Order to Disorder Chapter 1 A Prophecy Realized
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December 27, 2012

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Chapter 1: The Prophecy Realized

"Your future is not written in Stone." Edit

An eerie and quiet night covers the city of Ba Sing Se five years since the war's end. The inhabitants live in peace, silence, and near boredom. While a new city and nation is under construction from the remains of the former Fire Nation colonies, a new elemental council from each nation has formed to maintain peace in the world. Meanwhile Aang serves as the Avatar the world needed for the past 100 years finally creating a period of unprecedented peace and harmony. But like all good things it comes to an end.

Two Fire Nation guards watch the city from atop a tower separating the middle and upper districts of Ba Sing Se. "So did you think you would have survive to see this place again."

"No. To be honest I didn't think I would be lucky to ever see the Earth Kingdom again."

" Yeah I served in the western campaigns and fought in the 600 day siege of Ba Sing Se." The guard responds in a sarcastic tone.

"Can you believe that Fire Nation commander runs a tea shop two blocks from here."

"Heh. Well things change I guess I'm just glad it's all finally..."

All of a sudden the alarm sounds off drawing the attention of everybody. "What the hell!" Moments later an explosion occurs shaking the foundation of the ground, the guards turn to run to discover what has occurred along with other guards also positioned along the wall. Several blasts of fire fly in the sky joined by several Rock circles (those stone circles with a small square in the middle that earth benders pull from the ground).

A voice fills the air from a loudspeaker. " All guards and sen... are ordered to t... northern inner walls to stop the .... bef.... h... esca..."

"Sounds like that new radio system aren't up to specks, what do you is happening."

"Who knows but there's no way this guy can stop all of us." By now several dozen guards from every nation are running to investigate the incident.

"There it is!" the forces arrive at a broken segment of the inner wall as they pause to analyze the situation.

An officer speaks out "Okay we need to sort through this rubble and search the area for what caused this, Earth benders clear the rubble, Fire benders make some light and look around, and water benders uum... Just do something."

The water benders quickly show a sign of annoyance as they decide to join the search for the cause with the guards. The Earth benders begin clearing the rubble and repair the wall as the other benders and guards search the area as fire benders illuminate the area.

Two of them discuss the situation. "This better not be another radical bender or stupid national seeking a good time."

"Who knows what it could be, maybe just a drill with the elemental council..."

All of a sudden a hooded figure runs into the ruins after jumping off from a higher wall, and sprints at an unnatural speed past the guards taking them all by surprise.

"Whoa who was that guy?!" Another officer moves to intercept the figure.

"Stop now in the name of the Fire Nation intruder!" The figure ignores the man, who in turn fires several blasts of fire at the man.

The figure merely jumps over the man and falls into the middle district of Ba Sing Se. The man is joined by several other benders who throw more bursts of fire, stones, and shards of Ice; but in the end all missed.

"Great now who was that?" Several figures runs past them at faster speeds and quickly jumps in the middle district as well.

"Now who were they? "

Another man looks upon the situation from the palace and walks away to an newly installed intercom system and changes the setting so the whole city will hear the message.

"People of Ba Sing Se a Fugitive is on the run into the middle district in order to escape, All forces who can hear my voice are ordered by me, General Fu of joint elemental forces to intercept and capture the fugitive, any civilian bender who joins in the pursuit will rewarded. He must be stopped before he reaches the Outer Wall and escapes. So Happy hunting."

The guards merely look on in surprise. "So much for a quiet evening."

"You can say that again."

The hooded figure continues to run and jump across the roofs of the middle district in a rampant frenzy, as several other figures follow in quick pursuit behind the figure. "How could it have gone so wrong? Why didn't they believe me? And why did he have to die?"

The hooded figure is suddenly tripped as small piece of the roof is risen to hit his foot, as the man rolls across the roof nine other figures land on the same roof.

"This is your last chance give yourself up peacefully or we will force you into submission."

The figure stands up and responds. "Dai li agents, I can't believe that Kuei let you guys keep these jobs after what you guys have done." The same officer responds annoyed.

"Long Feng and the Fire Nation princess may had corrupted our purpose, but we will always bw here to protect the city of Ba Sing Se from threats such as you."

"Well good for you, but I don't have time for this." The man throws an object at the ground covering the roof in gas, the agents respond by sending several stone hands into the gas in hopes of capturing the individual.

As the smoke clears the figure is seen jumping again across the roofs.

