Order to Disorder Chapter 2 Wanted... Again
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December 27, 2012

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Chapter 2: Wanted... Again

" Always remember that the future comes one day at a time." Dean Acheson


Zuko is seen standing on a baloney looking over the city of Ba Sing Se as he sees the sheer beauty of the city from atop its wondrous walls. "Why can't things ever just be simple, why does it always have to be difficult."


" Ugh... What is it now?" Zuko walks into the room, as another knock is heard throughout the room. "Wait I'll be right there." The knock pounds again as Zuko finally reaches the room and opens it. "Yes what is..." Zuko just stands shocked and in awe. "Wait you're...!"

Outside two Fire Nation guards are busy patrolling the Palace perimeter. "Ever though you would have seen the walls of the palace."

"I already have, I served during the original occupation of Ba Sing Se."

"Will just never thought that we would have an open invitation from the Earth Kingdom to..."

All of a sudden A sudden and massive violent blast of wind erupts from one of the palace balconies blowing wind across the land. "Oh no." The guards along with others rush to the baloney. Moments later suddenly a single individual rushes out of the palace.

"Someone go after him!" As the guards prepare to pursue the figure, but then are suddenly stopped by several more figures.

"No we will pursue the fugitive, you must investigate the incident." The guards not wanting to argue with Dai Li agents comply and enter the baloney.

" Okay we need to set a perimeter and prepare a crime scene..." The guard just stops at seeing the scene. "My God."

Two Days Later

King Kuei and the elemental council are seen delivering a press conference, as reporters from recently established news agencies gather to finally learn the truth.

" This conference has been called to set the rumors to rest, Fire Lord Zuko has indeed been assassinated, by Avatar Aang!" After the cries of shock die out one of the reporters speaks out.

" Your majesty, what evidence do you have to support such an allegation?"

" Our medics have confirmed that Zuko was killed by a compressed and concreted blast of wind that was thrown into his body, sending him flying into a wall. The damage done to his body was catastrophic his internal organs and bones were left broken, leaving him with little to no life." King Kuei takes a brief moment of silence before speaking out loudly and with slightly angry.

" This heinous act of murder could only have been committed by one person! Avatar Aang the world's last Airbender! So as of now the avatar is a wanted criminal and anyone who harbors or aids him will be considered a traitor as well."

Another reporter speaks out. " What is our course of action?"

"General Fu if you please." King Kuei steps down as General Fu takes his place.

" As of now I am recruiting an elite task force of benders, warriors, and hunters that will work together to capture the avatar, and even now as we speak his status as a wanted criminal is being distributed throughout the world."

In cities around the world from Ba Sing Se, Omashu, the Fire Nation capital, Northern Water Tribe Capital, and countless villages around the world new wanted posters of Aang fill countless walls and sentry posts.

" This time he won't be able to hide and no one will be able to help him." The general rises his hands in the air to strike a victory pose. " But now I must be off." The general leaves as the council follows. The reporters themselves only continue to ask questions in a futile effort to gain more questions.

" But general.. general, What about reports that this manhunt may end the elemental summit, and who replace Zuko as the head of the Fire Nation?" Suddenly Council member Ling Bai steps onto the podium.

" I am Ling Bai and following the loss of Zuko I will take the responsibility of governing the Fire Nation." The reporter responds.

"But the Fire Nation is a monarchy, and Zuko had no heir nor did he marry, so should not Iroh or even Aluza take his place?"

" Iroh has retired from political affairs, and unless you want another war! Princess Aluza will remain at the Keep for further psychological aid!" The reporter backs down at hearing her demanding and imitating tone.

King Kuei takes her place. " And until further notice the elemental summit remains our highest priority, and will go on as planned." The reporters only continue to ask questions.

Overlooking the conference as it proceeds is a figure standing on top a palace tower, the figure wearing a full black cloak and armor that covers most of the body, as well as a thick mask completely covering the head with a hood that covers the back of the person's head and back. After a moment the figure takes out a small object and admires it and speaks in a low metallic tone revealing that the mask also disguises the person's voice.

" Soon they will all fall." The being drops the object and then leaves. As the object hits the ground it is revealed to be the Fire Nation imperial crown.

