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Fire Navy attacks
Operation Eternity, Part 1: The Game of War
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Part 1 of the two-part finale to Book 1: Phoenix of the famous Phoenix Chronicles! It's currently the longest chapter, yet, more than 3,500 words.


"Here they come," said Zura.

"No, wait...They're stopping" Noticed Tia, the Ships stopped about 50 miles away from the plaza.

"What? Why?" asked Sky.

Mian smiled, but it wasn't warm, it was ice cold knowing their tactic.

"Let's retreat," he said.

"What why?" asked Ami

"It's an age old battle tactic...let's go to the rear camp," he said.

Team Strike was in the middle of the Plaza. Ahead of them were several thousand of Fire Nation soldiers, ships, and some submarines. The Air ships were hiding behind the cliffs. The Rear Camp was close to the bottom of the Crater, farthest away from the ocean, and closest to the Capital.

Fire Navy ships

The Invading Fleet stood by, awaiting orders.

"So, what are they doing, Mian? Nobody has ever done it before..."Asked the Fire Lord

Team Strike and some of the Fire Nation Council were in the Head tent, in the rear camp.

"No, it's happened before. And you were the people who did it...every waterbender is well taught in nautical warfare and tactics," replied Mian.

"Well, we are's just that...we're more" Interrupted Zura.

"They're going to wait us out, make us weaken our forces; they probably have a good estimate of our resources. They might bomb us, with some catapults, though. The Games have begun," said Mian

Hai, who had been nearby and so far silent, nodded agreeing to Mian's judgement.

The Fire Lord considered the situation, and then he made a quick decision. He turned to a General and said, "Order people to set up camp, and create defensive walls and shields. Let them dig in to the ground. Tell the troops hiding in the forest to remain there, and find some place to stay." The General nodded, and left the tent. At the same time, a familiar face entered.

"Hoshizu!" yelled Ami and Tia, giggling.

Hoshizu just grinned, until he saw the death stares from Mian and Zura, and stopped.

"Umm...well, yes...Ah, Fire Lord Hokui, My report. Well, to be straight forward, they outnumber us," said Hoshizu.

"It's as if they calculated how strong our forces are here... it's strange," said Mian.

"Yes, well...yes, I suppose that it is...I noticed I will go make sure the troops are all ready," said Hoshizu, leaving the tent in a rush.

"No, we're going to dig in..."Said Zura, explaining Mian's reasoning.

"What? No...Well...okay, then, right-o, I'll go tell everyone of our change in...Plans. Yeah." Mumbled Hoshizu.

"Very Well, now I suppose we'll have to contact the other nations. I wonder how much help they can provide..." said the Fire Lord, already forgetting Hoshizu

Hoshizu walked outside of the tent. It was a warm day. Not hot, just warm. That idiot of an Avatar had ruined his plans. But, no matter, he will go and alert the fleet. Hoshizu walked towards the messenger birds building. He entered, and grunted a reply to the soldier on guard. He took a hawk, and began writing a message, making sure nobody could see. Hawks were better than pigeons, which could only go to one location. Hoshizu then left for the forest.

He lifted the bird into the sky, and pointed at the fleet. Then he made a clicking sound with his mouth, and the bird seemed to understand, it flew off towards the ships. He then started walking back to the camp. Suddenly, there was a rustling in the trees. He seemed to walk on by. Then, suddenly, he turned around and burnt the tree and the soldier behind it into ashes. He looked at what he had just done, felt a pang of regret, then immediately waved it away. He didn't care if the man had lived; he was regretting using such a powerful, bright, and loud blast. Someone else could have heard.

They were coming. They were coming, fast. The whole earth seemed to explode in Zura's face. The catapults had been firing for about 2 hrs. His dad had tried to send over an envoy, the envoy's dead body was sent back. Zura took a step back, gained confidence, and ran off towards the beach. Team Strike was waiting for him. He stepped onto the beach, saw the small boat, and grinned.

Fire Navy blockade

The Catapults were firing, non-stop.

Raiku looked out at the oceans. It was silent enough. The Fire Nation could be seen hastily getting ready. The Admiral was downstairs, probably getting the sailors ready. He should go prepare his own men; they would have to storm the city after all. He left the deck. Mian, slowly stepped out of the water. It was near midnight. He and his friends had been in an air bubble under this ship. They heard the leaders were here. He then began to focus, and his friends started to stand on the water next to him.

"Gah! This isn't right...come on Mian...something solid...pleassseee" begged Tia, not used to the moving waves under her feet.

"Pffh, Earthbenders," said Mian, then solidified the immediate area to ice. "Now, the ship, please?"

The team moved flawlessly. They were ready, and they weren't about to mess up. Mian's ice began to expand, slowly, and soon surrounded the rather small ship. However, if you looked closely, you could see that the ice wasn't in contact with the ship. Just very close. He then moved closer to the ship, and began feeling the metal for weak spots. They had considered climbing the ship, and taking over it that way, but felt that stealth would be their greatest friend. There. He found the weakest spot in the metal. He quickly turned the ice into water, and then splashed it all over the spot. He then sat down on the freezing ice, began to focus, and breathed in deeply. Suddenly, the whole spot was covered in ice.

