By Zukofan123 Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Fire continuity.
The Onslaught in Ba Sing Se


The War


102 AG


Ba Sing Se



  • Earthbenders
  • Black Scorchers


Forces involved


  • three Earthbenders killed
  • thirteen people injured
  • six people killed


The Onslaught in Ba Sing Se was a major event that took place in Ba Sing Se. It was one of the Black Scorchers' first attempts to start a new war. This gave the Black Master the opportunity to make his announcement about the Black Scorchers' near world take over. The impact of this scenario led to a series of prejudice in the Earth Kingdom.



After Fire Lord Ozai was defeated and the war ended, The Black Scorchers seized the opportunity to take over the Fire Nation and the rest of the four nations. They plan to take control of the Fire Nation military and start a new war to conquer the Earth Kingdom. They begin to set up their plan of attacks around the world and decided to attack Ba Sing Se first.

The Onslaught

"Hear people of Ba Sing Se, I have come to announce that the era of the Black Scorchers in nigh. Soon, you will all bow before us, and if the Avatar intervenes with our moment of triumph, then you will all share his fate!"
— Black Master to everyone in Ba Sing Se

The Black Scorchers attacked the middle ring of Ba Sing Se. Later, a group of Earthbenders arrived from the upper ring and tried their best to repel them. Though, the Black Scorchers were simply too strong, thus three Earthbenders were killed along with six civilians and only thirteen people were injured. After the onslaught was over, the Black Master emerged and announced that the Black Scorchers' time is near.


"Why this is an outrage, Fire Lord Zuko better not have anything to do with this, or else it'll be war all over again!"
— The Earth King about the onslaught

The Earth King was later informed of the incident, and wondered if Fire Lord Zuko was responsible. He decides to visit Fire Nation Capital in order to talk to Zuko about the onslaught. Also, people in the Earth Kingdom have come to believe to that the Fire Nation was responsible for Ba Sing Se's onslaught, even if Zuko promised to rebuild the peaceful world. This incident would not only affect the relationship between the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom, but it will also lead to the Black Scorchers inevitable rise to power.

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