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Operation Eternity, Part 2:Eternal Blaze
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Operation Eternity, Part 2:Eternal Blaze is the 19th chapter of Book 1: Phoenix, of The Phoenix Chronicles and the Season Finale. The previous chapter left Zura thinking of a plan on how to get out of the enemy ship, Team Strike had infiltrated.


They had to gain some more profit then a single hostage. Zura and Sky found some bombs and began to set fire to them. Mian was finally finished and called to the others. Everyone, hastily, boarded the ship. Zura was the last to get one, and when they were several meters away he blasted a large fireball into the hole in the hull. The Ship exploded, and everyone could see all of its contents flying into the air. Mian began to waterbend the boat towards the beach; they had to get out of here before people could see them...and kill them.

As the ship, slowly hit the beach, Ami and Zura helped [[Fanon: Hai| Hai]] up and headed for the Medic Tent at the plaza. Ami, stopped, pulled out some parchment hidden in her pocket and handed it to Mian. Mian seeing the plans began to head for the main tent. Tia and Sky got the General and decided to go with Mian. --

"Fire Lord Hokui!" Mian yelled, as he ran in. Mian quickly explained what happened, and the Fire Lord frowned, which disappeared when Mian pulled out the plans. Right behind Mian, was Hoshizu. And on his face was an expression of fear and shock on his face, but lucky for him nobody was looking his way. Mian began to unroll the parchment and laid it on the table. Mian then explained that the plans might change a bit, but they might be able to get something out of them. Maybe, where troops were already stationed. And then Mian remembered their hostage, and almost immediately Tia and Sky walked in with the still knocked out general. Hoshizu's shocked face was now horrified. But, he kept his calm and seemed to regard the hostage with disgust. Mian then looked at the plans and began to decipher them. He then saw something behind them. A message. He pulled it out, and began to read it. The whole place suddenly exploded. Mian got right back up...and saw that the tent was still fairly intact. He then noticed Hoshizu running...with the hostage! He put 2 and 2 together and ran after him. But, Hoshizu had a lead...even with the man on his back he was making distance. Mian, on the other hand, was exhausted it had been a long night. Both knew this, and both knew what was going to happen. But, both had forgot about Zura and Ami. Hoshizu suddenly tripped, it was as if there was a stream of...air. He cursed quietly and got up, that idiot was not too far back. And those other two were nearing. He looked at Raiku, and didn't know what to do. But then, Raiku got up and saw him, he smiled...faintly. "Run...don't wait for me, it'll slow you down, just come back...okay?" Chuckled the man

Hoshizu didn't like to abandon people, it had happened to him...but he knew Raiku spoke the truth. And he had blown his cover. He nodded to Raiku and said "Good luck, General..." and ran off into the trees. Raiku, noted the title.

Mian gasped. He saw what had happened. Hoshizu had let his friend go...seemingly with his approval. As Mian got to the scene, Hoshizu was far away and Raiku was on the grass staring at him. He nodded, and said "It's nice to meet the Avatar...everyone wants to meet you...even on the opposite...side. Well done...Avatar." He then fainted, from exhaustion.

"Wow that must have been a good shot..."Said Mian, referring to his hit on the General, back on the ship. He then saw the red, the General was bleeding but the blood...was inside his armor. Mian looked at the poor man, and puked. It was horrible, he hated this whole thing....why him? Why?

Zura walked up to his friend, collapsed in his own puke. Ami seeing this, stopped, disgusted by the bleeding general and her puking friend. Zura walked up to Mian, and helped him up. He frowned; this whole thing was like a game to some. A very difficult one, to say the least. He looked at Ami, who frowned at him, then moved to get the General.

Mian hated it. He hated him. He hated himself. He hated this whole stupid war. He hated it all. He got out of his bed, and walked out of the tent into the fresh air. It felt good. Last night, was horrible. But, now he had to deal with the facts. Hoshizu was a traitor, who tried to save his general friend from the Islands. He frowned; He expected some traitors...just not so high up in the order of command. Oh well! But, he still felt a pang of hatred and betrayal towards Hoshizu. Now wasn't the time to think about loyalties and what not. He expected an attack any minute, now. He took another deep breath, and headed for the Main Tent.

