By Gingalover Part of the Book Five: Memory, Book Six: Shadow, and Book Seven: Order continuity.
Opal Beifong
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Earth Kingdom

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Olive Green

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Toph Beifong (grandmother), Lin Beifong (aunt), Suyin Beifong (mother), Baatar (father), Wei and Wing, Huan, Baatar Jr. (siblings)

Opal is one of the new Airbenders, a part of the new age after the Harmonic Convergence occurred. She became apart of Team Avatar soon after they found her in Zaofu. She is also Bolin's girlfriend.

Book Five: Memory

Opal didn't do anything particularly special throughout the story, though stayed with Team Avatar throughout their adventure through the Fire Nation and dealing with El Niño and his Qishi. When the problem was fully taken care of, Opal returned to Zaofu.

Book Six: Shadow

While she was in Zaofu, she used her time in order to fully master her Airbending. When she heard that Suyin Beifong was coming home, Opal told her about her success as an airbender and stayed with her during her return. Sometime later, she went out to talk to Huan, since he didn't really spoken with their mother yet. She tried to get him to talk to Suyin, but eventually was stopped when Wei and Wing showed up. When the city closed up, she found the danger that the Voronon, Divix, was posing and quickly told Baatar Jr. and Huan about it. Opal did her best to help them out and joined Suyin and Huan to help retrieve Wei and Wing from the beast.


Opal is a kind and considerate girl, though once upon a time, she was a bit doubtful over some of her family members (Lin Beifong especially). She cares very deeply about her family, much like Suyin Beifong does, and will try her best to help her brothers and parents out whenever she can.



Opal is the only Beifong to airbend, unlike most of her earthbending family.

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