"After him!" the Dai li agents continue the pursuit.

"Great now the whole city is after me." The figure quickly jumps down onto the streets as he jumps back into a shop and closes the door, as the agents arrive and surround the shop.

"You have no way to escape! Surrender now!"

The man merely responds. "Come and get me!" The Dai li agents send a combinations of boulders and stone fragments into the shop, while one places his hand on the ground creating a fissure that collapses the wooden structure. The agents stop their barrage as they seep through the ruins and are shocked to find no body.

"Agh! Search the area he must have double backed somehow." The agents moved in a circle and go off in each direction.

Underneath the shop in a sewer lies the figure as he recollects and catches his breath.

"How do you escape from an impregnable city...okay. Okay. Maybe if I cut through the war memorial park that can get me to the middle wall so I can reach the lower district."

The figure stands up and walks through the sewer as a pungent odor fills the air. "Damn the smell is horrible, how much farther is it."

30 minutes later Edit

A series of troops walk across the street as they continue to search for the fugitive, as another officer come up.

"All forces we've been redeployed to the lower district we will trap the fugitive there." The troops along with the officer run off. After they leave a manhole is carefully lifted up as the figure walks out.

"I will never do that ever again." He quickly runs off though the streets of the city. The fugitive carefully walks through streets and alleys one by one taking care to avoid patrolling squads of guards that remain to looks around.

He eventually arrives at the city's memorial park, A massive memorial grave site and park build to honor the people who fell in the 100 years war. Littered with trees, small ponds, and symbols of every nation it was carved as a joint effort from all nations to honor a greater sense of unity between them. It even held a small Air Nomad shrine to remember the unfortunate genocide that startled the conflict.

"Okay If I can reach the other side I can reach the Middle wall and fall into the lower district, after that it's just the agrarian zone." The figure jumps over the gate and runs across the park to reach the other side before he is found again. As he runs through the park he eventually stops taking in the beauty of the park, and silently pays respect to the rows upon rows of tombstones from every nation.

"It least it wasn't for nothing. I'll make sure it would be for nothing"

10 minutes later Edit

"Who makes a city the size of a country this is ridiculous!" Finally after so much running and struggles the man sees mid wall separating the lower and middle classes of Ba Sing Se. "Finally!" All of sudden several blast of fire shoot at him as he struggled to avoid them.

"What is it now?!" He looks on in shock as several Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom tanks block his path. They charge toward him shooting more bursts of fire and boulders at him. The figure is just barely to avoid them as he moves and maneuvers around the blasts. The Fire Nation tanks stop as the tops open and the firebenders work together and create a massive wall of fire that splits the field in two.

The earthbender tanks continue through and move to surround the man, as earthbenders continue to send more debris and boulders at him. The man is hit several times but still continues on as he reaches the wall of fire. "Okay men close the cage."

The wall of fire suddenly encircles the area as the tanks move in a circle and make a circle of fire, as the Earth Kingdom tanks close off any point of escape. "No way is he getting out of here."

The tanks move in closer as they prepare to drop the cage, the troops now move out of their respective tanks, and make a ring of stone around the fire and then both elements close together creating a cage of rock and fire. "Looks like this fight is over". The troops look on in glee at their achievement, all of a sudden one of their tanks turns on and charges toward the wall.

The earthbenders attempt to stop the tank by creating obstacles, as firebenders throw fire in hopes of stopping it. Despite the attacks the tank only continues to charge till it stops and reaches the wall. The other troops get into their tanks and prepare to charge after the fugitive who captured one of their own tanks.

The fugitive then grabs the tank's harpoon gun and fires it at the top of the wall and then disconnects it from the tank, and finally turns off the harpoons' safety latch. Then the man is launched to the very top of the wall in an instant as he is able to reach the top in seconds.

After reaching the top the figure grabs onto the wall allowing the harpoon drop to the ground, as he runs to the other side and then looks onto the lower district still filled with people and activity.

"The one district that never sleeps, maybe now I'll get a break." The man then runs across the wall until he reaches a tower, and uses it to leap down into the lower ring.

"Ahh NO!" The man crashes through a roof as he lands in a stable, and finally a pile of hay which absorbs his fall. "Aggh... Never doing that again either." The man stands up as an ostrich horse looks at his eyes. "What are you looking at?" The man stands up and jumps over the pen gate and fixes his cloak to cover his body again.

