By Philanahembree Part of the Forces of Nature continuity.
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Air Nomads


Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom




220 AG

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Tirriu, Vunrok, Tinshi, Ghonsu and Vansak, Southern Water Tribe, Air Nomads, Air Acolytes, Lyo, Kessa, Jantaq , Yoronaq


Braqan, Bouchang Pirates

Chronological and political information

Airbending master

Onten is an Airbender and the second son of Vunrok. He is the brother of Tirriu and helped him build the town of Haiqo.


Onten was the younger brother of Vunrok and his wife, an Air Acolyte. Like his brother Tirriu and his sister Dili, he discovered he could airbend, and trained alongside his brother from an early age, later helping his sister train. Onten later traveled south with his brother to the Southern Water Tribe to speak with their chief. Tirriu was given permission to build a town between the Southern Tribe and the Southern Air Temple. It took an entire year for the large foundation and the homes to be built. Onten and Tirriu named the town Haiqo, which became home to many Waterbenders, Airbenders and Air Acolytes.

He married an Air Acolyte named Tinshi. He became the father of twin sons, Ghonsu and Vansak, who also became an Airbender. Onten and his family lived in Haiqo for some time until the Bouchang pirates led by Braqan attacked the city in 249 AG, causing a lot of damage to the town. During the attack, Onten helped protect the citizens alongside his brother. Onten, having learned to temper himself for the sake of his own wife and son, was appalled when he witnessed Tirriu's brutal retaliation against Braqan, destroying most of his fleet and seemingly killing Braqan. Onten soon heard that Masters Ogomu, Daw and Meelo had tried to take Tirriu's children Kessa and Jantaq to be raised at the Southern Temple. At first, Onten agreed to this decision, happy that the same thing hadn't been requested for his children. Tirriu however denied this request, citing a threat should the Air Nomads try. Onten was the one who welcomed Master Lyo to Haiqo.

A few years later, Onten and his family moved to the Eastern Air Temple, where Ghonsu would finish his airbending tattoos. Tirriu was present at both Ghonsu and Vansak's anointment as airbending masters, telling him that a new Air Temple had been built on Haiqo.


Onten is very similar to his brother, with a competitive streak, but is known to be more stubborn, and was known as more outlandish that his brother at a young age. Later in life, he was able to control his rage and live out peacefully at Haiqo, something he was constantly at odds at with his brother. Being raised in the ways of the Air Nomads, Onten loved travelling, but was willing to stay in one place when the situation demanded it, such as the construction of Haiqo.


Onten mastered airbending a few years after his brother.

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