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The Order of Wan is a newly formed organisation following the death of Avatar Korra. The Order of Wan operates under numerous groups, each including benders from each nation. The order is named in honor of Wan, the first Avatar.

It was formed by Linjon, an airbender, and Cuaiua a former member of the Order of the White Lotus. Over the years, they became a rival of the White Lotus, enforcing order, leading to the formation of an Air Nation, separate to that of New Air Nomads. The Order would later include Lightbenders, Darkbenders following the defeat of the Paladins, and Woodbenders following the formation of the Republic of Anjing.


The Order of Wan was founded in 244 AG by Linjon, an airbending master, and Cuaiua, a waterbending master and former member of the Order of the White Lotus. During that time, Linjon had become estranged his family and most of the other airbenders, and had a small group of airbenders and Air Acolytes in training who had previously witnessed the attack on Haiqo by the Bouchang Pirates. Under Linjon's tutelage, they settled on Whaletail Island before permanently settling somewhere in the Earth Kingdom. They developed a new style of airbending, more aggressive, allowing them to keep their homes safe. Eventually the Order of the White Lotus and Master Meelo found them and demanded that they stop their practises. Linjon reminded Meelo of his Air Nomad teachings, and Meelo and the White Lotus Sentries left. Until the death of Avatar Korra, Linjon founded the Order of Wan and its numbers grew. A new Air Nation was eventually founded, named the Air Republic.

Linjon however, was careful to keep the new Air Republic separate from the Order of Wan.

Known members

† indicates being deceased.
F indicates being an firebender.
A indicates being an airbender.
W indicates being an waterbender.
E indicates being an earthbender.

Leaders and teachers

Northern groups

In Ba Sing Se

  • Azong F
  • Jadang A
  • Okauok W
  • Puon E


In Republic City

  • Alokkun W
  • Jan Ji F



In Jang Hui

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