Five Years Ago

The war had just ended people were in an orgy of celebration all over the world. The people of the Earth Kingdom rejoice as they are reunited with love ones and reclaim lost homes. The Water Tribes reunite as north and south come back together to rebuild their nations. And the Fire Nation despite on the verge of global supremacy rejoiced as well knowing that they would never lose their loved ones again and at the same time were growing intolerant of the constant dictatorial rule of Ozai. While several die hard loyalists will remain hateful of the war's result they were simply now powerless to stop the tide of peace.

In Ba Sing Se alone the city celebrates the recent liberation and in the heat of the festivals was Team Avatar themselves were enjoying the glory of saving the world. As they mingle with crowds they gather praise from everyplace they go, becoming the center of universe for their role in ending the most destructive conflict in history. Sokka leaves a meat shop with several sticks of beef. " You know I could get used to this."

"We all know that Sokka." Katara, Toph, and Aang emerge.

" Do you plan to share those Sokka, or will you just indulge yourself again?." Sokka painfully makes the decision to hand a meat stick to Toph and Katara, Aang refuses for obvious reasons. The group continues to travel across the festival and landscape with people bowing in the streets in gratitude and utter glee.

Sokka and Toph travel absorbing all the pride and admiration from the crowds, Aang and Katara meanwhile overcome by humility and young love stand on the side. " Quite a shame that Zuko couldn't be here with us."

" Don't worry Katara being the Fire Lord is a big job, and besides I'm sure that Mai will give him good company."

" Like myself."

" Exactly." Aang and Katara quickly kiss before rejoining the festivals.

As time goes by Team Avatar is virtually enthralled in an endless ocean of booths, parties, and admirers. Team Avatar are just barely to escape they quickly run into an alley leading to a part of the city closed off till night festivals. "Whoa hopefully now we can get some rest and relaxation."

" I have to agree that was just too much even for me."

"Aw Snoozies you going soft on us."

" No, I just happen to like breathing." The group continue to walk on barren streets, aside from a few individuals preparing for the night celebrations.

They continue to walk and travel until Aang catches a familiar sight. " Hey look who it is?!" The group runs to a new building run by an old friend.

" Children."

" Aunt Wu! what are you doing here?"

" I decided to come to Ba Sing Se to join in the festivals as well as to distribute my fortunates to a larger crowd." Sokka quietly mumbles.

" Yeah another group of suckers." Toph quickly punches Sokka for his comment.

"Well would you mind if we were your first customers."

"No problem at all, not at all." They notice the nervous tone in her voice as Katara walks up.

The team enter and sit upon cushions on the floor as Aunt Wu follows in. " So you alone?"

" Sadly yes, Meng and my other assistants had to stay, but no worry the city has provided me with several helpers." Aang quietly sighs a breath of relief. " So who's first?"

Toph and Sokka enter the room one by one, Toph emerging with a face of happiness and fascination; while Sokka leaves with another face of disbelief and questions. Aunt Wu then looks on to Katara with a clearly forced face of anticipation. "And what about you dear." Katara laughs lightly.

"Don't worry Aunt Wu I already know what to expect from my future." Katara quickly locks eyes with Aang, quickly sighing relief Aunt Wu turns her attention to Aang.

"And what about you young Avatar?" Aang stands up.

"You know what why not, who knows what else might happen." Aunt Wu takes Aang into her private room and closes the door behind her.

" Maybe now with my destiny over, my future will be a lot clearer, oh and thanks for your advice for following my heart."

" No problem Avatar." Aunt Wu directs Aang to the fire. " I'm sure it will be fine, young avatar." Aang sees a bowl of bones like before.

"Same thing as last time."

" I told you the bones never lie."

"Okay." Aang grabs a bone and throws it into the fire waiting in anticipation and excitement. For a moment nothing happens, but then his faces changes from glee to a face of horror as the bone breaks in two and bursts into flames as it explodes into hundreds of pieces, with the fire growing and reaching the ceiling.

" Oh dear lord!"

And then it suddenly ends. Aang responds in utter shock. " NO! it can be the same as last time! I did my destiny! It's over isn't it?! Aunt Wu grabs one of the bones.

" It's not the same this predication is more undefined and mysterious."

"What could it possibly be this time!?" Aunt Wu speaks only one thing.

" It seems that your greatest challenge is only yet to come..." Aang stands up in shock and awe.