Mian sighed happily. It was working. Then he focused again, and the ice began to expand. Then it suddenly became water. Mian then got up, and nodded at the others, still in the spot where they came out of the water. Hai and Zura nodded, and came to where Mian stood. All three of them suddenly began to Firebend a continuous stream of fire. They then blasted it, into the metal. The metal immediately gave away. Everyone stood still, and stared at the hole in the ship. It was just big enough for one of them to go in. Mian, took the lead, and stepped in. He let go of his breath, noticing that he had been holding it since the hole had appeared. He was in the storage. They were safe, for now. He motioned for the others to come in. One by one they all stepped into the ship. Zura started to look around; they were surrounded by supplies and weapons. He considered burning it all; knowing the damage it would do the invaders, but then remembered that they had to get the plans of invasion, first. Mian then liquefied the waters to let know one no of their entrance. The team began to march towards the stairs leading to the living quarters.

Raiku was always a simple man. The chefs had prepared some fancy steak for the war leaders. He, rather, sat down with his soldiers and ate what they did. He knew that their respect for him would rise, and that was the key in battle. Anyways, he never like steak, bean soup was a favorite though. He looked down into his bowl, and saw it was empty. He sighed, but got up and left for his chambers. As he was leaving the cafeteria, he tensed, he had felt something strange. A common soldier would have shrugged it off, calling it pre-battle worries. But, he was trained and knew that there was no such thing, it seemed to be coming from the supplies hold. This couldn't be good. He sighed, again. And he was hoping to have a good night's rest. He considered forgetting the whole thing, but knew he wouldn't be able to sleep with the worry.

As he started to walk towards the hold, he noticed that the flames in this hallway were out. He focused, took a quick breath, and then all of the candles were lit. The hallway felt strange, as though someone was here. He continued walking, but even a trained soldier couldn't have seen it coming. The ice and diamond combo, knocked him right out.

Several feet away, Mian and Tia let out a sigh of relief. They had got him. They seemed to work well, together. There grins suddenly stopped, it was awkward now. Mian scratched the back of his head, and begged for Zura to come on with the rest of them. Zura loved it. So did the others. It was so obvious. Mian and Tia were clearly dying of awkwardness. It was downright hilarious. He then frowned. This wasn't the time. He moved up to the awkward duo, and quickly picked up the fallen general. Hai checked his pulse...he was still alive, but he wasn't doing great. Now, they had to place his body somewhere...but...ah hah! There was a supply closet down the hall. Zura and Sky saw his eye's movement, looked at each other, and nodded. They picked up the General and began to move, when Mian blocked their path.

"Mian...what the crap, are you doing! We have to get rid of him" Whispered Zura, angrily.

"He might be an enemy, but this isn't right." Mian Replied, also in a whisper.

Zura seemed to hesitate then said, "Screw the rules, I have power!" He suddenly stopped. "...And the Money. Now, come on," said Zura, unlike his usual kind manner, beginning to move forward with the body. Mian frowned, then sighed, and let his friends past. The General was locked up in the closet, and the closet was sealed.

"No more time to waste, let's get the plans, kill some generals, and get the crap out!" said Tia, quietly.

The others nodded, and began to move towards the upper decks. Mian, at the lead, then suddenly stopped. There was lots of talking, up the stairs. He heard men, yelling for more wine and food. Ah, the Cafeteria. Mian considered attacking them, but Zura put a hand on his shoulder shaking his head no, knowing exactly what his friend was thinking. Not today. Mian sighed. Whatever, he could get them later, and began to move up the flights of stairs. The team tip-toed past the Cafeteria, but there was almost no need, everyone was drunk. There were calls for a sing-off; Tia had to stop herself from bursting into laugher as a Captain burst into a famous song, "Sunshine of the 'morrow". An old Fire Nation, patriotic song. But, instead of Fire Nation, they said the Islands. She looked up, to see she was falling behind and rushed to catch up with her friends.

Lord Admiral, of the Imperial Phoenix Islands Navy. It was fitting. It would be his position once they defeated the weak Fire Nation. They nation was so weakly defended, that, according to plans, the whole of the Fire Nation would be theirs in less than 3 months. Lord Admiral. Lord Admiral. He kept thinking it over and over; it would be created just for him. And advisor to the King himself, what an honor, he could only smile. Now, he looked down at the plans, this was going to be the hard part. He went over them, again. Their left flank would be slightly exposed...but the airships should cover... he needed to double check things with the Air Ship Captain. And...Ah...Division One would attack from the right...and Division Seven from...right over here, in the woods. He smirked. Never mind, what he said, this was going to be so easy.

Hawky and Sokka

The Messenger Hawk reports, to a young soldier.