"Today's a sad day..."Said the Fire Lord; it seemed as if he had already given up.

"No, dad, it's not. Now, we know who the leak is...but, here we still have the prisoner" Said Zura, gesturing to the medical offices, where he was now.

"Yes, but..." But that was as far as he went, for suddenly the Ground had begun shaking.

"Sirs, the enemy has begun firing anew and have begun to storm the banks!" Said a soldier, who had run in, out of breath. Team Strike was already outside, heading for the shores. No time to waste.

Captain Li

The Fleet Admiral, welcoming Hoshizu.

"Humph...General, it's very well that you have joined us. Very Well, indeed. Tragic about Raiku, however, yes...I suppose so" Said the Fleet Admiral, seemingly unsure of whether he was happy or sad. "But, those trouble some children must be killed. We obviously changed the plans, Sir."

Hoshizu nodded in respect, and requested to be led to his room, where he collapsed into sleep. Swimming across the freezing ocean, so close to dawn, wasn't his favorite past time.

Mian stood on top of the cliff. It was a spectacular view, such a shame of the attackers below. The first wave of ships had just hit the shores, and the men had jumped of yelling. Mian frowned. He didn't like killing. Well, people. He didn't like killing...people. Walruses, were a different matter altogether. He unsheathed his sword, and held it like a toy. Then it became suddenly rigid. With a quick leap into the air, Mian bent the earth and water under him to create a mud slide which he rode down on a fairly large rock.

The Incoming soldiers were fairly well rested and expecting the worst. But they didn't expect a mud slide. It claimed several companies before halting, and on top of the all of the mud was a smiling 15 year old boy. If anything, they were humiliated by a teenager. Mian continued to smile; it didn't feel right, though. But this was well rehearsed and he wasn't about to mess it up, now. They still had some element of surprise. The closest troops prepared to firebend at him, when a large wall of flames surrounded him. The invader's fire was absorbed and then redirected back at them. He felt a blast of air, and the fire suddenly quelled down, and there were suddenly very large winds. As most of the soldiers were thrown into the ocean, those who grabbed to the ground were suddenly entrapped in a muddy pit. As they screamed and yelled, they slowly went under, where they were finally put to rest. Any of the lucky ones were then hit by swords and small knives, from behind a fallen tree, and soon died.

Mian's poorly held together smile collapsed, as did the others. Sky got out from behind the tree. Ami got out of the water, where she had ran to hide in, while the firebenders stepped into view from behind some large rocks. Tia then appeared, practically, out of the earth. None of them were smiling; they were surrounded by the first wave of attackers, now dead. The Ships at bay, had seen, and now expected it. After taking a brief look around Hai estimated the casualties to be about 800, the entire first force, to the enemy and frowned. Those weren't very large numbers compared to their total force. He sighed; they probably barely made a dent. And anyways, the information Hoshizu gave was probably far under their true force. They were screwed.

Hoshizu was thinking the same thing, several miles away from their attack. He hadn't known them long, and didn't know them much for attacking. He had predicted wrong, they weren't afraid to kill them. As chills went down his spine, he went back to his quarters. The Second wave was much worse, thought Mian. This time, what seemed like, thousands hit the shores. Team Strike was soon pushed back to the Fire Nation front lines. However, the Fire Nation Soldiers stayed behind the defenses....until Mian yelled: "Onward! Attack!"

Suddenly, the soldiers behind him began to stir. Then it became more of a mass movement. Then it became a full counterattack.

Domestic forces

The Defenders begin to retreat

Mian soon lost sight of his friends; he was surrounded by soldiers of both sides. There was an Islander, and he was moving to kill an already weakened soldier. It was sick. Mian steadied his sword and charged, with a quick swing at the soldier's neck. However, the attacker saw the move and ducked firing at the Avatar. Mian used the nearby water to create a small wave, which overwhelmed the Islander, and took him out to sea. Mian then looked out at the wide bay. The Fire Nation Navy was holding the enemy at bay. They would be okay, for a while. However, he noticed how vastly outnumbered their fleet was. Several ships, had begun to sink, and their sailors had jumped off the ship rather than being crushed under the ship. It was death, both ways. It seemed unfair thought Mian, this whole thing.

