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Orb Piece
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Orb Piece is the second chapter of Avatar: The Legacy of Fire.


After Takeshi's grandfater went missing, Takeshi discovers a puzzle box and tries to solve it. He takes puzzle box to a Researcher at a library and manages to solve it. Inside reveals a orb piece leading to the mystical Fire Nation artifact known as the Phoenix Orb. later, Takeshi ends in dueling a ninja clan who sought to retrieve the orb piece for the Black Master. Takeshi emerges victorious and begins his quest to find the Phoenix Orb.


After the mysterious disappearance of Rokuro, Takeshi searches his house to find out about the wreckage. Suddenly he comes across a secret compartment and discovers a usual puzzle box. Takeshi remembers seeing the puzzle box before, as he recalls the day his mother died. He tries to solve the box but fails miserably, so he decides to find someone with enough intellect to help him. He arrives at a local library and meets an Researcher, who is busy examining an artifact. Takeshi shows him the box and the Researcher is highly stunned. He gazes at the box and tells Takeshi that is a sacred puzzle box made by the Sun Warriors. Then he does a 15 second research on the box and figures out how to solve it. Takeshi then proceeds to figure out the puzzle, and after finally solving it, the box opens. Inside the box contains a crystal fragment. As soon as Takeshi grabs hold of the fragment, it lights up and he begins to act in an unusual state. He begins to have horrifying visions of a city being destroyed, people being murdered in fire, dragon being slayed, and shadowy figure holding a bright orb. When the visions stopped, Takeshi passes out.

Meanwhile, at an unknown location

Several members of the Black Scorchers were gathering for a huge announcement. The Black Master emerged and said that with the Earth Kingdom believing that the Fire Nation was responsible for Ba Sing Se's attack, it will be a matter of time before both nations are at war again. He reveals to everyone a crystal fragment similar to the one Takeshi found. He says that it has acted up and that he saw a "Fire Nation boy" from Asahi has touch another piece of the "orb". He sends his ninjas to kill Takeshi and retrieved the fragment.

Back at the Library

Takeshi wakes up from his coma. The Researcher tells him that he has been out for 3 hours and asks what happened. Takeshi says he saw visions while holding the crystal piece. The Researcher went to his studys and tries to find information on the fragment, and what he found was astonishing. He says that it is a piece of the Phoenix Orb, the most powerful artifact in the Fire Nation.

Meanwhile in the Royal Palace

Aang and Zuko are discussing the issue that might occur in the future if there is no solution that will solve it. Aang suggests that the whole idea of getting a lot of people involved in the Black Scorchers Investigation is not a good idea and that he should leave it to him and his friends to do the job. Zuko understands, but he feels that he needs more help than just Aang and his friends. Later, Zuko's adviser comes in and warns them that sources have found a group of ninjas heading towards the Island of Asahi. Aang is confused about what Asahi is, and Zuko tells him that was land of many great Fire Nation Warriors. Later, Aang hurries to Appa and proceeds to follow the ninjas to Asahi.

Back in the Sakaki Village

Takeshi put the piece of the orb in his pouch and leaves the library. Suddenly, A group of ninjas ambushed Takeshi and try to force him into giving them the piece of the orb. Takeshi retaliates and fights them off, killing them in the process. Aang arrives at the scene and demands to know what happened. The Researcher rushes towards Aang and tells him that these ninjas tried to kill Takeshi for the orb piece. Takeshi reveals to Aang the orb piece and asks him he knows about the Phoenix Orb, but Aang does not have any connection to it. Then, he tells about what happened to his grandfather and the puzzle box he had. Aang leaves to inform the Fire Lord about the attack and Rokuro's disappearance, and Takeshi leaves to begin his quest to find the Phoenix Orb. At that moment, After realizing that there are others who looking for the orb piece, Takeshi believes that the people who may have kidnapped his grandfather might come for him next.

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