Seconds later he kicks down the stable door and walks into the streets, within moments he just disappears into the crowds.

One hour later ( Hey Ba Sing Se is a big place) Edit

The streets are filled with people running about going with their business oblivious to the search for the fugitive in their mists. Troops continue to search the lower district by the dozens, as they futilely look for the fugitive. The man only hides in the crowds as he continues to look on forwards toward an inner wall rail station, he then enters an information center as he approaches a clerk.

"I need to know the next train or blimp departure for the inner wall to the outer wall."

The clerk looks on in confusion. "Why would you want to leave Ba Sing Se at this point, the Peace anniversary celebrations are only in a few days?"

"For personal reasons, I just need to leave as soon as possible."

"Okay, the next departure is set for 11:35 that's in 20 minutes on train 4B, no one else has booked a seat so you'll be alone."

"That'll work." The man then walks away. "Wait don't you want a ticket?"


"Aggh. Okay." The clerk simply ignores the man as he walks away until a group of troops suddenly enter the building.

"Everyone stop!" The man then turns around to see several guards enter the room as he begins to panic. "Everyone here must present their identification before continuing on with their business."

The man turns around again in worry. "Aw fuck."

As the guards search the other people, he attempts to sneak out through another exit. "Wait, where do you think you are going!" A guard approaches the hooded figure as he stops in place. "You need to present your identification before you leave civilian."

"Okay sorry I don't want any trouble." The man reaches into his pocket and hands out a card very slowly and then drops it.

"Oh come on."

The solder goes down to pick it up, where suddenly he is kicked to the floor and the man then suddenly runs outside, the other solders take notice. "After him it's the fugitive!" The troops and many civilians then just charge after him. As the man runs outside with the crowd following him growing by the second as solders, benders, and civilians chase after him. People runs at him from the front in an attempt to stop and tackle him, only to be surprised by the man's nimble and agile ability.

A man is seen cradling around his cabbage cart and booth, knowing that demand goes up during the celebrations and he hopes to cash in with dreams of a better life. "Hmm. My Cabbages." All of a sudden the man charges through and pushes him out of the way.

" Hey what's the big idea you jerk." The very next moment the entire crowd rushes through the street in a heated pursuit as they push the cart out of the way and is then crushed under the feet of dozens of people. The merchant looks on in horror.

"My Cabbages! " As the scene ends one cabbage survives which is quickly picked up by the man as he walks away in tears.

The chase continues as the crowd develops into a mass mob surrounding the man, as he is trapped in a street center. The crowds then suddenly engulf the street as they collide in a single mass collision of insanity and confusion.

As the crowd continues to look and search around in confusion, many no longer aware of what is occurring the man only looks from the distance having escaped in the confusion. He then runs up the stairs which take him into the rail station now practically abandoned as no one is really interested in leaving the city at this point of the year.

He searches throughout the station for 4B in hopes of finding a way out of the city, eventually finding the tunnel for the train but empty. "Ah great."

"This is your final step fugitive!" The man turns around to see the Dai Li agents from before, one agent finally entraps the man with a rock hand to restrain his arms. "You can't escape you've already alerted the outer wall defenses and locked down every exit and entrance, and your train won't be stopping here."

"Well you never know what might happen 10." The man steps backwards.

"Don't take another step or we will use deadly force!"

"Oh please 5." The Agents decide to run toward the man as he takes another step. "1!" The man suddenly jumps into the air backwards, where suddenly a train charges through with him landing on top of it. The agents look on in shock as the train leaves the station with the fugitive in seconds.

"What happened?!"

"I'm sorry sir this must be one of the new automatic trains that operate without earthbenders." The commanding Dai Li agent kicks the floor in anger.

"Contact the sky brigade and have them intercept the fugitive before it he reaches the wall!"

He smashes his hands against the train's roof smashing the stone gauntlets from the Dai Li agent, afterwards the train leaves the inner wall and enters the agrarian zone. "Three down one to go." He collapses onto the train as he struggles to maintain his footing and pacing.

The train continues to soar above the agrarian zone as he only looks down at the sights of endless farm fields and small villages and homes that lay scattered across the entire zone. As time goes by the inner wall disappears into the horizon as he looks on forward. "Almost there." All of a sudden the sound of buzzing fills the air, He checks in every direction and then looks up to see two fast moving police blimps and one larger blimp that moves ahead of them toward the wall. "Ahh why did they have to mass produce those."