"Oh come on I ended the 100 years war when I defeated Ozai! What could possibly be bigger than that?!"

Back to Present

Aang wakes up suddenly in a shock as he looks up into the sky. " How could it have happened like this?" Aang stands up as Appa and Momo wake up as well and follow Aang as he sulks in his misery. " What to do? What to do? What to do?" He places his palms to his face in frustration. "AAGH!" He slams hand onto the ground creating a blast of wind that violently blows across the field. " What do I do!" Aang falls to the ground his palms consuming his face. Appa quietly walks up to him and comforts him. " I'm sorry Appa, but I just don't know what to do."

" First the harmony restoration moment, then Ozai's trial, and finally Kat... Katara." Aang paces back and forth as begins to weep softly. " And out of nowhere someone just kills Zuko! How does that even happen?!" Aang reaches into his pocket and takes out a wanted poster of himself. "He dies and I get the blame!" Aang throws the poster into the air as he ignites it on fire, and then walks back to Appa rubbing his noise. " I just don't know what to do? I'm the avatar yeah, but why can't I just be Aang for once? If Katara doesn't believe no one will, I mean who else could possibly..."

Aang suddenly gets a look of shock and stupidly as realizes something. " Of course." Aang quickly jumps onto Appa as Momo latches onto his arm. " I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier, come on Appa we're going to Gaoling."

Ba Sing Se

General Fu stands overlooking a room filled with many men and women from each nation. " As you all know Fire Lord Zuko was assassinated by the Avatar several days ago." The gathered crowd quietly mumble as the general raises his hand to silence them. " All of you were chosen to work in cooperation and for your mastery in your respective element and field, we willing working in conjunction with global military forces to find him, but we will be directly responsible for hunting and tracking his position as he hides. As well as bringing him to justice for his crime." The men quickly stand at attention as the general walks down from the platform.

" No doubt many of you feel uncomfortable about targeting and capturing the Avatar, especially after his role in the war." The general takes a pause. " My son for one was saved from the mandatory draft, and he saved us all from Ozai's mad plan to kill us all. Regardless his crime is just as grand and cannot be ignored. We must take all necessary action to capture him and bring him here for trial."

" But regardless should any of you feel uncomfortable you can..." The doors suddenly slam open as several people walk in.

" Who dares distribute this high security meeting..." The General then stops after seeing the people who just entered. " I had no idea that heroes would be interested in joining?" Sokka, Katara, Suki, Ty lee, and Mai are seen entering the room.

" Where do we sign up?!"

Gaoling A few days Later

Aang and Appa land in an empty field just outside the city of Gaoling. " Sorry Appa but I think you'll be easy to spot in a crowd. You'll have to stay here." Aang rubs his noise and then leaves as Momo looks on in caution.

Aang enters the city wearing another cloak to disguise him." Hopefully news hasn't spread that fast..." Aang freezes in place to see a wall covered with wanted posters of him.


Be warned this fugitive has mastered all four elements and thus is considered to be highly dangerous, anyone found aiding or harboring him will be considered a traitor and will be prosecuted as such.

" Oh wonderful." Aang walks past the wall as he travels to the city hall, along his travel he notices the new life in the city, merchants selling products from all nations, children playing in the streets, and construction of new homes and building everywhere with benders and nonbenders all working together. " Seven years ago a sight like this was impossible and now it could all be destroyed in a day." Aang finally reaches the city hall and examines a map.

" Okay I'm in the center town square, and where is the... Ah here it is, the Bei Fong metalbending academy, right on the other side of town, built on top of a cliff in Bei fong valley, what a surprise."

" You there civilian." Aang looks back to see several guards approach him. " Never seen you around here, what is your business here." Aang responds.

" I just came here to see an old friend."

" Very well but you will have to present us with your identification and remove your hood so we will be able to verify who you are."

" Okay fine." Aang reaches into his pocket and takes out a card and hands it out, as it suddenly drops. " Oops." The guard reaches down for it, suddenly Aang is thrown back against a wall as the guards leap at him.

" Oh please like we haven't heard of that trick before."

" Have you heard of this one." The guards suddenly sink below the ground with only their heads above ground, as Aang runs away outside.