Zura began to launch more and more fireballs, the enemies were beginning to retreat. He took a deep breath, but it was short-lived for soon more and more of the enemies came. Zura looked around and saw many of his own dead. Suddenly, the Island Catapults had another firing, and one was just feet away from him. He sighed, retreat it was. He ran into the forests.

Mian saw the first lines fall apart. He called for an orderly retreat, but it soon ended as a massive mob running for the capital. He sighed. He began to run as well, there was nobody left to fight with. As he ran, he saw a fallen soldier, dying. Begging for water and it hurt him. He had never known the poor soul but moved to give him some water.

" family has always protected these shores. No matter the attacker" Said the dying man.

"I have a wife...and two the capital promise me...they'll live. Please..." He begged, and then stopped gasping for several more seconds of life. Mian nodded, too moved to say anything, and with tears in his eyes.

"Make sure...that the fire of the Fire Nation...remains....for eternity...Avatar...The blaze...the eternal blaze of our nation" the soldier requested, and with a heavy sigh, he was lost to the heavens.

Mian sat there, on his knees, next to the fallen soldier. Horrified. The man had literally died right in front of him. He felt a hand on his shoulder, it was Zura.

He nodded, and said "I'll do it. "

"Fire Lord Hokui, I think we'll have to use the airships to retreat." Said the exhausted team strike. It had been hours. The enemy was already at the edge of the capital.

"Hmm...I'm afraid you have a point...I'll organize it, but we'll need a distraction. But...what can we" He began.

"I will" Said Mian and Zura simultaneously. They then began an argument, Mian was the Avatar, but Zura was the prince. "Fine, both of us" They agreed.

Mian had never ran so fast in his whole life. It was amazing. He ran through the forests, and appeared at the small beach, from the night before. He focused his chi on to his feet, and then slowly stepped on the water. It was working; he was standing on the water. But, he couldn't do it forever, though. The water under him became ice, and began to move at a steady pace towards the center of the bay.

Zura had never ran so fast in his whole life. It was amazing. He ran through the forests, and appeared at the rock cliff, from several days ago. He began to focus, and saw Mian at the middle of the bay, this would be it.

Raiku had never ran so fast in his whole life. It was horrible. He ran through the forests, and appeared at what seemed to be a small beach. It was safe, for now. He had breathed a sigh of relief, and sat down. As he looked towards the waters, a boy stood in the middle of the bay.

Hoshizu regarded the Avatar. He knew that he wasn't an idiot. There was some plan...but they could kill him now. And the Admiral had told was up to him. He grinned. He ordered the catapult aimed and fired.

Mian stood quietly, as the large ball of flame came hurling towards him. He watched it intently, only hoping his friend could save him. He did. The Ball burst suddenly exploded. At the Ship, Hoshizu wasn't very surprised, he had expected nothing more. But, then he noticed the Avatar was gone. But...where? Of course! Underwater. He ordered the ship's torpedoes to be aimed and fired at will. He looked back out at the bay, and felt a small pang of regret. This was where he had spent the last several years, his house, his...friends, his...lovers. He sighed, that was all over now. He would be the Governor of the Fire Nation. That would make it all the better.

As he smiled to himself, the ship's deck exploded into flames, and he was thrown overboard. Zura landed on the scorched and abandoned deck, exhausted. After he made the ball explode, he had jumped off the cliff and use fire bending to hover over the ship, and then blasted the crap out of it.

Waterbenders wreck ship

The Ship rose into the sky, torn apart by the ice.

Mian was, in fact, under the ship. He focused on the water around him, and it created an air bubble. The ship also began to rise, with the hull being ripped apart by ice. The surrounding area was then frozen. He swam back to the top of the water, and gasped for breath. He realized he had held his breath...even though he was in an air bubble. Stupid, he said. Stupid.

As he stood up, it was his exhaustion that saved him. Hoshizu was floating not more than 3 meters away, and had fired right at him. Mian's exhaustion made it so that he couldn't stand on the water and just collapsed under. He saw the fire above, and then Hoshizu's body. He began to swim towards him, and tackled the traitor under water, and began to choke him. Hoshizu wasn't used to water, he was never a good swimmer, and soon started to give in. Mian suddenly noticed what he was doing, and let go of the poor man's neck. He then swam up to the surface. There were hundreds of ships, with big guns, pointing at him.