The two smaller blimps hover over the train and fire several metal cables onto the train allowing them to be used by troops for boarding. Several solder board the train as they move to attack the man with tethers attached to them to insure they don't fall off the train, several bursts of fire are also sent in hopes of hitting the man.

The train continues to pick up speed as the fugitive fights the solders, none of them being benders in fear of collapsing the train. Several men attack the fugitive with their spears and blades, again they are surprised by the man's agility as he is able to avoid their attacks and even redirect them. The man is able to throw and immobilize several men using mainly self-defense movements.

The fight continues for several minutes where suddenly the leading blimp fires a red flare into the sky. "That's the signal." The men then just go back to the metal cables and detach them in order to return to their blimps. As the outer wall finally comes into view the leading blimp fires an explosive at the platform suspending the train, destroying a section a mile away from the wall." Aw come on!" The man unaware of what to do simply panics as the seconds countdown till the train reaches the destroyed section.

The man then comes to another homicidal idea, he grabs two spears that the troops left behind and rips off their heads and takes a stance at the front of the train. "If I survive this I will never do it ever again." Within moments the train reaches the end of the rail line and falls into the field, as the fugitive jumps into the air and lands onto the other side of the rail using the metal spear tips to grip himself onto the platform. He then climbs up onto the rail and walks toward the outer wall. After reaching the external tunnel he is left with a choice of escaping.

Inside the tunnel Edit

Inside the tunnel lies a massive waiting party, mass numbers of solders, benders, and agents lie in waiting for him to enter. "This is the last step outside of the city there's nowhere else for him to go."

"Sir you sure he can't escape by going over the wall."

The man scoffs at this. "Oh please how is he going to do that?"


Using the spears tips he climbs the side of wall as he scales the wall as he struggles to grip the wall and climb it. Eventually he finally reaches the top of the wall his cloak and robe now ripped and beaten to pieces and now fighting exhaustion as he nearly collapses. "Finally made it." As he grabs the top brick he throws himself over and onto the wall breathing deeply to catch his breath.

He lies on the ground as he pants and breathes deeply, a sudden blast of fire hits the man finally as it sets the man's cloak on fire. "Ah damn." The airship from earlier returns as more metallic cables latch onto the wall as the figure throws the cloak over the wall finally revealing himself. Several troops use the cables to instantly land on the wall led by one unique individual as they all surround the fugitive.

"You will give yourself up now, there's nowhere left to run!" The figure is visually shocked at hearing the person's voice as he turns around. The troops jump back in shock as the individual struggles to hold back tears.

"A..Aa...Aang?" Aang now looks back at Katara, two friends turned lovers, and now enemies.

"Katara you can't believe what they said, you know I would never do such a thing!" Katara regains a battle stance as she and the guards prepare to attack.

"I didn't want to believe it, I knew you loved me, But I never thought you would go so far!"

"I didn't Katara I swear that..."

"You're the world's last airbender who else could have done it Aang!"

"I don't know Katara! But I would never go that far just for anyone!"

Katara just stops and looks at her former friend and boyfriend, now a wanted fugitive and makes a choice. "Aang I'm sorry but it's over between us, and I can't let you go." Aang himself feels his heart shatter into pieces as he struggles to hold back tears. Aang moves in a circle as the guards surround him.


Now speaking with anger and sadness as he struggles to speak and as he continues to move toward the edge of the wall. "Fine if no one believes me then I'll prove it myself! You'll all see that I was telling the truth." Aang throws a blast of wind at the group as he suddenly jumps over the wall and falls to the ground. Katara screams in shock.


The group run toward the wall surprised to see Appa emerging from the ground to catch Aang in time. Katara and the other guards stare at the bison at it flies into the distant, as Katara suddenly collapses in sadness and tears. Aang meanwhile looks back at the wall as it disappears behind him in the distance. "Destiny, as the Avatar we all inherit a destiny to maintain balance in the world and promote peace. But why does it have to be me? Why now? Who could have done this? And why didn't I see this coming?"

Roughly an hour later

Aang and Appa land on a distant empty field after flying for over an hour. Aang jumps off as Momo flies onto his arm. "Sorry Momo I'm not in the mood right now." Momo jumps off and goes back to Appa, meanwhile Aang lights a small fire in as he looks on in the distant. "Wonder what happening back home, Sleep well my friends, hopefully on a brighter day we can all met again." Aang continues to look on as he lies down in the flied.