" Hey someone pursue that man!" As Aang runs out several other guards follow him, Aang backs into an alley. The stop and then turn throwing several spears into a sudden abandoned alley.

" Where did he go?!"

" Make a perimeter and spread out to find him, he's an earthbender so be cautious!" Aang watches the scene from the roof of a five story apartment.

" Well being the Avatar does have its advantages." Aang jumps off the building and lands outside the city wall and walks off.

30 minutes later

Aang after leaving the town recovered Appa and Momo walking, not wanting to take the risk of flying so close to a population center. " Glad I'm finally got used to this walking thing, I just hope it won't last long." Aang continues to trail on under the beating sun as he admires the valley. With its large strong stone walls and deep ravine its truly a sign of beauty, and with the rich iron deposits makes it perfect to develop the new art of metalbending.

Aang continues to walk across the valley as finally sees a structure in the distant, he runs off with Appa as he stops in the shadow of a massive standing metal and stone standing structure on top of a cliff, several small towers standing in each corner, with a massive opening in the center leading into an arena. He has finally arrived...

The Bei Fong Metalbending academy

Aang uses his glider to fly into the air and then lands inside the arena as he looks around to see the entire room relatively abandoned. " Hello anyone here?!" Aang hears no answer and then goes to investigate, as he looks around in seek of any life. " Hello. Hello! Is anyone here?!"

Aang continues to walk around the hallways still seeing no sign of any person until he finally enters the main hall and lobby of the academy, and stops to see just nothing. "This is just ridiculous..." All of a sudden several metallic whips from out of the ceiling in the split of a second latch themselves unto Aang's arms, legs, and around his torso as it sends him flying into the ceiling "Uugghh!"

Aang is hung by his heels as he is strung on the ceiling of one of the towers upside down as several people surround him. "Was that really necessary?" One of the students walk up to Aang as he recognizes the girl.

"Well we had to take some precautions, especially with the world's most wanted man."

"You know Penga I really do miss the days when you were just a little girl."

"Everyone has to grow up at some point Aang, besides imagine the look of our master's face when we bring you to her."

"Well I don't have time for this."

Aang releases a massive gust of wind that blows into the tower distorting the students releasing Aang as he falls back onto the lobby floor. He quickly maneuvers out of the way as several more metallic lashes fly and crush the floor where he stood. The students then arrive using the cables as a pole, and fire several metallic discs kept latched onto their clothing. Aang is able to evade the attack by quickly jumping to the upper floor only to have another metallic whip wrap around his body sending him through a wooden wall. Aang is then punched as tall and built up man enters.

"Ho Tun nice to see you again too." He then picks him up as he speaks.

"You brought doom to Zuko, we would let you to the same to our master."

"Still have that Doom fetish I see, nice to know that certain things don't change."

"What do you want?"

"I just want to talk to her."

"Not happening." Ho Tun again tries to punch him only for Aang to jump over him using him as a springboard Aang bends a hole in the stone wall allowing him to escape.

Aang quickly runs down a hallway as the sound of a wall falling comes behind him. Several more metallic whips fly out of a hallway forcing Aang back into the arena. " To think I wanted be an Metal bender once."

"Will if anyone could, I don't know how it couldn't be you." Aang looks back to see all the students gathered led by one man approaching him. "Hey you're... wait what was your name again?" Aang is suddenly hit by a metallic ball that hits sending flying across the arena.

"I am the dark one, but really who cares about that."

"Still haven't grow that heart have you." The dark one is then joined by Penga and Ho Tun who flank his sides.

"It ends here Avatar we won't let you take another step." Aang stands up only to be stopped as several spikes and shards of metal fly into the air and surround him.

"ENOUGH!" The room is suddenly filled with silence as Toph walks in.

"Ah! I never thought I 'be so happy to..." Aang is suddenly silenced as a spike of earth rises from the ground and hits his jaw sending him falling to the ground.

"At least now I know who distributed my beauty sleep."

"Who did this to him?" The students suddenly give in as they both respect and fear her.

"Well you did mast..."

"Not that! Just five minutes I woke up to the sounds of a warzone tearing up my home and your school." Another student then speaks out.

"But master this is the Avatar he..."

"I know who he is and trust me." Toph allures her eye to Aang as he lies on the ground.

"Besides I can handle old twinkle toes."