His hand felt tingly, and then so did his whole body. It was that strange sensation...the Avatar State...he relaxed...about time things got a little easier around here. Ships began to explode, thrown miles away, and the fleet began to fall apart. The Avatar State Mian then saw Hoshizu and moved to kill him. Mian could throw ships, and kill random people...but he had known Hoshizu. And he knew there was still hope. But, then an order came through the white dullness surrounding his floating body: "Kill HIM!". Then there was a gentler, and softer voice. The angry voice, started to stop, and he was then just floating, in white. He then saw him. His Grand Uncle. Avatar Aang.



Mian smiled and embraced him, formalities and even proper relationship titles were a waste, here. But, Aang soon pulled away.

"I can't stay for long, but I want to remind you something"


"A friend is always a friend, no matter which side. Look at me and Zura's Grand Father. Enemies in the beginning..."He began to fade away. "and Friends in the end."

Mian just drifted for a minute, there was a sudden jerk in his stomach. He then saw Hoshizu, again. There were ice shards heading for him. Then Mian stopped them, he made them water. And he just floated.

He forced the Avatar State to stop. And fell into the water.

Mian awoke to the sound of yelling and screaming. There was fire all around, he was then being lifted, he didn't know by who enemy or friend. He heard some more screaming from a distance, "Mian, you Bastard! Why the hell did you not..." The person should have moved closer, to talk to him. It went dark.

Capital crater

The Capital was getting farther and farther away.

When he woke again he noticed he was in the air, and opened his eyes. There was window, nearby, the bed where he laid. He was in a fairly small room, it was red. His whole body ached, and he began to think with more focus. As he slowly got up, his whole body ached, and to his horror he saw a scar down his chest. It was deep. He looked out the window, and saw the Fire Nation Capital getting further and further. There was a knock at the door, and Mian turned to see who it was. But, before he could see their face he fell to the floor, the scar hurt. And he fainted.


Writing and Development

Eternal Blaze, was released simeltaneously with The Game of War. The Avatar, knew from the beginning of the series, that one day, the Phoneix Islands would attack the Fire Nation. And he also knew that Team Strike would learn the scars of war, and flee. This is some what similar to Book 1 of the show, somewhat aloof and each chapter its own little story.

  • Though, there were originally 3 books planned, the Avatar decided to cut it to two books. The next, and last, book will show Team Strike mature from the rich heirs to nations.
  • The Avatar, wanted to end the chapter on an element of supspense. Since, red is the color of both the Fire Nation and The Phoenix Islands it is nearly impossible to know who's hands the Avatar is in. Mian also faints before seeing the one taking him away from the city.
  • Though, not in the original script, The Avatar felt a need to place Avatar Aang in the chapter. Mian's reason to not attack Hoshizu, was too weak for him, and he then realized that Aang the previous Avatar, and his Grand-Uncle could help him. Due to them both being Avatars, they knew who they were even though they had never met.
  • This Chapter was originally the shorter of the finale, but the end of Part 1 was made the beginning of part 2.
  • This Chapter, along with Part 1, took almost 2 weeks to write.


  • Hai, is barely shown in this chapter. Though not revealed, it can be assumed that he was still recovering from his painful wounds from the previous chapter, thought the battle.
  • Sky is shown to be fairly skilled with knives, and small swords. This is shown by his capability to kill dozens of invaders with them, from behind a tree.
  • This chapter focuses on Zura and Mian, mainly Mian. The other members of team strike, actually talk less than the Fire Lord, who has taken a more active role in the last two chapters. However, since it is an invasion of his country, it only seems right.
  • It can be noticed, that the Fire Lord quickly agreed to a retreat. However, he expected Mian and his son to win the battle, soon. And also, he only plans on stopping at a nearby town. If this plan will be conducted, or not will be shown in Book 2.
  • At the End, the only one confirmed to be alive, is Mian. Since no other character was shown, and there was talk of yelling, screaming, and fire it is quite possible that a character died.
  • This is the first time cussing has been shown in the entire series canon.


So far, the chapter has been well received by famous authors Vaznock and The Bos. Both noted that this chapter was one of the best chapters, yet in the series.

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