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Only The Beginning
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And Everything in Between


Book One: The Story of Aang



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Only the Beginning is chapter one of the fanon, And Everything in Between. This chapter focuses on the events during and directly after Sozin's Comet, Part 4, most of which has to do with the "Kataang" relationship.


Aang and Katara are kissing on the balcony of The Jasmine Dragon, overlooking the city, and Sokka sees the two kissing, which makes him feel betrayed. Elsewhere, after Aang and Katara have their moment, they decide to go on a date (to a familiar restaurant), which includes the two sharing details about their recent battles, and a rather awkward conversation.


I must be dreaming, thought Aang. Seconds before, he had merely gone outside to enjoy the sunset, to pet his bison. And now, her warm, soft lips pressed against his, her arms wrapped around his neck. This is it. He thought. We're finally together.

Aang opened his eyes. Right in front of him, Katara's sweet, soft skin sat as her hair glistened in the sinking sun. Looking right, he took in the stunning view of the hot summer sun setting beneath the massive wall. Looking to his left, he saw a figure, standing in the window. The tall, yet somewhat skinny figure stood there, watching, as Katara's lips pressed against Aang's. The figure turned to the side, and walked back to the center of the room. As he stood sideways, Aang noticed something that resembled a ponytail. Oh no. Aang thought. Sokka.


"Aw, isn't that sweet," said Sokka, sarcastic as always, as he walked away from the window, a crutch in one hand. He glared around the room. His own girlfriend, Suki, sat on the far end of the room. Sokka approached, a half-smile on his face.


Sokka walked toward her, a forced smile on his face. As he sat down on the chair on the far side of the table, there was a glare in his eye. It wasn't a happy glare, but a confused, or hurt glare. "Something wrong, Sokka?" asked Suki, as upbeat as ever.

"It's nothing," he replied. Suki wasn't reassured.

"Alright, what happened? You were so happy, painting that picture just two minutes ago, you go over to the window for five seconds, hoping to paint Ba Sing Se in the background, and then you sit down over here with a changed personality. What's wrong?"

"Suki, how would you feel if someone kept something from you? The person who is probably your best friend in the world, and they kept something big from you. How would you feel?"

"Why? What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything. It's...nothing, forget it."

"Who is it?"

"No one, just forget I ever said anything."

"Sokka, what's going on?"

"Nothing, drop it."

"Say it."

"Aang was out there kissing Katara, okay?!"

A long, awkward silence entered the room as Sokka's voice rang across the room. Immediately, Toph, Mai, Zuko, Momo, and even Iroh crowded around the window, gazing at the two lovebirds. Some "aaaawwws" were heard, as well as incoherent chatter.

"Okay, and you have a problem with this why?" asked Suki, restarting the conversation.

"Because, Aang never keeps secrets from me. He tells me everything. And now, he just all of a sudden decides he wants to make out with my sister...and Katara? Katara has never kept a secret from me her entire life. If I couldn't count on Aang to tell me, I would have at least liked some indication from her," Sokka replied, frustrated.

"Who says Katara knew?"

"I was watching them. She kissed him."

"Then who says Aang knew?"

"He always had a crush on her, but it still bothers me that he didn't trust me enough to tell me."

"I'm sorry, Sokka," Suki replied after a long pause. "What is it that you want me to say?"

"Nothing," he responded. "Just...forget I said anything," he finished, walking away from the Kyoshi Warrior, leaving her disappointed that she couldn't help him.


Katara pulled away, looking to her right to view the marvelous city. Aang nervously did the same. At a loss for words, he said simply, "Well, um...that was..." Katara blushed and looked away from the teenaged Avatar. "Katara," he began.

"Yes, Aang?" she replied, in a hushed tone, still feeling shy.

"So...your fifteenth birthday is coming up. This week, in fact. I was wondering. Would you like to go to dinner with me on that day, my treat?"

"I'd like nothing more."

"Okay, cool., I'm gonna-" Aang began, before being smooched by Katara once more. She loves me. He thought. And I love you, Katara. I will never let anything happen to you.


Aang and Katara arrived at the restaurant, dressed up for their first date. Zuko had recommended this restaurant to the two. The young Avatar requested a seat near a window, which he received. An angry hostess sat them at the table. "Our special today is Roast Duck with a side of Platypus Bear."

"Uh, sorry. I don't eat meat," replied Aang.

"Yeah, well I want a boyfriend. But like everything, you just gotta live with it, don'tcha?"


"Yeah, that's what I thought. Have a pleasant meal."

"Thank you...I think."

Katara giggled. "What a nice lady," she laughed.

Aang chuckled along with her. After the chuckling was over, there was an awkward silence. On a normal first date, the two shared what their pasts were like and what your interests were. But this was no ordinary first date. The two sat in silence, looking for something to talk about. Finally, Katara said something. "So, in all the commotion, you never really told me about your battle with Fire Lord Ozai."

"Oh, yeah. Well, at first he had an easy upperhand. He was shooting lightning left and right. Finally, like the ninth time he shot it, it hit me. I redirected it, and he just stood there with this shocked look in his eyes. I...I couldn't do it. I shot it to my right, and he kept attacking me. Eventually, he knocked me off a cliff, and I was gonna fall right in the water. And I did. After a lot more fighting, I finally formed an Earth sphere round myself, and Ozai kept attacking it. He finally managed to break it, and he pushed me into a rock, a rock that stabbed my back, and unlocked my chakra. I then pretty much creamed him, and I finally had him where I wanted him. But...I couldn't. And I didn't. So I used Energybending to take away his Firebending, and the rest is history."

"Wow. You took down the baddest guy on the planet. That's impressive."

"All it took was a little Avatar State action. So, how'd your battle with Azula go?"

"Well, when Zuko was fighting Azula, they were pretty evenly matched. He even managed to knock her down once. But then he taunted her into shooting lightning at him. But she didn't shoot lightning at him. She shot it at me. Zuko jumped in front of it, and I had to heal him. But with Azula there, I couldn't. I was so close to getting toasted by her, but then I noticed there was water flowing beneath the palace. I stared her down, on top of the water, and when she tried to attack me, I froze her in the water. I locked her up in chains, and went to heal Zuko. Then, he got up, and Azula was a sad sight. She was laying on the ground, in chains, flailing about, breathing fire here and there, screaming, and crying. She went mad, and Zuko had her put in a mental asylum. The whole thing was really sad."

"Azula did that? But she was so..."

"She lost it. It was really not a pretty sight."

"Oh...that is sad. So, Katara, while I've got you here, I just want to say that I..." he looked at Katara. She had those beautiful blue eyes, staring at him with that cute smile on her face. "I...I rea..." he began, interrupted by the waitress.

"Hi, my name is Wei Bei. Can I get you something to drink?"

"I'll have some water," announced Aang.

"I'll take a glass of milk, please."

"A milk and a water, coming right up!"

"Thank you," the couple said in unison. "Now, you were saying, Aang?"

Now's not the right time. It's too soon. He decided. "Uh, what are you having to eat?" he asked.

"Oh. I think I'm going to have some smoked sea slug with a side of carrots," she said, glaring at him, with a disappointed look in her eyes. You should have said it. I want to hear it.

Trivia and Author's Notes

  • The waitress's name in this chapter is Wei Bei. I can assure you, this is not a coincidence.

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