A few hours later...

Thunder clasps in the distant... A massive city is seen on top of a plateau... A shadow covers the city... The screams of countless are heard and then silenced... All fades to white...

"UGH!" Aang suddenly wakes up in a fit, grabbing his head as sweats falls from his head.

"Finally up sleeping beauty." Aang looks out to see Toph on the other side of the room preparing food. " Don't worry Aang we're alone I sent the others home, I also made them promise not to tattle tale on you."

"There wasn't a threat in that promise, was there Toph."

Toph quietly walks to Aang carrying two bowls. "Do you really care, twinkle toes." She hands Aang a bowl as he begins to eat.

"Toph please let me explain what I..."

"Relax I don't believe the tabloids even if I could read."

"So then why am I..." Aang lifts his arm revealing that it is chained to the wall. " Toph just laughs as she flexes her arm breaking the chain.

"C'mon Aang where's your sense of humor, besides they wouldn't leave without some protection." Aang stands up as grabs the other bowl and looks into it.


"What else would it be twinkle toes." Aang takes a spoonful and puts it into his mouth.

"Okay what I need is..." Aang suddenly stops and spits out the contents of his mouth revealing a piece of beef.

"HaHAHA... Oh Aang you never fail to disappoint." Aang just drops and bowl and stands up in a fit.

"Please Toph this is serious! Zuko was murdered! I'm a wanted fugitive! And who knows what's going to happen next! "

"Aang calm down... can't believe I have to say this." Aang sighs as he sits beside her and looks down as Toph attempts to comfort him. " Aang tell me what happened that night?" Aang looks down as he goes back to the night, the night where everything changed.

"Here's what happened, Toph the truth."


Aang is seen walking through the halls of the palace, as he contemplates on his recent events. " Katara was right, I should just shallow my pride and apologize to Zuko... but that doesn't mean I'm going to enjoy it." Aang as he continues to walk toward Zuko's room, he suddenly feels a very powerful burst of wind as it blows through the place.

"Oh No!" Aang quickly runs through the halls as he finally reaches the blown doors of Zuko's room. Aang goes into the room as he sees Zuko lying on the ground below a massive dent made into the marble wall.

"Zuko!" Aang runs to his body and lifts him up to reveal his face now battered and bloodied. " Zuko who did this to you?!" Zuko slowly opens his eyes and speaks softly.

"" Aang suddenly bends a puddle of spilled water and places it to Zuko's chest, as he attempts to heal the massive wound on his chest. " Still with me Zuko... Still with me Zuko." Zuko eyes close slightly as opens his mouth slightly.

"A..aang I... I'm Sorry...." Aang suddenly strikes forward in hopes of accelerating the healing as he now struggles to hold back tears.

"Zuko, please, you don't have to apologize! I'm Sorry for everything! I'm Sorry just please don't go now!" Zuko closes his eyes as speaks a final word.

"Run." Zuko falls over as his eyes shut completely, while Aang drops the water knowing how futile it is to continue.

"Don't worry I promise I will find out who did this to you!" Aang stands up only to be hit instantly by several stone hands that fly out from outside the room. Several Dai Li agents charge in as Aang grabs one of Zuko's cloaks and robe and puts it on.

"You killed the Fire Lord, you shall pay fugitive."

"Wait you don't understand, I was just." The stone hands fly out again forcing him out through the window.


" And that's really what happened Toph."

"Wow, talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time." Aang stands up as he paces around Toph's living room. " Aang it wasn't your fault."

"I know but if I just got there sooner, I could have Saved Zuko, stopped the person who killed him." Toph stands up and grabs Aang's hand as he looks at her. " Toph you can tell whenever a person is telling the truth or a lie, I need your help to clear my name, so we can work together to find who was really responsible." Toph then reenters a cheerful mood.

"So team Avatar getting back together to save the world again." Aang looks down again.

"Unfortunately they already have."

Ba Sing Se

General Fu stands in front of the palace as another meeting takes place. " My fellow citizens there is no longer anything left to worry about. My task force is complete and now it is the Avatar that will know fear." As the general speaks behind him lie the task force all dressed in armor consisting of representations from all nations. " But now I am pleased to introduce my task force's latest additions. A door opens as Katara, Sokka, Ty Lee, Suki, and Mai enter. The crowd cheers as the heroes of the war enter. Katara takes center stage as he addresses the crowd.

