By GretriXcape Part of the The Tale of Naton continuity.

Onza, the lightbender, usually is seen walking with his staff. He uses it to enhance his attacks and later proved that he was the manifestation of light.


The standard staff was a long tree branch Onza found in his young adult years. He primarily used it as a walking stick and weapon.

When he returned as a light manifestation, the staff turned golden yellow and the tip had a carving of Raava's head. He used it to enhance his light-bending powers and in combat.


Standard uses were for walking, especially when Onza grew very old. It could also be used as a weapon in combat, to whack enemies, etc. He could light it on fire and firebend it. The staff became a part of Onza, and is usually associated with him.

The light staff has similar uses, but can also be used to enhance his lightbending. It is made of pure spirit wood, and cannot be cut, burned or destroyed. It represents his authority as a half-human half-light spirit. It helps Onza fight dark spirits and enemies.


Onza's staff is largely associated with him, and he is almost never seen without it (excluding his child years). After his death during the final battle, he was buried with his staff beside him. Naton carved a staff similar to his, a homage to his master and mentor.

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