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You may be looking for Operation Eternity, Part 1: The Game of War or Operation Eternity, Part 2:Eternal Blaze, the two chapters that detail this battle.

Operation Eternity
Fire Navy attacks


Battle for the South


Battle of Siam Valley


The Phoenix War


70 Autumn AG


Fire Nation


Phoenix Island Victory, Fire Nation Retreat


Fire Nation

The Phoenix Islands


Forces involved

  • 8,000 men
  • 15 airships
  • 150 Ships
  • Around 10,000 men
  • Around 30 Airships
  • Around 175 Ships


  • 6,500 men dead or injured
  • 5 airships in retreat
  • 80 Ships sunk or heavily damaged
  • Around 8,500+ dead
  • 10+ Airships hit by Anti-Air Attacks
  • 105+ Ships sunk or heavily damaged


Operation Eternity was the name given to the defensive operations conducted by the Fire Nation, upon the Invasion of their capital, by The Phoenix Islands. Due to chaos during the battle, and the betrayal of a major general the losses of the Islands are not set in steel, and were estimated.


The Phoenix Islands, had destroyed the Southern Water Tribe Capital, but retreated due to too many casualties. However, they set sights upon The Fire Nation, and soon found willing allies and began to probe their army near their territory.



The First main phase of the battle was heavy bombardment of the capital, by catapults and Fire Ball launchers. This went on for several hours, meant to demoralize the troops, and destroy infrastructure. It was during this phase that General Hoshizu revealed his true colors, and fled to the other side. However, General Raiku was captured by Team Strike. A member of Team Strike, Hai, had been their only main casualty being severely burnt by an enemy admiral.


A small Expeditionary force was sent to gain a foot hold, but were obliterated by Team Strike. So, a larger force was sent, and the group of teenagers were pushed back. Eventually the order to fight was sent, and a full-scale counterattack ensued. Though many died, the Islanders didn't seem fazed by their loss of troops and sent more. Eventually, the weakening Fire Nation was forced to retreat. During this time, several airships were called for to plan an retreat.

Avatar State

Realizing, that they would need a distraction, Zura and Mian began to occupy the Island Navy, which was destroying their own. This eventually resulted, in Mian's Avatar State triggering, destroying dozens of ships. However, Mian suddenly fell out of the Avatar State due to a small talk with the previous avatar, his grand-uncle.


Mian blacked out, after he fell several hundred feet into the waters. Currently, he is the only confirmed survivor of the Invasion. He has been shown to be on an airship, that was seeming to leave the Fire Nation Capital. It has not yet been revealed if it is a Fire Nation or Phoenix Island airship.

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