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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
Oomailiq, Admiral of the Northern Water Tribe Navy
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Northern Water Tribe



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Sword, Waterbending

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Swordship, Waterbending


Northern Water Tribe, Prince Tulok, Southern Water Tribe, Prince Unaraq, Tanaraq, Chief Unirak, Rong Yan, Aloi, Amak, Chief Cupun, of the Northern Water Tribe, General Issumatar, Ambassador Naartok


General Senlin, Admiral Palartok, Earth King Qiang Zhen

Chronological and political information

Navy Admiral




Northern Water Tribe

First appearance

Book 2: Water Chapter 18: Thirst For Blood

Last appearance

Book 3: Earth Chapter ??: ???

Admiral Oomailiq is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, and is the Admiral of the Northern Water Tribe Navy.


Oomailiq, was born a twin along with his brother Issumatar, their parents had twins Issumatar being the first born and then seven minutes later Oomailiq being born. As children their father trained them in waterbending, they both learned as much as they could from him, as he was a naval officer.

At the age of 20, they both joined the military Oomailiq joining the navy and Issumatar joining the navy. Throughout the years Oomailiq had rose through the ranks in the army mastering waterbending just like his brother. Eventually, becoming the Admiral of the Northern Water Tribe Navy, and then later hearing that his brother was given the rank of General of the Northern Water Tribe Army.

Declaration of War

The chief of the Northern Water Tribe, had commanded them to meet him in the war room. During the meeting General Issumatar and his brother Admiral Oomailiq discussed the new war along with Chief Cupun, suggesting new strategies and deployment plans with the chief. After the meeting Issumatar had rounded up his troops and prepared them for war.


In Chapter 18 of Book 2, had deployed naval fleets out into the waters surrounding the North Pole, and the bordering waters of the eastern Earth Kingdom and Northern Water Tribe.

Meeting resistance forces of Earth Kingdom troops, in Chapter 1 of Book 3. Defeating the small naval fleets of the Earth Kingdom. Controlling the waters between the two nations.


Oomailiq was born a waterbender along with his brother Issumatar, learning waterbending from their father who was soldier in the army. Eventually, learning what their father knows and seeking more training from the army and navy. At the age of 22, both twins had mastered waterbending.


Within the navy, Oomailiq had also mastered Swordship, in case of ever being chi-blocked by soldiers who are only specified in doing that. The Northern Water Tribe military prepares their men for such occasions, their soldiers and sailors are battle-hardened men, physically and mentally strong.



Book Two: Water


  • Oomailiq means, "leader of the boat, whaling captain" in Inuit.

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