"Three nights ago I witnessed flee from the city, and because of my inaction I allowed him to escape. When I was told that he killed Zuko, I didn't believe it, I swore to heaven and hell that it was a lie. But when I examined Zuko's body I couldn't deny the hard truth that Aang, the last airbender, had killed him. Now I make a new vow I will not stop or rest until I find Aang and bring him to justice." Katara walks off as Sokka takes her place.

"The same goes for me and our friends, and I know what you're thinking, Aang the hero of the war and the Avatar. How could we so this to him? Aang was my friend, practically a brother, I don't like doing this anymore than any of them, but Aang has to answer for what he did and even being the Avatar that cannot give him a free pass for murder. Like everyone else I didn't want to believe what happened was true, but when my sister confirmed the injury even I couldn't deny it" Sokka steps to the side as General Fu come up.

"Despite the powers and abilities of the avatar this time even he cannot run."

A Few minutes Later...

Katara and Sokka are seen walking away as the conference ends. " Katara I know what happened between you and Aang, you don't have to come..."

"No Sokka I do know Aang won't just give up and with me I can at least convince him to give up without a fight." Another voice suddenly enters.

"So quick to follow the pack, the wolves now become sheep listening to whatever the Sheppard feeds you."

"Kota you sly dog, what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that instead of jumping onto a bang wagon you should have faith in your friend."

"I don't want to believe it either Kota but even the White Lotus society has to acknowledge what Aang did, hell Iroh is too dishearten to leave his tea shop."

"Aang is the still the Avatar, and I refuse to believe that he is capable of such a crime."

"Aang is the world's last airbender! And Zuko was killed by an airbending attack! and besides it not they been on the best of terms lately..." Sokka takes a pause as Katara comforts him. " Who else could have done it?"

Kota merely scoffs. " A world shrouded with lies can unveil many answers, I pray that you find the truth on your journey." Kota merely leaves as the task force prepares to leave the next day.

That same night Aang and Toph are seen walking on an empty road at night. " Sorry we have to take these rural road, but no can see me with my criminal status." Toph merely scoffs at this.

"Don't worry twinkle-toes once we get back I'll have you cleared in no time, just got to take care of a little business with mom and dad."

"How are things with your parents?"

"Haven't seen them since last year peace celebrations."

"Nice to know you patch things up with them."

"Hey if I had to chose a life between a porcelain doll or a world renowned hero and teacher, I would pick the latter."

"Then why help them now?"

"Well they're still my parents, besides this won't take long."

Aang sighs a breath of relief. " Good then hopefully we will be able to focus on finding whoever did kill Zuko."

"But still Aang, he was killed by an airbending attack, and you're the last airbender, so who could have done it?"

"You know Toph I really don't know, ever since we finished the war I always felt that there was something else coming... something worse."

"Oh come on Aang what could possibly be worse..."

All of a sudden an explosion rings out in the distant as Toph's eyes open widely in shock. " What was that? Toph were you able sense where..." Toph suddenly starts running in a panicked frenzy quickly followed by Aang. " Toph what's happening?!" Toph merely ignores him as she arrives at the top of the hill and then freezes in place, allowing Aang to catch up.

"Toph please we have to..." Aang suddenly stops in awe as he sees the Bei Fong estate in flames.

"Aang please we have to..."

"You don't need to convince me of anything Toph, let's just go!" Toph and Aang then run off toward the estate as another explosion detonates in the distance.

A single person from a distant is watching the carnage as it unfold, and activates a two-way radio link. " Basilius the traitors' household is in ruins, the league has certainty earned their pay, but something else has occurred."

"What is it?"

"It seems we have found the Avatar, it seems he has gained the allegiance of the traitors' daughter, Toph Bei Fong."

"No, this cannot be it is too early into Phase 2, their interference cannot be tolerated!"

"Should I have the league take care of them?"

"No Despite the skills of the league of assassins, even they aren't strong enough to take on a fully recognized Avatar and a master Earthbender."

"Then what should I do?"

"Contact the local authorities they will force them to run away, and proceed with your next mission." The agent gets up and leaves.

"As per your orders sir."

"We still have work to do!"

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