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White Lotus sentries
Order of the White Lotus
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Notable members
  • Water Tribes
  • Omashu
  • Northern Fortress
  • United Republic of Nations
  • Sharing knowledge and philosophy
  • Protecting the Avatar

The Order of the White Lotus is a powerful organization in the world. Having members from all over the world, they have a great variety in abilities and points of view. They used to be a secret organization, but have since become public after Sozin's Comet and their liberation of Ba Sing Se from the Fire Nation.


The Order of the White Lotus was a secret society that shared its love of art, beauty, and philosophy. They remained this way for a long time until the necessity to stand up and fight came in 100 AG and liberated Ba Sing Se from the occupying Fire Nation.

The Order of the White Lotus has since taken a public role, recruiting much more heavily and working with the Avatar. Upon Avatar Aang's wish, they trained and protected the next Avatar, Korra. As the years went by, they continued to serve in this role.

Avatar Tala was born in 300 AG but was not discovered until she was seven years old in Omashu by King Urri. The White Lotus centered a number of their order in the city in order to tain the Avatar in the elements, finding masters across the world. Urri's brother, Suun, taught Tala earthbending and a member of the order taught her firebending.

It was her firebending teacher that put the order in hot water. As Tala was about to start firebending, Regent of the Fire Nation, Rishu, had offered to teach her firebending. The order chose to use one of their one members, who was a classmate of Rishu but at the bottom of the class compared to Rishu who was at the top. Rishu took this as an insult and banned the Order of the White Lotus from the Fire Nation. He stated that the only way to undo this was to publicly apologize and send the Avatar to his estate to begin training. The Order refused and so were denied to ever set foot in the Fire Nation, including any of its members, even when not on duty.

It had been years since they entered the Fire Nation but had large posts in the newly resettled Western Air Temple, the Water Tribes, Republic City, and Omashu. They continued training the Avatar when tensions between the Fire Nation and Republic City escalated.

White Lotus sentries at the dock

Lotus Sentries across the world were pressed to war as they were divided across many fronts.

War broke out and the Order was split between the many locations they were posted in. This proved to be an advantage, as blackouts took the cities and had no way to intercommunicate; but they were able to communicate with their own personal networks of communication.

The Order was among those shocked to find out the Earth Kingdom was allied to the Fire Nation. The Order aided in the war across the coasts. Breaking the blockade in the South Pole where Master Lotus Liman joined Chief Arkoda to reinforce Omashu.


  • Grand Lotus: The Grand Master of the Order is the head and leader of the White Lotus. Kuel is the current leader of the Order and a fierce firebender.
  • Master Lotus: The second tier of the Order. There are three Master Lotuses, who can take command if the Grand Lotus is indisposed. The known Master Lotuses are Liman from the North Pole and Tiin Meelo.
  • Lotus Commander: An officer in the Order, a commander has significant pull and power.
  • Sentry: A regular soldier and boot on the ground.


  • Tiin Meelo is the only airbender in the Order of the White Lotus and leads their forces in the Western Air Temple.

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