"Hey, what's...Ah hah, a messenger..." said the Soldier in the Messages Ship, of the fleet. He looked at the eagle, it seemed tired, and it looked like it should have been here hours ago... Strange...Wait...This was a black ribbon message. He didn't hesitate; he grabbed the message and ran out of the room. He stopped at one of the Life Boats, grabbed one, and took himself down to the water. The small vessel made some small waves, but he was already rowing for the Admiral's Ship. In several minutes, he was there, exhausted. But, he knew Black Ribbon was above First Priority, it could be the thing that saved the war. He climbed the rope onto the ship, and headed for the Planning room.

Mian stood as still as a rock, he then took out his sword and put it around the neck of the sentry. Instead of killing him, he just hit his helmet with the broadside of his sword knocking the man out. They didn't wait to hide him, there wasn't enough time. The next sentry fell to a similar fate, but this one told him where the Strategic Planning room was. After knocking him out, the team headed right for the room. As the turned the corner, they immediately went back, there was someone running...seemingly to the same place they were headed. They could hear him better now; he was panting, and running at top speed. He was about to pass them.

Mian didn't hesitate; he pulled out his sword and held it out into the hallway. There was a gasp, a clang, then the sound of someone collapsing. Mian moved to the body next to him, the sword had hit him right under the neck. The poor man was going to die. However, now wasn't the time for remorse, and he simply took the message he grasped in his hand. Mian didn't read it, just pocketed it, they still had to get the main plans.

Slowly, they began to move towards the planning room. Everyone stood just outside the doorway, with weapons ready. Tia, after several minutes, got impatient and whispered into everyone's ears. There were sudden nods and shakes of heads. Tia seemed to be trying to get something passed, but most of the others were dead against it. However, seeing her stubbornness, they gave in and moved behind her.

Tia pulled out a small diamond necklace, held it in her hand, and focused. The shard began to expand, until it was her full staff. She didn't wait for an order; she just jammed it straight into the door and ripped the door off. The four boys stared in complete fear, and all made a mental note to never anger her. Soon, their attentions turned to the inside of the room. The Admiral inside was already standing up, and in seconds there were fireballs coming at their face. The team was saved by the metal door which acted as a temporary shield. As the man inside was recharging, for another blast, the team ran inside.

Zuko blocks attack

The room explodes around Hai.

While everyone else began to attack him, with swords, staffs, and fire, Hai ran right at the parchment in the middle of the table. The Admiral saw his move and prepared to burn them, but Zura suddenly jumped onto his back...and then bit his ear. The Admiral stopped completely...frozen in space, and then collapsed. Zura got up and grinned, a fire bender's weak point he said, Mian knew he had just hoped it would knock the guy off balance. Hai grabbed the plans, but suddenly fell to the other side of the room badly burnt. The Admiral got right back up, and created massive walls of fire. Zura began to repel his fire, while Sky tried to grab him with his hook swords. Ami ran to Hai, and began to look at his wounds. He was wounded, but he would recover, soon. But, he wasn't fit for battle, right now at least. Mian had began to create water out of the moist air. But, the Admiral was too Ami helped Hai up, and pocketed the plans. She then retreated into the hallway.

Sky, then had a brilliant idea, and began to lie flat on the ground. He checked, and he was right, the fire was several inches above him. And he could see the admiral's shoes. He smirked, and began to crawl under the fire. He pulled out his swords, and placed them right on the admiral's shoes. The Admiral felt a tug, then a pull, and then he fell right onto his back and was staring at the ceiling. He got up, and saw the team running. He tried to follow, but his legs failed him. He felt his angle, and cursed quietly, that idiot had broke his ankle...and sprained the other. It seemed like there wasn't going to be a promotion for him after all. He then realized that the children had failed, it would have worked if he didn't know that they knew, but now he just had to change some of his plans.

They had failed.

Mian was thinking the same thing as they walked down the flight of stairs. They had to do some damage...something, and then he knew what to do. He ran past the others, and stopped at the closet where the General was. He opened it, and pulled him out. The man was still knocked out. He looked at the others, and they all had the same idea. They grabbed the general and went back to the Storage area. It was still quiet, and nobody had found their location of entrance. Mian began to waterbend the boat near the hole, as the others stood on guard. Ami put Hai down, he was burnt almost everywhere, that was a full fire blast. Ami began to treat him, but Hai raised a hand in objection, they had to get back first. Zura then had an idea, since the mission was a general failure and by now everyone probably knew that they were here. So ...he suggested the plan, and everyone approved.


Writing, Development, and References

  • The Avatar wanted The Game of War, to be a somewhat of a precursor to the actual battle. It would set the stage.
  • Several References throughout, especially Zura's "Screw the rules, I have Power...and the Money" Which is based on a famous line from Yugi-oh Abridged.
  • Mian mentions the Fire Nation tactic used in The Siege of the North, Part 1 and 2.
  • This Chapter took almost 2 weeks to write, but became one of the longest and most detailed chapters of the series


  • Hai was severely burnt, and thus won't be able to see action in Pt. 2
  • Mian and Tia, were "dying of the awkwardness" poking at their feelings for each other.
  • For those curious, on what Zura's plan is, let's just say he likes explosions.


The Chapter was well received by Fanon authors, and many were keen on knowing what will be Zura's plan.

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