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Onjing is the leader of what came to be known as the Isha Movement, and their attempts to rid the world of those who could not bend. Avatar Brek, the one responsible for maintaining balance in the universe, is largest obstacle.

Personality Edit

When with others, Onjing is cautious not to display even the slightest hint of emotion, as it is a sign of weakness. He has completely severed all emotional connections to the world. To Kimma and Zhouray, who he considers to be pawns, Onjing is dark, cunning, and merciless. It is only when threatened by a mysterious, all-powerful spirit known as Kofaru that he expresses fear.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Onjing was born in the Western Air Temple but raised in the Northern Air Temple. There, he mastered Airbending and the Air Nomad principle of detaching oneself from all worldly things. In fact, he practiced this way of life to such an extreme that he even lost all respect for the sanctity of human life. During this phase, he encountered a spirit named Kofaru, which took the form of an ugly koi fish. Kofaru taught him to hate non-benders and their existence on Earth. Under the spirit's mentoring, Onjing developed the belief that only benders deserved to live.

Mission and the Isha Edit

After coming to despise the humans who lacked the ability to bend, Onjing made a deal with Kofaru in that the spirit would lend him incredible power, including the ability to intercept the thoughts of others, and have a limited omnisciency to what was happening in the world. In return, Onjing was tasked with the mission completing Kofaru's wishes on Earth, by exterminating all non-benders, allowing only the "genetically superior" to live. He used the abilities granted to him by Kofaru to recruit followers across the world. They came to be known as the Isha.

Onjing began his ministry of terror by killing his brother and fleeing the Northern Air Temple. He then traveled to the Water Tribes and devastated their culture, killing as many non-bending leaders as possible. Between assassinations, he joined with two of his followers, a Bloodbender named Kimma and the crowned prince of the Fire Nation, Zhouray. Together, they raided the Northern Water Tribe and killed the chief, his wife, and every last non-bending leader of the city. It is unknown whether or not any non-benders survived the attack. As a result of the battle, hardly any life remained to prevent the Isha from entering the Spirit Oasis. There, Onjing summoned Kofaru's power and miraculously resurrected every non-bender who had been killed at the hands of the Isha. The one difference between these clones and their living counterparts was that they could bend the traditional element of their nation.

Onjing led his newly formed army to the Sun Warriors' ancient city, where he intended on killing Avatar Brek. Although he was successful in wiping out many of the civilization's population, including the chief, Brek and his friends survived.

After the failure, Onjing dared to challenge Kofaru, and displayed fear for the first time when the spirit responded with a bolt of lightning to Onjing's feet. This display of dominance also affected the way Onjing's underlings thought of him, and Kimma went so far as to tell Brek that "Onjing doesn't even have a quarter of the power He does."

Although Onjing was not with the other Isha members during their confrontation with Team Avatar at the Southern Air Temple, he caught up with them on a mountain range in the Earth Kingdom, leading an entire army of the risen dead. There, he announced his intentions to destroy Republic City. Originally, he wanted to utilize Phronk's metalbending abilities in this plan, but refused to save him from the Isha Resistance in the interest of time, much to Kimma's despair. His revised plan was to win the annual Republic City Cup, a pro-bending tournament in which the winners are granted a banquet with the Mayor, the Chief of Police, and the entire United Republic Council, consisting of 100 members. After a supernatural intervention injured several pro-benders and the tournament was delayed, Onjing took out his anger on random citizens, smashing through the windshield on a family's Satomobile and suffocating them.

When Kimma announced her uncomforted in killing Zhouray's parents, Onjing was severely disappointed in her. Later, she announced to the others that she was quitting the Isha, but Onjing shortly punished her harshly and convinced her to stay with them. Her torture was so brutal that her eyes were bloodshot, her skin was pale, and some of her hair had fallen out.

Because of all the recent horrible occurrences in Republic City, the Chief of Police, Gulang, was forced to resign. When the incompetent and unexperienced Chief Beifong succeeded him, Onjing decided to accelerate his plan. He deployed the Chairman of the United Republic Council, a secret loyal Isha member and best friend of Chief Beifong, to make up evidence that the Avatar was part of the Isha and responsible for recent crimes. He managed to get most of the Council to vote on making Brek an outlaw and immediately, the United Forces received orders to hunt him down.

Onjing later appeared at the banquet honoring Kimma, Zhouray, and Sangti as winners of the City Cup. He immediately suffocated everyone in the room, even turning on the UNR Council Chairman. He then soared out of the buildng and left Kimma to execute the non-benders outside.

After Brek altered the fourth dimension and traveled back in time, he confronted Onjing in the Southern Air Temple while he was preparing to kill the same man he killed earlier in the series. This time, he was stopped by the Avatar and their final battle began. After successfully, knocking Berani unconscious, Onjing became overconfident. Brek, who entered the Avatar State, managed to entrap Onjing in a ring of fire and froze his limbs to the ground. The Avatar then took his bending away causing him to become what he hates most- non-benders. Onjing's failure and loss of bending led to Kofaru's betrayal, and with a bolt of ligtning, the former Airbender desinigrated.

Abilities Edit

Airbending Edit

  • Suffocation: Onjing possesses the capability of suffocating his enemies by drawing the oxygen from their body. He once unleashed this power on multiple people that were hidden within one room by drilling a small hole from the outside, and sucking all air from the room.
  • Flight: Without using a glider or any other device to assist him, Onjing can fly swiftly through the air.
  • Tornados: Onjing has also proven himself to be able to form a small tornado as a tact in battle.

Spirit Edit

The following are abilities granted to Onjing by Kofaru:

  • Omnisciency: Although this is limited, Onjing can often sense happenings that occur in other parts of the world. He used this to track Avatar Brek to the Sun Warriors' ancient city.
  • Telepathy: Onjing expanded his grip on followers such as Kimma by revealing his capability of intercepting her thoughts.

Trivia Edit

  • Onjing received a community nomination to compete for Best Villain in the Fanon Awards, but he did not make the final ballot.
  • Onjing won Best Villain in the Fourth Fanon Awards.

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