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Onza Rakaen
Biographical information

Fire Nation


Fire Nation

Birth place




Physical description


Hair color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Fire and light, Staff

Bending style(s)

Firebending, lightbending


Ozo Rakaen and Arven Rakaen (parents), unnamed wife, Kaleb (son)


Naton, Mome, Yeeko, Shao, Tazen, Kendo Gardie


Vaatu, Kaaju

Chronological and political information

Ben Hai leader


Head of the Ben Hai


Ben Hai


Naton, Tazen, Kian, Beeno, Aeron, Karrie

First appearance

Chapter 1- The Ben Hai

Last appearance

Chapter 36- The Day of the Dark Lord

Onza Rakaen is the head of the Ben Hai. He is a firebender who, after saving the life of a spirit, gained the ability to lightbend. His only son, Kaleb, was killed during combat. He protected the area from darkbenders and helped the Avatar defeat the darkness. He was killed during the Battle of the Forest of Thorns, but returned as a light manifestation. He continued to aid the United Nations until the Dark Lord was defeated. At the final showdown, Onza sacrificed his soul to save Avatar Naton.


He is wise, caring, kind and a good leader. Alongside many good characteristics, he is strong and cares for his allies and friends. He upholds his duty as a half-human, half-spirit very well. He has few flaws. He holds very strongly to his beliefs, which can sometimes be bad. For example, when he and Tazen were stranded on Blue Fire Island, he was sure there was no hope, which stalled them for a long time.


Early Life

He was born from Ozo Rakaen and Arven Rakaen. He lived in the Republic town of Kang-Lau, alongside his best friends, Mome, Yeeko and Shao. They were the Ben Hai, (their motto being "Ben Hai, assemble!") catching nasty pickpockets and school bullies. The four were known to be best buddies. But all of that changed when they began high school. But the infamous bullies, Kai, Bozo and Logo, saw a chance to humiliate them, and teased them. A fight broke out in the lunchroom, the principal broke them up. A second fight broke after school when Kai made fun of Yeeko and Mome's names ("Go run home to your mommy, Mome!"). The principal warned them one more time. Onza tried to keep his distance from the bullies, but it was no use. After the bullies' punishment, Mome arranged a fight with them. Mome nearly killed Kai with a boulder. Mome was sent to juvenile jail, and Kai later died of serious injuries. Onza tried to talk to Mome, but their old friend began to drift away.

After Mome

Soon, Mome disappeared, and the three graduated. Onza lived with Yeeko and Shao in Kang-Lau. One day, an injured spirit landed near their house. They healed it, and a dark spirit named Azakk attacked them. Onza and Yeeko defeated the dark spirit, and the spirit, named Alang, gave each of them gifts in gratitude. He gave Onza the ability to light bend, Yeeko a light sword, and Shao enhanced strength and physical prowess. The spirit also warned them of an evil that would come and destroy the world. The three began preparing, and Onza traveled around the world to find benders. He found a multitude of benders and founded the Ben Hai in Guang.

Ben Hai

Years of peace began to make Onza believe the evil would never come. But suddenly, the dark-benders attacked, and all of Onza's benders were killed. During the fight, his son, Kaleb, was killed. Onza, old and injured, found 6 willing benders to create the last Ben Hai. They defended the area from darkbenders. After they prevented a bank heist, they met Naton, who was revealed to be the Avatar. After Naton finished his bending training, Onza took the Ben Hai and Naton to the Forest of Thorns to meet Kendo Gardie. During the Battle at the Forest of Thorns, Onza was killed by Dark Lord Orchinar (Mome).

Becoming the Light-Bender Master

When he was killed, he entered the Spirit World, and saw visions of the outcome of the final battle. He also became the manifestation of light. He returned to the Ben Hai, and aided them throughout the war. After the devastating Battle of Omashu, Onza took Tazen, his firebender, to Blue Fire Island, to receive firebending training from Priest Choi. The priest betrayed them and released the dragon Shang. Onza and Tazen were stranded on the island. They climbed the volcano and found Sageus Yin, the legendary lightning-bending hermit. Yin told them dark spirits are headed their way. Onza, Tazen and Yin fought off Zoroz-Shai and Kaaju. Onza rode the Blue Dragon Azura, and reunited with the Ben Hai, now joined the UDRF. Onza them met Naton at a refugee camp. The armies of the world gathered at Ba Sing Se to prepare for the final attack on the Dark Lord's base.

The Final Battle

Onza led the attack on Pitch Peak. As Naton faced off against the Dark Lord, Kaaju revealed his true intentions and betrayed the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord revealed himself to Onza to be his long-lost friend Mome. The two fought the dark spirits. Naton utilized the cosmic bending technique, but he messed up. To save Naton's life, Onza sacrificed his soul, thus continuing the battle.


Onza was honored in many ways of saving the world from darkness. A tower in New Republic City was named Rakaen Tower.

Skills and Abilities

Not only was Onza a skilled firebender, but he was also gifted the power of light-bending. He could bend the forces of good and use them as an element, thus he had to be as pure as possible.


Main article: Staff

Onza's main weapon other than bending is his staff, which he used to walk (his right leg was injured during combat). It also made a good weapon, and he later used it to lightbend.

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