of the ship. He was ordered to go to a room, but he had trouble finding it. He managed to ask a captain, and he was directed towards the room. He opened the door, and sat down in the chair that was in the center of the room.

"You're late."

"I know, sir. I got lost and I got here as quickly as I co-"

"I don't want to hear your excuses!" the dark voice says, stepping into Zhentu's line of sight. He was a young officer, but his imposing stare seemed to make Zhentu fear him.

"I'm not trying to make them; please forgive me, sir!" Zhentu begs.

"Fine. Today, I will show mercy. You will live," the officer says, pacing around Zhentu's chair. "Plus, I have orders that require you to be alive," the officer adds.

"What are they, sir?"

"You have said that you have encountered the Avatar and the Fire Lord. Where are they headed?"

"I did see them. They helped me recapture my village, they-"

"I'm not asking about your circumstances, I'm asking about where they are headed!"

"They didn't tell me! I've told every single one of you guys who has asked me these questions! I don't know where they're going!"

"Why are you protecting them? What did they do for you what was so important?" Zhentu turns his head to speak, but is cut off. "They couldn't even save your parents! You had to do everything yourself!"

"They did help me! They brought me back to my home! They reminded me that I need to do everything I can to protect my country!" Zhentu barks back at the officer. With his comment, he begins moving out of his seat. The captain's hand ends up in the center of his chest, and pins him to the back of the chair.

"No one disrespects me like that, the last one who did didn't make it until sundown. Watch it, punk." Zhentu's eyes were drawn to the officer's, and the almost soulless stare shocked him into silence. "Now head back to your quarters," the officer orders as he leaves the room.

Zhentu gets up and begins mindlessly walking to his room. He sits down, and remembers his parents. He reminds himself of his hatred of the people who took his parents away. A tear runs down his face, as well as an almost silent mutter: "My honor will be restored..."

Sibling Rivalry

Jiang walks through the halls of his ship, towards the royal chamber. He knew he had to tell the Phoenix King about the loss but was getting a little scared, despite the weakness of the king. Jiang knocks on the door.

"What?" a bitter voice calls from inside the room.

"May I come in, sir? I have news..." Jiang replies.

"Enter." The voice was more cold than it was bitter now, but still remained uninviting.

"Sir, we have lost Hancun. Our forces were driven from the city. That was the last one that we had in the Earth Kingdom, and now we-" Jiang's report was interrupted by Ozai.

"Take it back." Ozai replies calmly. He slowly turns around and looks at Jiang's face. Ozai had aged considerably in the past year, now looking almost as old as his brother, minus the graying hair. "I want my world under my control."

"Certainly, sir." Jiang says, bowing slightly more.

"I want a full battle report. Who was their commanding officer?" Ozai asks, turning back to stare at the sun.

"Sir, we don't know. The new Fire Nation Military is kept under high security, we barely know anyone in their chain of command. The soldiers only know the identity of who they report to, and no one knows who their commanding officer is."

"It's Iroh... If I know my son, he would place his uncle in a position like that." Ozai mumbles, just loud enough that Jiang can hear it.

"Sir, what shall we do?"

"Take him out. Find him, and make sure I never have the need to hear his name again."

"Certainly, sir. Now, what do we do about the Avatar?"

"You said that he has somehow brought back the Air Nomads?"

"Yes, sir. That is what our reports have shown."

"Then end them, again. That will break him," Ozai turns around slowly, looking at Jiang again. "You are dismissed," Ozai says before slowly turning back around to look back at the sun.

Jiang consents and leaves Ozai in his chamber. He walks down the hall, looking for someone. His eyes light up as the person he's looking for just turned the corner. The man, who noticed Jiang first, quickly approaches him. "The kid didn't know anything; at least nothing new."

"That's not what I needed to know now, Colonel. I have a job for you..." Jiang says with a ghostly tone.

Captured Ruins

"Katara, look! That's where you got sick!" Aang exclaims, pointing towards a cave that they are flying past.

"How do you recognize it?"

"I had to run through here to find you guys your frogs," Aang replies.

"You guys ate frogs?" Toph asks.

"No, we had to suck on them! I swear I had a wart on my tongue for weeks after that!" Sokka exclaims. "Weeks!"

"Hmm, that means Taku is near here," Zuko begins, ignoring Sokka's exclamations. Upon receiving confused looks from the rest of the group, he elaborates. "When Aang went to get frogs for you, he got captured by Zhao. I went into the fort and freed him, trying to capture him for myself. Aang ended up saving my life afterwards."

"Wait, if Taku is the abandoned city I remembered, then why are there fires down there?" Sokka says, looking over the edge and seeing a small encampment.

"Let's go down there..." Zuko suggests, and Aang turns Appa's reigns.

A Noble Visitor

Mai walks lazily through the halls of the Fire Nation royal palace. Earlier in the day, she was told that she would have a visitor. She wasn't sure what to think of it, so she decided that she should go anyway. Her pace hadn't changed, and she'd been walking through these halls for what seems to have been her entire life. There was always something new to notice. As she neared the entrance to the hall, a guard walks through.

He falls to the ground in a bow. "My Lady, there is a visitor here to see you, the one from before."

"Who is it?" Mai listlessly asked.

"She didn't say. She said that she hasn't seen you in a long time," the guard replies.

"Send her in," Mai replies in the same dull tone as before.

The guard nods in compliance, opening the door, revealing a teenage girl in pink and red. She had her feet near her head and was playfully toying with her long hair braid.

"Welcome back to the Fire Nation Ty Lee," Mai says calmly, a smile forming from the entertainment.

"Mai!" Ty Lee responds, flipping into the air and running to hug Mai. She hugs her friend, before pulling herself away and bowing. "Sorry, I forgot you were the Fire Lady now!"

"It does have its perks," Mai says, prompting Ty Lee to giggle.

"I would assume it would!" Ty Lee says blissfully.

"How are the Kyoshi Warriors?" Mai asks as the beckons for Ty Lee to follow her.

"Oh, they're great! They've learned how to block chi very well!"

"Sounds fun," Mai says, baiting Ty Lee to continue talking.

"It is! They've also learned a bunch of new flips and twists! We're all great friends!"

"That's great. Want to go get dinner? I can boss people around now..." Mai says slyly.

"Have them make us a lot!" Ty Lee suggests.


  • Sokka's line about warts references how the two had to suck on frogs in "The Blue Spirit"

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