Ba Sing Se Palace Edit

Earth King Kuei enters a large council chamber and seats at a center throne over watched by many guards from their respective nations, Then the elemental heads of state now enter the room.

" This court shall come to order, all in attendance." The council members than all stand up one by one.

"Johann, representing the Northern Water Tribe."

"Yash Liao, representing the western territories and Omashu."

"Su Yu, representing the eastern territories and Ba Sing Se."

"Fire Minister Ling Bai from the Fire Nation, but before we continue I would like to state something. I take this position steadily and unwillingly, but regardless I will maintain my position and I will lead my people to the best of my ability in these tragic times."

Kuei responds. "You have our grievances Ling." and finally.

"Grand Master Lotus Kota, representing the order of the White Lotus."

"Now to business. The Avatar has turned against us and sadly despite his role in ending the war, we must take action in stopping him before he can act again, for this action I am pleased to introduce General Fu the leader of the council of five." The General stands up and walks into the center of the room.

"To insure a global and coordinated effort to capture the Avatar, we must impose a global criminal status to gain full militant and civilian support to capture him. I would also recommend creating a professional task force in order to track, hunt, and capture him after all he is easily the most powerful individual in the world. Finally we will put a bounty to attract several work for hire people and to insure that no one will aid or harbor him."

Another councilman suddenly speaks up. "Are these efforts truly necessary? He did end the war and created..."

"Sadly Councilman Kota, The Avatar's crime cannot be ignored, he must pay for what he did." Ling Bai begins to weep silently.

The debate only continues. " Can we even capture him he was able to elude from the entire Fire Nation military in the war."

" During the war he had allies and people that were willing to help him, now he is alone and once people know what he did no one will be on his side, he will be forced to rely completely and utterly on himself. He can run but even he won't be able to hide, but of course I won't do anything without council approval."

" I believe we should pursue another option Aang is a pacifist we do not need such hostile and aggressive force."

"What would you suggest, Kota."

" We must allow the avatar to recognize his actions and then willingly return so that he may face his consequences property."

"What are you saying Kota, we should just let a wanted fugitive go and hopes he comes back after feeling bad about what he said!"

" All I am saying is that Avatar Aang is merely a child, in time he will..."

"A child who committed the greatest crime in years." Kota gives in as Kuei intervenes.

"Then let us vote on the matter, shall we implicate General Fu's plan, all approved." All the members excluding Kota, raise their hands in approval. "And now for council member Kota's plan." All the council members then drop their hands, except for Kota who rises his hand. "Motion passed. General Fu we are authorizing you to create your task force and carry out the rest of your operation."

"Thank you councilmen, I will be off." General Fu leaves the room as the council remains in session.

"Now that we have a plan for the Avatar, what of the elemental summit? With the Avatar a wanted fugitive and the current state of the Fire Nation should we go ahead, I mean it was their idea." Kuei then stands up proudly.

"No, The Summit will go on as planned, now more than ever we need unity and something for the people to look forward to, despite the loss it has experienced."

" The elemental summit will prove the unity and strength of the nations, who knows maybe we won't need the Avatar anymore."

"The Avatar will always serve a purpose we need him alive, we could negotiate a deal with him, besides he is the last airbender if he dies then any future Avatar will never reach their full potential." Kuei stands up. "There is nothing we can do now, we must first recapture him, until then we will focus the elemental summit. All I can say is that I knew Aang and I am deeply ashamed by his actions, all I hope is that he realizes his crime and gives himself up before it is too late." Kuei takes a brief pause. "Meeting adjourned."

An undisclosed location - The next Day Edit

A man is seen sitting on a chair as he reads a newspaper. "Ha. People will believe anything these days." All of a sudden another man bursts in the room in a mad dash.

"Basilius, the Avatar is gone and is on the run, also the four nations have continued their support of the summit." The other man simply continues to read.

"Good, tell me did we secure the summit's construction operation."

"Yes we did sir, but what about the Avatar he just..." The man throws the paper to the ground as he stands up.

"The Avatar will be dealt with in time, for now he is out of the way, besides even he with all his power he cannot stop us alone." The two men quietly get up and leave.

"Amazing how much can change with the death of one person."

The newspaper just lies on the ground as the headline is revealed. FIRE LORD ZUKO ASSASSINATED! AVATAR AANG #1 SUSPECT

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